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I have
not introduced anti matter at all, but I have introduced a real observational result that mimics for the first time Wheeler wormholes.
If you want to see the experiments, down load the 13 Mb movie

Cool, thanks.
hc is not equal to e^2 unless you use cgs units,

Yes, that is what I meant. I don't care if you throw in the 1/4piepsilon which of course is better to include PV effect.

OK use e^2/4pi(epsilon)hc ~ 1/137

So what I mean in MKS is that if you have a parallel plate Casimir force

F ~ hcA/d^4

Where hc is used to interpret it as a ZPF force from free virtual photon pressure differentials as Milonni and Puthoff claim

You can reinterpret it as a Casimir-Polder induced dipole-dipole electro-static force

F ~ (e^2/4pi(epsilon))A/d^4

which you MUST do to be consistent with the additional constraints of general relativity not found in the QED theory. That plus Ian Peterson's claim that the upper bound of energy available from the Casimir force is that of the induced dipole-dipole pair potential ~ 1/r^7 including retardation not from the RANDOM virtual photon zero point vacuum reservoir, which must have ZERO PRESSURE to be consistent with general relativity.

So what we have in Milonni's book are 3 alternative models, i.e. 2.7, 3.10, Ch. 7 for hcA/d^4 - all are degenerate without the additional physics from general relativity completely absent in Milonni's book and Puthoff's latest EVO Casimir force paper. Introducing general relativity means that Milonni's 3rd model in Ch 7 is the only acceptable explanation. That is, all text books using only QED without general relativity are fundamentally conceptually incomplete in how to handle vacuum energies. This is what causes the cosmological constant paradox that is still not understood by the Pundits.

but then you throw the baby out with the wash.
The fine structure constant involves properties of free space (no quantum vacuum BS),

"free space" is "quantum vacuum" so I don't understand your last remark.

easily recognized in MKS units. 
In fact,
To better than 9 significant figures, the fine structure constant is the ratio of two impedances
α = 1/2 (Z free space)/( Z Hall)

Sure, OK that is a useful way to look it it.
If you have an arrow of time, you must be able to show thermodynamic irreversibility of a finite dynamical process.

Here is how I explain the Arrow of Time solving Roger Penrose's problem with Inflation in his "Fashion, Faith and Fantasy" lecture at GR 17 Dublin, July 2004.

We start with the pre-inflationary unstable globally flat false vacuum of QED (extend to standard gauge force theory). I only now look at QED to make the basic idea simpler. Like Puthoff & Haisch's model all charges have zero rest mass because there is no gravity as yet.

Therefore, the Dirac sea of virtual negative energy bare electrons has its edge beach front at E = 0. This is unstable because exchange of virtual photons between electrons and positron holes on the beach bind them off mass shell into a bound state with ODLRO macroscopic occupation of a single boson wave packet for the center of mass of the EPR virtual electron-hole pair. This is the pre -> post inflationary spontaneous broken symmetry phase transition from flat micro-quantum false vacuum sans gravity to curved more stable vacuum with gravity emergent from the rigid Goldstone phase ripples. This is an example of P.W. Anderson's bottom -> up general principle of emergent complexity spontaneous self-organization "More is different" that applies to real quanta as well as virtual quanta in almost ALL physical situations. The rest mass of the electron m ~ 10^-27 gm is simply the non-perturbative BCS type energy gap in the quasi-particle (dressed electron) spectrum as shown by Nambu and Jona-Lasino years ago.

As is well known this pre-inflationary micro-quantum zero gravity flat false vacuum has a much large phase space volume than does the post-inflationary curved space-time macro-quantum vacuum whose vacuum condensate is called the "Higgs Ocean" by Brian Greene. The Higgs Ocean is what is left over from the phase space collapse of the massless Dirac Sea.

Entropy = klog(Phase Space Volume)

Therefore initial post-inflationary Higgs Ocean has smaller entropy than the pre-inflationary negative energy Dirac Sea.

This jump starts the Cosmic Clock's Arrow of Time to be in same direction as the expanding space of our universe in accord with Roger Penrose's initial condition requirement.

Using the world hologram idea the large-scale cosmological entropy of the post-inflationary vacuum is simply

S(Curved Vacuum) = kR(t)^2

where R(t) is the dimensionless FRW space scale factor and k is Boltzmann's constant.

This is consistent with Hawking's formula for black hole entropy

S(Black Hole) = kArea/4piLp^2

If you can not demonstrate such a result analytically, then I do not believe your story that you have an Arrow of Time.

Done above.
You cannot use entropy concepts that are based upon equilibrium states.

I have not done so. I am not using classical thermodynamics of on-mass-shell quanta. I am using macro-quantum thermodynamics that fits the Hawking-Bekinstein-t'Hooft-Susskind ideas.

published in
Kiehn, R. M. (2003), Thermodynamic Irreversibility and the Arrow of Time, in "The Nature of Time: Geometry, Physics and Perception", R. Bucher et al. (eds.), Kluwer, Dordrecht, Netherlands, p.243-250.

Using Wheeler's "Geometrodynamics" of "Charge without charge" for strong short-range G* ~ 10^40G dark energy induced effective gravity for electrons and protons as micro-geon N = 1 EVO (Ken Shoulders) Bohm hidden variables:

On C-violation, the electric Faraday flux lines out of the real proton wormhole mouths on a given brane must enter the real electron wormhole mouths on the same brane in an electrically neutral brane. These same flux lines continue on the dual brane in the universe next door. We do not see isolated quarks in this phase of vacuum. Mesons are quark-antiquark pairs and the same idea will work for their flux lines.

Now one can ask, why do the electric flux lines all enter the real electron wormhole mouths? This is like a Heisenberg ferromagnet domain. The brane energy is minimized that way like when all spins are parallel in the ground state. An anti-ferromagnetic analogy would be a universe with equal amounts of real matter and anti-matter but that would annihilate quickly and not survive for long on the Anthropic Landscape of the Multiverse.

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