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Memorandum for the Record


Secret Agents Investigate John Mack’s Death

On Sep 28, 2004, at 9:32 AM, Victor Martinez wrote:


BREAKING NEWS from Nancy Red Star:


Harvard University medical school professor Dr John E Mack, born October

4, 1929 and author of:


“Passport To The Cosmos: Human Transformation & Alien Encounters”,


“Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions”


“Dr. Mack died in England last night when he was hit by a truck.


Dr Mack was one of several speakers on Sunday, discussing British officer T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") at the T. E. Lawrence Society Symposium, Oxford. Dr Mack's 1977 biography of T.E. Lawrence, A Prince of Our Disorder, received the Pulitzer Prize in biography (see complete bio below). Dr Mack's presentation at an afternoon panel was so warmly received that he was asked to stay and present an additional evening talk, which again met with positive response. On Monday, he spent time in London and went to dinner with friends. On his return to the home at which he was staying while in London, traveling on foot on Totteridge Road, he was struck by a vehicle being driven by an intoxicated driver. Dr Mack was in a crosswalk. Dr Mack was pronounced dead on the scene by London police and is believed to have died on impact. John E. Mack, M.D., is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. He is the founder of the Department of Psychiatry at the Cambridge Hospital. Dr. Mack earned his medical degree at the Harvard Medical School (Cum Laude) after undergraduate study at Oberlin (Phi Beta Kappa). He is a graduate of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and is Board certified in child and adult psychoanalysis with over 40 years of clinical psychiatric education and experience. He continues to teach trainees in psychiatry.”


Mack was under fire from Harvard because of his UFO abduction research. He was defended by Danny Sheehan, formerly of the “Iran-Contra” period Christic Institute with John Garrison who then took over The Gorbachev Foundation in San Francisco that sponsors the State of the World Forum. Joe Firmage’s ISSO, that I was a key part of in 1999 – 2000 worked with Sheehan and Garrison. Mack was a friend of Werner Erhard. See my autobiography “Destiny Matrix” for more details.


When I told Ms Conway about Mack’s death, she said “How sad. It reminds me of T.E. Lawrence’s death.” She did not know anything about Mack and did not know he had written the Pulitzer Prize biography on Lawrence, nor did she know that Mack was in England to lecture on Lawrence. The grandson of Veronica Keen to whose house Mack was walking when allegedly hit by the truck said that his mother had a panic attack at the time Mack was killed. This would be telepathic. I have since found out that the alleged reason that Mack wanted to spend the night at Veronica’s house was that it was haunted by a ghost.


On Sep 28, 2004, at 3:17 PM, Brian Josephson wrote:



---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2004 11:10 pm +0100

From: Rupert Sheldrake 

Subject: Re: John Mack dead


“John Mack spent yesterday afternoon here in London at my house, with Veronica Keen, Monty's widow, and another friend, Phyllis. I had only met him a couple of times before, but we had a wonderful discussion. I asked him about how he felt about breaking the taboos associated with alien abduction claims, and he said he found them interesting and challenging and so investigated them. He seemed completely fearless, and I was amazed at his openness and also at his lack of bitterness about the attacks he experienced for doing this work. He told me that he had recently become very interested in evidence for survival and communications from those who had passed over, one big stimulus being the passing of Elizabeth Targ. He wondered why it had taken him so long to take up research in this field.

He left here at 5 pm with Phyllis to go to a meeting, and was staying with Veronica Keen. He told her he would be back by 11 pm. She rang me this morning to say that he did not return, and she waited and waited until at 1.30 am, the police called to say he was dead. Today she told me that he had been struck by a car on a pedestrian crossing near her home, in Totteridge, North London, by a drunken

driver, whom the police have now caught. In our conversation, he told me of several people who had made pacts with friends to communicate after death if they could, and was quite fascinated with this idea.”





* * * * * * *   Prof. Brian D. Josephson * Mind-Matter * Cavendish Lab., Madingley Rd, Cambridge CB3 0HE, U.K.



From British Higher Intelligence Agent X


“Mack’s Death


An immediate response: For those Americans who are not likey to know the district Mack apparently died in, I give these few comments and details. There’s something circumstantially very odd here. Why was Mack alone in a deserted area almost totally unknown to him? For a planned hit, the Totteridge area of Mack’s travels from his London dinner would be the perfect time and place. Car accident? You would have to try very hard to get hit by a car at night in this area. It is almost totally deserted at night, being right by three of the biggest reservoirs in Britain. The vast waters would have been a perfect entrance and exit route for a hit team in silent electric dinghies. There is not much light, except from widely-spaced street lamps in the few streets and roads totally deserted of pedestrians. There are no shops or public buildings. The inhabitants, mostly early-rise city business grafters are not the kind of people who burn midnight oil, their lights go out early, and their mouths are shut tight about anything and everything. The neighbours do not talk to one another. The place is a kind of nature reserve with no high rise buildings at all (good for radios of a hit team), and no high street or shopping centre lights. All in all, very good hit team milieu, with little chance of observation or

interference and of course no security cameras. The few detached houses in their own grounds are well back from the road, well shuttered and could hide anything. Cries for help would be useless, as would knocks on the door late at night. Personally, I blame

Mack’s friends. A man of seventy four should never have been walking in such a district, particularly since he was a complete stranger to Britain. In my opinion his British friends should have taken far greater care of this invaluable man in this respect. He could easily have got lost or fallen, or become totally disoriented. I think one car every ten minutes might be a good rate for this particular road, and it is miles away from a high street or bus

route. Perhaps the killers saw the weak link in the chain and pounced. Academics as we know are not particularly physically alert people. He should never have been left to wander by himself in these circumstances where a hit would have been easy. We’ve had the "drunken driver" story from the Diana episode. Let us ask ourselves how would Mack locate easily the house he was to going “walking on foot” instead of using a cab driver?

In this area, the houses are grey humped shapes well back from the road, and few have numbers which can be readily found, and many have no numbers at all. The idea of Mack walking up paths and stumbling and squinting at numbers in the almost-countryside in the semi dark is frankly, deeply suspicious. Of course, the said “drunken driver” won’t recall anything at all. My opinion? I think that Mack was very dead before he reached

Totteridge Road, that’s what I think.


A dedicated friend of America


Well that's all for now on this sad night.”


On Sep 30, 2004, at 4:09 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote to David Haith, AKA “Visions”:


Thanks very useful.


On Sep 30, 2004, at 3:06 PM, Visions wrote:


“OK list - here are some more details of the Mack tragedy from Alex the grandson of Veronica Keen with whom John was to stay the night he was killed. I shall quote the relevant parts of Alex's letters to me, (with his permission) which followed questions I had asked him. Alex explained that he met Mack at Rupert Sheldrake's home...on Monday, about 5.00. The accident happened at 11.00. Writes Alex"  I say accident because that's quite clearly what it was. Drunk driver...simple. The driver stayed with him until the police arrived.”


OK - very relevant alleged fact.



“I can't see that there is any room for conspiracy theories here; it just seems ridiculous. On a less ridiculous note, my mother had a panic attack for no reason at the same time on Monday night."


Monday night here in San Francisco we were discussing a very important abduction case involving three credible women together all with the same story and Kim Burrafato planned to contact John Mack about it.


“Alex further wrote ‘First off, he was hit outside Totteridge and Whetstone station, not outside Veronica's house. The station is about 10 - 15 mins walking distance from the house. The driver was not caught, but stayed with JM until the police

arrived, when he was arrested. And as a point of interest: When I arrived at Rupert's, JM and P were talking about synchronicities...'low-resoncance morphic fields...synchronicities being nothing new but merely revealing previously-existing links'. He was also relating shifting scientific paradigms to the Cold War, which was over my head, but then I missed the start of the discussion."


FYI I have rather complete theory explaining Rupert's morphic fields in terms of the now well developed idea of "signal nonlocality" in the papers of Antony Valentini that are very much a part of my physics of consciousness in my 3 books since 2002. Completely consistent with Rupert's data and other data like Dick Bierman's and the SRI RV data. I am interested in the Cold War aspect. I had a similar conversation with Mack.


 “In another letter Alex wrote: ‘Veronica Keen, at whose house JM was supposed to have been staying on Monday night when he was killed, is my grandmother. I met JM at Rupert Sheldrake's house at about 4.30 - 5.00 in the afternoon, and heard about the accident the next morning. He was killed by a drunk driver outside Totteridge and Whetstone underground station, on his way back to Veronica's house at 11.00pm. The driver was definitely drunk, and stayed with JM until the police arrived, when he was arrested... which doesn't qualify as 'suspicious circumstances' as far as I'm concerned. The other thing which I missed out in the previous message was that my mother - Veronica's daughter - had a

severe 'panic attack' for no apparent reason at about 11.00pm on Monday night - the same time that JM was hit. Coincidence? maybe, but synchronicity nonetheless, which is quite fitting bearing in mind the conversation earlier

on in the day (although I was only present for about half and hour).’ He further wrote ‘The police told Veronica that the driver had stayed at the scene. They found her address in his pocket and arrived at her house at 2.30am, by which time

the driver had already been identified and arrested. I did not hear this direct from the police, but direct from Veronica, and I can't see any reason why she would have got this wrong. JM had been staying in Cambridge (I think) because of the conference.’”


It was Oxford I think.


“On his last day before returning to America, he was to stay in London, presumably Veronica offered first, as I gather, when she met him for lunch a few days before, and he had, at this meeting, expressed an interest in the Monty situation (if he had not already...not sure). This conspiracy nonsense is totally, bafflingly ridiculous.”


It's not ridiculous for other reasons. However, at this point we do not know if it was an accident although the Bayesean probability is shifting to that conclusion.


“It was a drunk driver, and NOT a hit-and-run situation (i will double check nevertheless!) What's interesting is the panic attack my mother had at around the same time. bearing in mind the conversations from earlier, which Rupert reported.”


The panic attack is simply explained in my theory as "signal nonlocality" violating micro-quantum theory. Indeed I had, perhaps, a precognition of John's death, not John specifically, but of my own after almost being hit by a truck in London crossing Bayswater Road in London last July 2004, but in heavy morning traffic with an alert truck driver fortunately.



From Maureen Dowd’s Bush World to Cartoon World



On Oct 1, 2004, at 4:11 AM, Colin Bennett wrote:


“Hi Jack,

Please don’t let the self-righteous voices bully you into accepting something I don’t think you want to accept concerning “


Don't worry. I am not one to be cowed by a bunch of prissy Girly Men!JThe investigation is happening as I sent you in a private message. If there is an inquest can you get to it? We are not alone Colin. It may be an accident, but we must be sure because if it is not, as you implied, we are all likely future victims if it was not an accident. A bit of paranoia is called for. Former Keeper of The Weird is concerned as you are.


“You are under a lot of pressure about this business,and as far as the obscenities screamed at you from the Martinez list I am afraid that it is a sad fact that people like to pick brilliant personalities and achievers apart like children with rag dolls. Fame brings this kind of thing as par for the course …


Oh, so that's what Colin Andrews complained about? I did not see it. Although I am critical of my Neo Con friends in screwing up in Iraq, it is well known that the Islamofascists use "Neo Con" to mean "Jew" …. It is a delicate issue.


“The self-righteous tone of many of the defenders of the idea of "accidental death" becomes somewhat hypocritical when it is somewhat shameful that Mack was not better protected and “


Exactly. We had 80-year old J.P. Vigier here for months at ISSO and we provided 24/7 security. He was never left alone or allowed to walk the streets by himself. There was always someone in the house he stayed in on Telegraph Hill. He always had a car and driver. Either do it right, or do not do it. As you say older VIPs should be treated as such.


"Instead of screaming at you yourself, they should take the mote out of their own eyes. The best that can be said of this neglect is that Mack was surrounded by very well-heeled and clever people and I know from long Oxbridge experience that such people live often in a kind of well-heeled donnish arcadia kind of well-heeled donnish arcadia, with conspiratorial blue-chins still well beyond Calais. Most, no matter how brilliant they are, have great difficulty in seeing the world as a seething snakepit which will never ever behave itself as proper servants and colonials should. I am afraid that the English intellectual milieu is still conditioned very much by middle-class late Victorian romanticism, and many thinkers here still have great difficulties as regards the present day world which plays by very different rules. The English bourgeoisie still like to remain in control of concept and situation. The idea of the world as consisting of layer after layer of utterly fantastic structure they like confined to Alice in Wonderland. Most of these people still live in a pre-Postmodern universe in which the world of appearances is safe and well. This is a cartoon world in which policemen arrest criminals, doctors provide cures, armies fight for freedom and the defence of a nation, the government does what is best for the people, and the deaths of pivotal people are all “accidental.” This frame-by-frame universe is no more. As a species of information, it has passed like the fixed cosmos of Ptolemy. And (I hate to say this) the world is each day looking a little more like the world described by Dan Smith or the Alien Raj of Scott Littleton. Frankly, the naivety of Mack’s friends is breath-taking.”


I agree. This is the real issue here. Suffice it to say that if Mack had been my guest, he would still have been alive.


“Yes Jack I did get a copy of David Haith’s letter, and I thank him for sending it to myself and others. He gives a few scraps of conversation between Mack and Sheldrake and says that they were above his head.”


Haith was quoting Veronica’s grandson there I think.


“Cold War paradigms are deeply psycho-political, and Mack may well have been into deep black areas here which would have made him vulnerable.”


I had such a conversation with John Mack myself during the peak of Esalen’s “Hot Tub Diplomacy” with Michael Murphy and Gorbachev’s people at Arbatov’s Institute of US and Canada described in a Newsweek article.


“David certainly gives us a lot of information, and answers many questions, but I am afraid as far as I am concerned his letter only serves to pile mystery upon mystery. According to David, we now have indeed some utterly fantastic elements combined with the original possibility of a finite hit by persons or organisations unknown. I am afraid David’s letter, though welcome, will only serve to fuel speculation of any and every kind, for he now adds, in his wisdom, metaphysical

elements, no less! As a well-meant attempt to calm things down, I have seen better.


He describes not only a synchronous panic attack, with ‘previous phenomena around the house,’ no less. Well as a practical reassurance that nothing whatsoever extraordinary happened beneath the sun and moon on the Monday night in question, this is perhaps somewhat lacking indeed!


I think people should know at this stage that the kind of multi-dimensional drama described by David was the very thing that Montague Keen (and Mack to a certain extent) investigated all his life, and on which he was a world-acknowledged authority. Keen’s well-respected Scole group consisted of the kind of people who founded the Society for Psychical Research in the 19th century. Keen headed a group of similarly brilliant people, some of the best and most open minded brains that British society has to offer, including Sheldrake, with links to people such as Brian Josephson.”


And Hawking’s student Bernard Carr who I saw recently at GR 17, I suspect.


“Many things happened to the Scole group of psychic experimenters as happened to the 19th century SPR led by such people as Myers, Gurney, Conan Doyle, the physicists Lodge and Crookes, and the classicist Professor Gilbert Murray. For more information, read Keen’s excellent Scole Report, a classic work in this area concerning survival.”


What about Dennis Bardens? Was he involved with these people? He must have been.


“It seems to me therefore that we now have on our hands one of the very best classical cases of death where multiple effects were described and observed within the context of high-powered intellectual activity of an advanced kind. This is perhaps the first great classic multi-effect/synchronistic/suspicious deaths of our

new century, complete with a psychic drama and a drama of UFOs technology, aliens and possibly Black Intelligence. Before going on, I do hope that David is not going to reply like the well-respected Colin Andrews and tell everyone to shut our mouths out of respect for the dead.”


“Neither Mack or Keen, being who and what they were, would surely not have wanted it that way in any case. There is the central question not answered all amidst all this fuss and bother and protestations and accusations. It is the question asked by Agent X in the first place: what were Mack’s movements between leaving his dinner party in London and coming off the far stretch of the Tube to go towards Veronica Keen’s house? Now until that question is answered, the question of how exactly he died remains open. No amount of heart-rending pleas will quiet journalists down.”


Indeed, was the only witness the alleged Czech truck driver? Who is he really? What is his history during the Cold War?


“And please do not give us the excuse of the smoking gun of a Czech driver of all things (would you believe!), produced like a rabbit out of the Fortean hat. Lord bless us all, how standards are slipping! They might at least have chosen a decent person from Chelmsford or Bath in order retain some sense of Englis respectability. Like Princess Diana’s body guard, this poor mortal won’t know

anything, and Jack is probably right in his speculation of deep background. For those who want to argue, I have a shelf groaning with no less than 65 books on various conspiracies published over the last fifty years. I haven’t done an exact count, but in these books there are many examples of hapless “Czech drivers” (Oswald, Bremer, Sirhan who like Caspar Hauser, know absolutely nothing at all about anything at all as they stand over a corpse.”


Oswald kept his rifle in the garage of Arthur Young’s stepson – the son of Ruth Forbes. It is a fact.


“As an archetypal figure, the ‘Czech driver’ might be put exactly between the Monkey and the Organ Grinder as a conspiratorial figure fit for the Comedia Del Arte. In other words this whole affair stinks to high heaven like Hamlet’s Elsinore.


That’s all for now, and despite the rather pathetic pleas for everyone to shut up and keep quiet, this one is going run and run. I for one (amongst many others) am going to make sure that it does run. That is my way of paying respect to the dead, not shutting my mouth and letting the lies stand.”

Colin Bennett

HQ Combat Diaries

Portobello Road



The Yanks are coming, and we won't give up till we're finished over there!


BTW Bush could have won the debate last night if he had broken into that Irving Berlin song! "Over There"


Keepers of The Weird


On Oct 1, 2004, at 7:46 AM, Old Keeper of The Weird wrote:


“Good response, Jack. I agree with you about all you say here.”



1. IF John Mack was murdered, and I am NOT saying he was, we want to get to the bottom of it.


2. There is a pattern of suspicious deaths. Reliable people in the Intelligence Community are concerned about that.


4. We are now at a turning point in the UFO Disclosure because of the breakthrough in the physics of dark energy 1999-2003. That is why my advanced technical debate with Hal Puthoff and his faction in this UFO biz is so important for US National Security and for Planetary Security. It's important that USG DOD is not misled about this the way they were about WMD in Iraq. They almost got it right. They were off by one letter. It was Iran not Iraq we should have invaded! Also North Korea! And we need a much bigger Army. A draft is inevitable.  Actually I prefer beefing up humint and arranging Coup D' Etat inside Iran, North Korea, also Syria if it does not toe the line as it now appears maybe to be doing, rather than sending in American Boys and Girls in a frontal assault. It's not so much that I am against the Neo Con Strategy as much as I am upset with their incompetence in the End Game. Allowing the looting and disbanding Saddam's Iraqi Regular Army, much of which was ready to come over to our side were fatal errors that

fueled the insurgency. Of course we would need to use the Baathists just like we used the Nazis in Operation Paperclip - a necessary evil in Real Politic in the sense of Metternich and Kissinger. My platform is to put intelligence back into the Intelligence Community.



On Oct 1, 2004, at 7:16 AM, Princetonian, Dan Smith wrote:


“I have always assumed that the Stargate is of alien provenance. I believe that it may just be the modest upgrade of a (natural?) Vortex that has been known to exist in that area of the SW US, from way back in time.  In fact, I have been in communication with an Ecuadorian shaman whose family has been using this portal for time traveling, for generations.”


According to Eric Davis in an official NIDS document there is one at the Bigelow Ranch in Utah. That's why Bigelow, the new Howard Hughes of Las Vegas with Bigelow Aerospace bought the damn thing!


“As such, it is a portal to a hyper dimensional reality.  Indications are that UFOs are the same, but are translocatable.”


Warp, Wormhole and Weapon all the same metric engineering of exotic vacuum. We now understand its fundamental principles rather completely. This breakthrough was in 2002 post ISSO.


BTW When we had 80 year old J.P. Vigier, Hero of The French Resistance and Prince Louis De Broglie's protege here for months on several occasions 1999-2000, we never let him go anywhere alone! Also we had 24/7 security for him in the million dollar Telegraph Hill Penthouse we put him in. John Mack should have been treated no less. He should have had a car and driver if he was staying out in the sticks like that. John's death was due to negligence - not taking elementary precautions to suit the conditions. That is what upsets me about this avoidable death.



“The point is that such a portal is, as are UFOs in abduction cases, bi-directional.  One does undergo gradual physical change on the other side, which can make it difficult to return if one stays too long.”


How do you know that? Have you been through the Star Gate?


“Spiritual training is also advisable. This is what I presently understand. If you have information that contradicts this bi-directional operation, then that is contrary to the usual understanding, but we should hear you out, nonetheless.  Your notion of this as primarily a 'biological' construct is also of interest.  Please elaborate. I suspect that the 'loop' to which you refer is what I also refer to as the Cosmic Ouroboros.  It is simply Creation as seen 'sub specie aeternitas'.  From that perspective, it is a permanent fixture, but it will be a temporary abode from our time-bound perspective. The Exodus to which I refer can be carried out over a period of up to one century.  The timing is mainly up to us.  The human presence in this three-dimensional world will be drastically reduced over that time period as the result of natural attrition, reduced fertility and the transmigration through the portals, etc.  There will remain here only a vestigial observational, custodial contingent.  Some of us may also get to leave via the celestial craft.”


The parting of the Red Sea by Moses, if real, was a Star Gate. The three woman I know of who were abducted together say they were told of impending eco-catastrophe and were told to live in the mountains of California. Of course, we hear these kinds of stories in the New Age frequently. This particular case is interesting however and Kim was about to contact John Mack about the very day we heard he was killed.


Behind The Green Door


-----Original Message-----

From: Jack Sarfatti []

Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 1:30 PM

To: Dan Smith

Cc: George Ryazanov; Gary Bekkum

Subject: Re: Dan's cup of tea?


On Sep 30, 2004, at 5:19 AM, Dan Smith wrote to George Ryazanov a protégé of Andrei Sakharov’s now in Jerusalem:




I like your idea of leaving behind the power of matter. In my understanding we may do this either by exiting through the grave, or through the Green Door in Dreamland of Area 51. John Mack and you and I will do either one or the other. Jack is a physicalist, you may be a dualist, and I am an immaterialist. But we may all agree on the existence of the Green Door/Stargate/Dimensional Portal in Dreamland.”


The Vallee-Davis NIDS papers are important evidentiary background for that. My dark energy theory for metric engineering the fabric of spacetime is pointing that way.


“There is a political development over here, which may help to expedite the disclosure of the Green Door. The purpose of the 'EFG' is to help prepare ourselves for our imminent exodus through that door, into a hyperdimensional reality. Is it too early for us to talk up this eventuality? I think perhaps not. What do you think?”



-----Original Message-----

From: George Ryazanov []

Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 10:46 PM

Subject: RE: Dan's cup of tea?


“On the one hand I see some detailed statements about physics. On the

other hand, I see some poetic, mystical statements about God. I am having

a hard time seeing any connection between these two domains of your thought.”


“Dear Dan!

My new physics describes the apparatus for going out of the power of matter and only after this the good poetry becomes the real force- this I prove!”


“I disagree with you and Jack and other mystical physicists. Physics is not a path to God. Only when we honestly see the limitations of math and physics will we once again embark upon a spiritual understanding of God.”


“Yes, but see above.”


“God and love are beyond all formulas and formulations. You simply commit

the primary sin of Idolatry when you identify any formula with God.”


“God is a play of ultimate meanings but this play must be proved also through

the generation of matter.”




“This is the sin of Pythagoras, and perhaps even of Einstein and all those physicists who put too much faith in a Grand Unified Theory of Everything.”


“TOE is only the first step of liberation.”


“I'm sorry about that, but you should have known better. There are qualities that transcend all quantity. There exists no mathematical expression for any quality of human significance. Show me even one such formula.”





This is the principle of Oroborus also mentioned by Qabalist Carlo Suares to me in Paris as the “Suares Equation” mentioned in “Space-Time and Beyond.”


“Failing that simple test, how can you carry on as if mathematics were the royal road to God? Have some humility about this, George. If this were the case, we should have been made out of silicon chips. But that is not what we are.”


Speak for yourself Dan. Remember “The Tin Man” in “The Wizard of Oz” and John Lilly’s “Solid State Entities”. Some of your “Visitors” have machine oil in their veins not your blue blood.


“Yes, but my math is generated through music and vice versa This unity can bring us to God.”


“You may wonder then, what am I doing in this neighborhood. I believe that we have been visited by messengers of God who are here to assist us in our return to God. This is the basis of the UFO phenomenon. These visitors are not from another planet, but from what we can think of as heaven. This phenomenon is metaphysical rather than physical. Indeed, Creation is a metaphysical construct. Physics is only one very narrow and limited tool in our understanding of the world.”


“God speaks to us also through physics of liberation.”


“The world is much more like a great thought, than a great machine. In fact, it is the best possible world that we can imagine, for its purpose. But it has now served its main purpose, as our sheltered play pen. We are now about to break out of this cocoon, and make our flight back to God, beyond space and time, beyond the stars. I invite you to join our 'Eschaton Focus Group AKA EFG'to discuss these ideas.”


“What must I do?”


“There is a timeline for these facts to be revealed, and this timeline indirectly hinges on the political cycle in the US. There are reasons to expect some new developments soon. Our interminable waiting may be about to terminate. I hope to have more to say about this soon.”


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