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Dear Jack,

I am a friend of Saul Paul Sirag and Jeffrey Mishlove. I have a book out on objective evidence of reincarnation and Jeffrey Mishlove, H. D Brown and Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis all agreed to be reincarnation cases in my book. Recent research, from multiple independent sources, demonstrates that people have the same facial structure, personality traits, passions and writing style from lifetime to lifetime. Even fashion preferences can persist.

Interesting. Are you in that movie with Fred?

A number of the reincarnation cases in my book were solved by Ahtun Re, a spirit guide channeled by Kevin Ryerson, the trance medium made famous by Shirley MacLaine. For example, Ahtun Re identified Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the "Conversations with God" series as a little know minister in Boston named Reverend William Walter. We were able to historically locate Rev. Walter and he matched Mr. Walsch in appearance and personality. Mr. Walsch also agreed to be a case in my book.

A couple of years ago, Saul Paul Sirag told me about you (Gary Zukav is a case in my book too).

Uh Oh? You know how Gary welched on my share of the royalties to the "Dancing Wu Li Masters"? Fred knows and so does Saul-Paul.

In a session with Kevin Ryerson, Ahtun Re told me that in a past lifetime, you were Paracelsus.

OK, so long as I wasn't Gary Zukav! :-) Remind me again some details on Paracelsus. He was a Sorceror/Wizard sort of like John Dee? Definitely a TechGnostic in the sense of Erik Davis's book, right? If The Past Life fits, I'll take it! Have you investigated Future Lives? Brendan O Regan was into that with Ingo Swann during the SRI Remote Viewing experiments in the mid-late 1970's.

I didn't pursue the connection until this week, as I had dinner yesterday with your friends Fred Alan Wolf and Henry Dakin. I did the image matching and was quite startled at the remarkable resemblance. I have attached the image.

You may review cases on my web site, The cases of Ralph Nader, Carl Sagan and Oprah were also solved through Ahtun Re.

The group yesterday thought you would resonate with Paracelsus. I will put you on an e-mail list of other reincarnated scientists and will send an e-mail that identifies others in the groups.

This is Jacques Vallee's "Invisible College" reborn. Which one of us is W Our Boy King, The Dauphin is talking to as his "Higher Father"? Remember W = -1. :-) See Maureen Dowd's "Bushworld" and Bob Woodward's "Plan of Attack". I must say politics is getting more and more Elizabethan with every passing day.

I live in North Beach and would like to meet you sometime.

We are neighbors. I have been going lately to Caffe Roma in early mornings as it is closer to my office off Washington Square and I am very busy writing. I can meet you there. :-)

Best Wishes,

W ... , MD

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