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Thanks. :-) Some of the stuff below fits the exotic vacuum idea as intensity variations in the Higgs Ocean with Einstein's gravity as the phase variations in the same giant quantum Higgs Ocean that is the coherent virtual stuff of the world, the thoughtlike BIT out of which rocklike IT emerges.

There are three basic local c-number field equations to first approximation

Guv + /\zpfguv = 0

Covariant Landau-Ginzburg equation for the macro-quantum coherent virtual BIT Higgs Ocean in the co-evolving IT guv field where

/\zpf = a^-2[a^3|Higgs Ocean|^2 - 1]

a = h/Mc = short micro-quantum wave cutoff

M is mass cutoff

Xu = a^2(Goldstone Phase of Higgs Ocean),u (Bohm pilot wave hidden variable constraint) = World Distortion Vector Field

guv = Minkowski + (1/2)(Xu,v + Xv,u) = Einstein's metric field as the elastic strain tensor of the world distortion.

Torsion field is from anholonomy Xu,v - Xv,u =/= 0

Einstein's Diff(4) curved space-time tensor transformations derive from partial derivatives of U(1) phase transformations on the Higgs Ocean local scalar complex field.

In general locally gauge the complete 15 parameter massless conformal group to get all relevant space-time compensating gauge force fields rippling through the post-inflationary calm macro-quantum coherent non-random Higgs Ocean that emerges from the incoherent random unstable pre-inflationary choppy micro-quantum Dirac Sea.

BCS condensation of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs in the pre-inflationary massless Dirac Sea to form the post-inflationary Higgs Ocean.

Entropy of post-inflationary Higgs Ocean << Entropy of pre-inflationary Dirac Sea

explains the Arrow of Time Problem posed by Roger Penrose in

"Fashion, Faith and Fantasy"

Matter/Anti-Matter C-violation from dual branes with "anti-ferromagnetic" ground state. Micro-geon wormhole mouths attached to a pair of branes. All electric flux lines enter electron mouths on same brane and leave proton mouths on that same brane. Situation reversed on the dual brane to have closed electric flux lines of Wheeler's "Charge without charge" that is quantized from single valuedness of the Higgs Ocean order parameter.

On Oct 10, 2004, at 11:42 AM, Amara D. Angelica wrote:

It's an old mystical idea apparently passed along by Crowley and Blavatsky:

"The Order of the Silver Star is thus the Order of the Eye of Set, 'the Sun
behind the Sun.' ...The Silver Star is Sirius."
- Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God

Behold Migmar,1 as in his crimson veils his "Eye" sweeps over slumbering
Earth. Behold the fiery aura of the "Hand" of Lhagpa2 extended in protecting
love over the heads of his ascetics. Both are now servants to Nyima,3 left
in his absence silent watchers in the night. Yet both in Kalpas past were
bright Nyimas, and may in future "Days" again become two Suns. Such are the
falls and rises of the Karmic Law in nature.

Central sun. A vortex of energy, physical or spiritual, central to systems
of worlds that it thrusts from, or gathers unto, itself by the central sun
magnet. Whether in the microcosm or the Macrocosm, the central sun is the
principal energy source, vortex, or nexus of energy interchange in atoms,
cells, man (the heart center), amidst plant life and the core of the earth.
The Great Central Sun, also called the Great Hub, is the center of cosmos;
the point of integration of the Spirit- Matter cosmos; the point of origin
of all physical- spiritual creation; the nucleus, or white fire core, of the
Cosmic Egg. (The God Star, Sirius, is the focus of the Great Central Sun in
our sector of the galaxy.) The Sun behind the sun is the spiritual Cause
behind the physical effect we see as our own physical sun and all other
stars and star systems, seen or unseen, including the Great Central Sun. The
Sun behind the sun of cosmos is perceived as the Cosmic Christ--the Word by
whom the formless was endowed with form and spiritual worlds were draped
with physicality. Likewise, the Sun behind the sun is the Son of God
individualized in the Christ Self, shining in all his splendor behind the
soul and its interpenetrating sheaths of consciousness called the four lower
bodies. It is the Son of man--the 'Sun' of every manifestation of God. The
Sun behind the sun is referred to as the "Sun of righteousness," which does
heal the mind, illumine the soul and light all her house, and as "the glory
of God," the Light of the City Foursquare. (Mal. 4:2; Rev. 21:23.)

On Oct 10, 2004, at 11:04 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote to Carlos Castro:

It will take a long time for me to understand your paper(s).
I have a very simple back-of-the-envelope model that can be tested based only on zero point energy/gravity ideas essentially found in Ch. 1 of John Peacock's text book + adding the vacuum condensate "Higgs Ocean" in a way well known in soft condensed matter physics.

I will get to your ideas after I send in Super Cosmos in next few weeks.
Are you claiming you can derive the observed number

10^-8g(Earth) for the anomalous drag on Pioneer?


Hey Saul-Paul before I forget. Remember in Michael Murphy's "An End To Ordinary History" an allusion to a "Greater Sun behind the Sun"? That sounds like an invisible exotic vacuum (zero point energy density) spherical halo centered at the Sun analogous to the Galactic halo centered at perhaps a black hole at center of our galaxy?

Do you recall the details on the origin of that invisible "Greater Sun" story?

On Oct 9, 2004, at 8:51 PM, Carlos Castro wrote:

Dear Jack :

Thank you for your last 3 mails. Here I am attaching a
pdf file where you can read in one section the
approach to the anomalous Pioneer acceleration which
is also related to accelerated motion w.r.t the

See also at the papers by Nottale on this subject.

Best wishes


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