Saturday, October 30, 2004

See "Teleportation Physics Study" by Eric W. Davis, Air Force
Research Lab Special Report, Edwards Air Force Base, August
2004, distribution unlimited (1.7 MB PDF file):

Eqs. (2.10)

About negative surface energy and negative surface tensions for a flat mouth stargate traversable wormhole toy model. It has a singularity so it is not a practical solution. But that is not the error. The error creeps in when Eric talks about the Casimir force i.e. ZPF. Like Hal Puthoff, who Eric says is his "mentor", Eric does not understand that w = (pressure/energy density) or in this thin shell case (surface tension/surface energy density) must = -1 for reasons of Lorentz covariance + equivalence principle (i.e. gravity-matter minimal local gauge coupling).

Kip Thorne's exotic matter source for the star gate (1986) was on-mass-shell real not off-mass-shell virtual.

In the case Eric treats rather than (1 + 3w) for 3D we have (1 + 2w) for 2D "thin shell".

That is we approximate Einstein's equation to the weak field Poisson equation

Grad^2V(exotic 2D shell throat) = (4piG/c^2)(energy density)(1 + 2w)

For Eric's solution (2.10)

This is w = +1 (on-mass-shell exotic matter)

But as soon as one talks about ZPF, then w = -1. Therefore, a negative zpf energy density has a positive pressure and this will gravitate not anti-gravitate as is needed. So what you want is a positive zero point energy density to get the anti-gravity. Eric explains this incorrectly. Also the QED Casimir force has nothing to do with this totally new kind of induced strong gravity from exotic vacuum zero point energy!

The discussion on p. 10 of this USAF report is seriously wrong. This is a common confusion in the literature BTW. Eric makes no mention of dark energy in precision cosmology so it is not surprising that he makes this conceptual error. Had he read Mike Turner's reviews on dark energy he would have realized this error, which has propagated in Nick Cook's book "The Hunt for Zero Point" and in Aviation Week's "To The Stars" earlier this year.

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