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Eduardo Luna and his family of shaman use this portal as a point of mental projection.  They have to be wary of the lower level spirits that attempt to interdict their travels.  These spirits attempt to understand the techniques employed by the shaman.  The higher level spirits act as guides.  The return to their bodies can sometimes result in physical problems.
Are you suggesting that our own bodies can also serve as portals?  This is what is happening in an out of body experience.  The body then would be a kind of substation, relative to the 'wormhole' or stargate.

These are two different effects. The Star Gate is an IT rocklike thing - a wormhole pattern in the Einstein guv field. The NDE OBE is a BIT thoughtlike thing.

I mean Star Gate is IT FROM BIT.


in the two way relation of Oroborus also called the "Suares Equation" in modern Qabala.

In a Star Gate our bodies move in ordinary motion through a multiply-connected 3D space kept open by the proper distribution of exotic vacuum residual micro-quantum random incoherent zero point energy pressures both positive and negative. In the non-exotic vacuum the total zero point pressure is precisely zero at the relevant scale of the phenomenon.

NDE OBE is an example of remote viewing with "signal nonlocality" that is not the important factor in Star Gate travel. Evidently the macro-quantum mind field is able to extend beyond the boundaries of the body and to send non-unitary signals back to the brain via signal nonlocality not permitted in micro-quantum theory.
As far as the Dreamland portal is concerned, it is a combination of physical, biological and mental constructs on both sides.  It would be mainly 'physical' on this side and mainly 'mental' on the other side.  Space and time are more fluid over there.  The destination is more like a social/hierarchical space, if that makes sense.  Consciousness does play a critical role on both sides, in the maintenance of the portal.

How do you know this Dan? A Star Gate portal is simply a large guv traversable wormhole sustained by dark energy - actually use the 3-Geometry 3gij in the ADM formulation with shift and lapse function auxilliary fields.

True, IT guv derives from BIT via the Bohm guidance relation

Spin 1 locally gauged translation group compensating elastic distortion field

qu = (Quantum of Area)(Goldstone Phase),u

giving spin 2

guv = symmetric elastic strain tensor of qu.

Even for UFOs, I suspect that human consciousness on this side plays a role in their navigation and materialization.

Yes, via the Josephson weak link as I showed

Induced zero point energy pressure ~ (Quantum of Area)^-1(Overlap Volume)|Higgs Ocean||Mind Field|Cosine of phase difference between Higgs Ocean and Mind Field Coherence.

Both are MACRO-QUANTUM local fields with "rigid phases" as explained by P.W. Anderson in his papers on emergent complexity, i.e. "More is different". Macro-quantum physics with non-unitary signal nonlocality is not limited to thermal equilibrium at low temperatures. This is why Susskind, and now Hawking, are making a blunder.

Where, as in OBE NDE and SRI RV the Macro-Quantum Mind Field extends beyond the 3D boundaries of the body.

The technology of these portals is not as big a problem as is the regulation of the proper use of the technology. 

Agreed. So Dan, you have been through the looking glass over there? ;-)
Stepping through a portal is rather like jumping of a cliff.  Trust and skill are both involved.  We will have ample time to develop both our trust and skill over the next decades.  No one is going to push us through, however, there may be an increasing urgency as social conditions deteriorate on our side.  We all need to become shaman.  There will also be safety in our numbers.
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Thank you Dan,

No, nothing you say is unacceptable, I may not choose to take it all as fact-but we are mostly in theoretical debate as yet. The mechanics are becoming more accessible of course through Jack's work, and NIDS to a degree. Ok so you are talking physical migration on the whole, thats not so alarming. I do not dispute bi-directional traversable wormholes, as ETI are most certainly using this. The biological construct is a precision point of entrance-they dont wander about the Mexican dessert, hitching a lift to the nearest town. How do they locate a target with precision? The biological construct is a natural formation Dan, you already posses one.

If we are in possession of the upgraded portal, and able to traverse this, tell me how the end location is determined? You say the shaman and family use this for time-travel, how do they program their destination. Is this a mental projection or are they physically traversing time? Again if we have this why do we need Jack, Hal et al to develop the mechanics to metric engineer? Is this a counter measure in case they are telling us a few white lies, in case the promise of an ideal reality is in fact a one way ticket to the slaughterhouse? No I dont believe that either, but it would assume those at the top do not trust the information. I dont think we have detailed info Dan, we may have the device, or means to replicate it, but we dont know the end effects as yet-thats what the big boys are trying to fathom is it not?

As I said before, Im not knocking your beliefs and am interested in what you have to say, but I think logic and motive has to be applied here.

Cosmic Ouroboros, yes that is a good term, and a little planet with human species is of prime importance.



Dan Smith wrote:
I'm not being told to do anything.  I continue to speculate, based on fragmentary information.
I have always assumed that the Stargate is of alien provenance.
I believe that it may just be the modest upgrade of a (natural?) Vortex that has been known to exist in that area of the SW US, from way back in time.  In fact, I have been in communication with an Ecuadorian shaman whose family has been using this portal for time traveling, for generations.
As such, it is a portal to a hyper dimensional reality.  Indications are that UFOs are the same, but are translocatable.
The point is that such a portal is, as are UFOs in abduction cases, bi-directional.  One does undergo gradual physical change on the other side, which can make it difficult to return if one stays too long.  Spiritual training is also advisable.
This is what I presently understand.
If you have information that contradicts this bi-directional operation, then that is contrary to the usual understanding, but we should hear you out, nonetheless.  Your notion of this as primarily a 'biological' construct is also of interest.  Please elaborate.
I suspect that the 'loop' to which you refer is what I also refer to as the Cosmic Ouroboros.  It is simply Creation as seen 'sub specie aeternitas'.  From that perspective, it is a permanent fixture, but it will be a temporary abode from our time-bound perspective.
The Exodus to which I refer can be carried out over a period of up to one century.  The timing is mainly up to us.  The human presence in this three-dimensional world will be drastically reduced over that time period as the result of natural attrition, reduced fertility and the transmigration through the portals, etc.  There will remain here only a vestigial observational, custodial contingent.  Some of us may also get to leave via the celestial craft.
Caryn, do find any of this unacceptable?
Dan  -- 'Best possible world'.

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