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If you cannot formulate a problem mathematically, nobody knows what it is.
                                                                          --Dr. Possingham--
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Not necessarily.


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Is this private?
On Oct 2, 2004, at 8:38 PM, Dan Smith wrote:

I imagine there is plenty of political jockeying relative to the new
technology. This will become more intense if one of our folks gets
promoted to a visible position.

It may be that the Bushies have a lock on this process. The Kennedys
did try to usurp that role, but they were rebuffed, evidently.

What do you mean? Are you tying the assassinations of JFK and RFK to the UFO issue? There is all that UFO folklore that James Jesus Angleton of CIA was very concerned about the saucers. But we have no reliable information that is true since the sources are very flaky.

9/11 and Iraq were likely to have been required precursors to what we
know is about to happen: focused distractions, with full engagement.

Do you mean like when Winston Churchill knew ahead of time that the Luftwaffe was to bomb Coventry with many casualties but could not warn them because then Hitler would know that Turing broke the Enigma Code? Likewise, using the Dark Energy Star Gate Time Machine up at The Bigelow Ranch maybe are you saying The Dauphin's Regent Darth Vader Cheney knew the precise date and target for 911 ahead of time? Of course, they would not have told The Boy King. I don't think this is true, but it makes for a good Sci Fi Story. Now that Putin has essentially restored the Soviet Union, he was KGB Chief after all, it looks like we also are moving from Republic to Empire with a deal with Putin? I would be surprised if Kerry wins. Maybe the deal with Bush Fellas and The Clintons is for Hillary in 2008? Bill in "My Life" writes of an offer like that in 1992 from Don WASP Corleone (to use Maureen Dowd's term in "Bushworld" with W as "Sonny".

"The Bush family has been the 'WASP Corleones' by Howard Fineman of Newsweek." p. 58

There are some safeguards so that the jockeying does not get too
rough. The visitors provide oversight and also ration any access to the Source.

Guv + /\zpgguv = 0

/\zpf = (Mc/h)^2V(overlap)|Higgs Ocean||Control Knob|Cosine[Phase of Higgs Ocean - Phase of Control Knob]

"Control Knob" could be a Macro-Quantum Mind Field like your hypothetical UT. This is essentially how it all works I think. Phase of Control Knob modulated in meditative altered state of the Shaman or UT.

Obviously W is kept on a short leash. He has the necessary compliance.
There is concern that another president might get headstrong.

There is now just the question of the long expected convergence
between us on the outside and those on the inside. This is still a sensitive
problem. There is still a lot of tiptoeing around. People are feeling some
heat, but not much of it is coming from us.

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Of course, Dan, if Rummy and Wolfy & Co really have a Star Gate Time
Machine hidden away in Dreamland Area 51, or maybe even up on the
Bigelow Ranch in Utah like in SG-1 then they could justify Iraq from
seeing what would have happened in a similar alternative universe next
door in hyperspace. So, perhaps, this is what D-Day will be? ;-)
But what about North Korea and Iran? Remember Cheney is very pro on
missile defence and Rummy is keen on high tech "Transformation".
Imagine what real metric engineering will do! It looks like Bushy will
be re-elected. Jeb will see to that. Well the Good Fellas like Sam
Giacana did it for JFK in Chicago in 1960 right? So we really can't
blame the Bush Fellas. :-)

On Oct 2, 2004, at 4:29 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Oct 2, 2004, at 3:30 PM, Dan Smith wrote:


A technical point concerns the materialization of the UTs. You suggest that the usual scenario is that of possession, i.e. the UT takes control of a human host.

I submit that this is normally true of the lower spirits. This is what Eduardo reports in relation to the interference of the lower spirits in the traversing of portals. Those spirits are anxious to obtain the
technology of the 'molecular' processes involved therein.

On the other hand, the higher spirits, or 'angels', are quite adept at this technology and can create their own physical bodies as the occasion may demand. Angels avoid the other route, where possible.

The suggestion here is that the EBE visitors are of the higher variety of spirits. Admittedly, though, they are reported to have neither halos nor wings.


Kristol Nacht

What's your point? Of course there are many levels of intelligence in
the multi-verse more than species here on Earth I guess. My Father's
House has many mansions. BTW Which "Father" do you think your sister's
friend's husband, our Oedipal Boy King Dauphin, has been talking to? I
mean in addition to Darth Vader Cheney of course. You realize that the
Wolfy-Feith-Perle-Wurmer-Libby-Kristol Cult of Neocons is a Rogue
Secret Society of TechGnostics. Who do you think Leo Strauss really
was? Have you read Maureen Dowd's "Bushworld"?

Of The Old King George 41, Our Henry V George 43 said to Bob Woodward:
"He is the wrong father to appeal to in terms of strength; there is a
Higher Father that I appealed to." p.13

"Darth Vader Dark Father ... Cheney ... yanked the formerly sunny
sonny into a neo-Hobbsian world where as neocon Robert Kagan put it,
'Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus,' a gloomy
universe ... All presidents are in a bubble, but the boy king was so
insulated he was in a thermos ... His regents put their own spin and
filter on the information they fed him, creating an alternative
universe where they were never wrong." p. 14

Remember Hitler in The Bunker? The politics of presponse
signal nonlocality. What hath SRI RV wrought? The Kristol Nacht Team
wrote in 1997 "Project for the New American Century":

"... it is important to shape circumstances before crises emerge, and
to meet threats before they become dire."

Maureen then writes: "It was a kick-the-door-in policy straight out of
Phillip K. Dick's science fiction 'Minority Report: Identify the
future bad guys and arrest them before they commit the crime." p. 17

My Object All Sublime.
I shall achieve beyond time.
To make the punishment before the crime.
The punishment before the crime!

I think Fred Alan Wolf knows your Shaman Eduardo?

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