Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Anomaly in motion of Pioneer Space-Craft an Exotic Vacuum Effect?

Valentini may be wrong about relic particles? We don’t need them. Exotic vacua may do the trick? There is also the anomaly in the motion of the Pioneer space-craft that must be an exotic vacuum effect.

Subject: Re: NASA Pioneer data refutes Clifford Space prediction?
Date: October 13, 2004 9:51:05 AM PDT
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On Oct 12, 2004, at 8:24 PM, carlos castro wrote:

Dear Jack :

I got the numerical results from Lee Smolin and Laurent Nottale's papers in the web.

Maybe all of us are wrong and you are right.

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It's not me. The number is reported in Nature 30 Sept 2004 p 494. I can send you a pdf but it is 1/2 meg

"an unexpected force - about a hundred million times weaker than gravity's force on the surface of the Earth - has been pulling the craft back towards the Sun"

Your cosmological formula c^2/(Hubble Radius) is too small by a factor of 100. Also clearly this Pioneer anomaly is local not cosmological since the anomalous force is directed back towards the sun. This is obviously a localized exotic vacuum zero point energy effect like an invisible spherical halo centered at the Sun similar to the galactic halo. Indeed, such exotic vacuum halos may be important for star and galaxy formation? The idea is very similar to my explanation of Ken Shoulders mesoscopic EVOs that is not a Casimir force effect of any type I or II as Puthoff has suggested.

If Pioneer is still inside the conjectured invisible halo then it is a uniform dark energy exotic vacuum of negative pressure with a POSITIVE 3D harmonic oscillator potential energy per unit test mass ~ +c^2|/\zpf|r^2 just like Ken Shoulders EVOs! On the other hand if Pioneer is outside the halo of radius r* then it is a uniform dark matter halo of positive pressure with the negative potential energy per unit test mass ~ -c^2|/\zpf|r*^3/r. Therefore, my exotic vacuum model makes a definite prediction that the anomalous g force on Pioneer should increase with time initially and then decrease when Pioneer passes beyond the edge of the invisible exotic vacuum halo centered at the Sun.

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