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On Thursday, August 28, 2003, at 08:23 AM, Curtis Manning wrote:

"Thank you for your clarification.

One further question: What would you say if the matter in voids
has a density greater than can plausibly be predicted on the basis of
standard cosmology?

Good point. My guess is that the voids have exotic vacuum probably
repulsive dark energy I mean if they are really empty of matter? I have
to think about that. This is not my field at all. Are the voids gravitating? Are they
attracting any normal matter outside them? I don't know anything about
them really. If they are simply big blobs of dark matter with /\zpf < 0
no problem with big "density".

"The way to think about voids is this. Long ago matter was spread very
homogeneously in an essentially critical density universe. However there
were quantum fluctuations (they say) which imposed fluctuations in the
density field. Birkhoff's theorem says portions of the universe that
are under dense will behave like an open universe, and overdense regions
will behave like a closed universe. Thus the universe became divided
into two kinds of regions -- overdense ones and underdense regions."

I do not know if the above argument really works because of the tacit assumption it makes that all "mass" attracts. Isn't Birkhoff's theorem strictly based on classical Newtonian gravity? It may not work with quantum zero point energy
extensions of Einstein's general relativity. I simply do not know at this point.

The new ideas that may not be in Birkhoff's theorem:

1. Newton's classical gravity theory only uses -Grho as an attractive source where rho is a positive mass density.

2. Einstein's classical generalization of Newton's gravity theory replaces -Grho with -G(rho + 3pressure/c^2).

3. Quantum physics allows both negative rho and negative pressure in different cases.

4. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle together with Einstein's principle of equivalence and local Diff(4) covariance demand that the vacuum zero point quantum fluctuations of any local quantum field obey the equation of state

zero point quantum energy density + zero point quantum pressure = 0

5. Spin 1 photon field has positive zero point quantum energy density.
Spin 1/2 Dirac electron-positron field has negative zero point quantum energy density from spin-statistics connection.
Ref: Peter Milonni "The Quantum Vacuum"

6. What is meant by "density" in Birkhoff's theorem? If it means "rho > 0" for the theorem to work, then it is not applicable to the macro-quantum domain out of which Einstein's ODLRO c-number local geometrodynamic field guv(x) for "curved spacetime" is "emergent" from modulating the Goldstone phase argPSI(x) of the inflation field PSI(x).

"The voids, since they mimic an open universe, have a greater expansion
parameter than the mean, so voids grow at a faster rate than the
universe as a whole. Thus the contents of voids "fall out", and impact
the zones of over-density, producing a shock, and pressurizing the
filamentary structures. "

This "fall out" sounds like /\zpf > 0 universal repulsion to me. I do not understand the math of what you are claiming about this classical Birkhoff theorem here.
I would have to read a detailed review paper on the subject.

"The velocity of the outfall depends on two things 1) the radius of the void, and 2) the ratio of the matter density in voids to the mean matter density. Large velocities imply a low void density. The density gets low by two ways 1) the void is expanding
faster than the mean universe 2) matter is falling out of voids and into the filaments. The voids don't expand as fast as the outfall because the pressure of the intergalactic medium resists the flow. Thus the pressure of the void plus the ram pressure rho_V v_{out}^2 = the IGM pressure."

I cannot follow this without reading a detailed mathematical treatment. To me it sounds like an anti-gravitating dark energy exotic vacuum field /\zpf(x) is what the voids really are? To my mind, a larger /\zpf > 0 makes a larger out fall velocity and that could be mistaken for a "lower density" in a classical Birkhoff sense.

Also in my theory

/\zpf(x) = Lp*^-2[1 - Lp*^3|PSI(x)|^2]

so that a stronger anti-gravity exotic vacuum field obviously corresponds to a weaker macro-quantum vacuum condensate density |PSI(x)|^2, just the opposite for attractive dark matter exotic vacuum. The critical density is Lp*^-3 ~ (1 fermi)^-3 for a normal non-exotic non-gravitating "classical vacuum".

"My point was that I am able to sample the mass density in voids, and
it appears possible that there is more matter than predicted by the
3-D hydrodynamic simulations so popular these days. My question was
what would your response be if it turned out to be true? In my
view, we might be forced to contemplate the possibility that it
is not a dark energy that is formed in conjunction with the excponential
expansion of the universe, but regular matter; baryons and "dark" matter.

Anyhow, just thought I'd clear up some of the physics behind the formation
of voids. Previous theories that they are the result of explosions
of Pop III stars has been given up, and modern simulations use the
physical model I presented above.


Curtis V. Manning tel: (510) 642-6022

"Little thieves be stocked and ironed in prisons. But great
thieves ride prancing in silks and gold." Cato 234-149 BC

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Re: voids as exotic vacua

On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 07:31 PM, Tony Smith wrote:

"Jack, you say "... My guess is that the voids have exotic vacuum probably
repulsive dark energy I mean if they are really empty of matter? ...".

I think that is also the conventional view - that the dark matter
more or less traces the luminous matter, which is in the filaments
that surround the voids, and not in the voids themselves."

It's not the conventional view that the dark matter is exotic vacuum /\zpf < 0.
All The King's Men think dark matter is some kind of "particle", i.e. on mass shell outside the vacuum, not the vacuum itself. That is my point here. Yes they think dark energy is exotic vacuum OK with w = -1 but do not have that idea for dark matter.

"For example, according to a New Scientist (22 March 2003 pp. 41-42)
article by Govert Schilling:
"... Computer simulations ... show that ... dark matter ... tends to be
... eventually drawn out into filaments ...[that]... crisscross each other
to form a giant cosmic cobweb. ... the densest knots in the web turn into
... congregations of galaxies ...".

Yes, good. Thanks. Intuitively that sounds qualitatively like a /\zpf(x) field configuration + in some regions - in others of different strengths.

"Therefore, it seems to me as though you are correct that
the dark matter is in the filaments, and the voids (most of the volume) would be dominated by dark energy."


I think it's pretty obvious qualitatively. I do not know much of the details. You know more of that than I do. I have not really read any of the literature.
The key idea is macro-quantum vacuum coherence PSI(x). None of the Pundits have a clue about that it appears. I mean my

/\zpf(x) = Lp*^-2[1 - Lp*^3|PSI(x)|^2]

guv(x) = nuv + (1/2)Lp*^2argPSI(x){,u,v}

Experiment confronts theory - voids as exotic vacua?

On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 02:35 PM, Curtis Manning wrote:

"Thank you for your clarification.

One further question: What would you say if the matter in voids
has a density greater than can plausibly be predicted on the basis of
standard cosmology?"

Good point. My guess is that the voids have exotic vacuum probably repulsive dark energy I mean if they are really empty of matter? I have to think about that. This is not my field at all. Are the voids gravitating? Are they attracting any normal matter outside them? I don't know anything about them really. If they are simply big blobs of dark matter with /\zpf < 0 no problem with big "density".

c^2/\zpf acts like Grho in Newtonian gravity Poisson eq. (rho = mass density) with sign conventions that /\zpf > 0 is effective "negative matter" and /\zpf < 0 is like ordinary positive matter.

Newton's Poisson eq

Grad^2V(matter) ~ -G rho

for ordinary slow moving matter not too dense is replaced by, in weak curvature limit,

Grad^2V(exotic vacuum) ~ c^2/\zpf

where /\zpf^-1/2 is like a local radius of curvature

So the approximation here is L/\zpf^1/2 << 1

where L is the scale of the exotic vacuum blob under study.

"My work is on the low redshift lyman alpha
clouds. I have separated them by their ambient tidal field (low tidal
field as alias for isolation) into a void and a non-void population.
The void population has a surprising number of of clouds (a line density
of ~500/unit z for column densities N_{HI} >=10{12.4} cm^{-2}.
The number of clouds detected in the survey (HST ssurvey by Penton etal 2000)
that are in voids exceeds the number in the filamentary structures
surrounding mildly non-linear mass concentrations. I can tell at
what tidal field coutour voids end and non-voids begin because there is a
non-linearity in the trend of column density spectra fitting parameters
(they are linear in a log-log graph); void clouds have steep CDS
(cumulative slope S=-1.6) and non-void CDS are flat (~-0.36).
The steepness of the void CDS is attributable to a rather flat radial
distribution of baryons \rho ~ r^{-1.125). It would appear, therefore,
that voids (with a very large filling fraction f_V>~0.8) may
contribute a lot of mass to the universe. One of the constraints I have
is the "outfall" velocity (an application of Birkhoff's theorem).
The larger the ratio of the density of matter in voids to the mean is
the smaller the outfall velocity. For voids of size 20 Mpc (Hoyle & Vogeley
2002) an outfall velocity of ~100 implies a large ratio ~0.8. Most
people put the void matter density at about 1/10 the mean."

So I guess you mean the "voids" gravitate? Hence their /\zpf < 0 i.e. voids as big blobs of gravitating dark matter?

What is "outfall velocity"? Is ordinary matter falling into the voids, or is it coming out of the voids?

"I cannot yet claim that voids are a problem, but they would be a problem
if the density in them is much above 0.2 of the mean density. If
this is the case, what would be your explanation?"

Generally /\zpf =/= 0.

"Prigogine once had a
theory of non-conservation of baryons -- but that was in the early
stages of an inflationary scenario.


I do not understand your data above intuitively enough as yet. However, it is obvious to me that these voids must be exotic vacuum regions mostly where /\zpf =/= 0. But I do not understand enough about the evidence to decide if the voids are repulsive dark energy or attractive dark matter or some mixture of the two? You tell me.

Curtis V. Manning tel: (510) 642-6022

"One other question, Just because the universe if flat in the
space-time sense, does that mean the volume is infinite when integrated
over a particular cosmic instant? "

Yes. But we cannot see out that far with EM telescopes and we come to the singular Hubble horizon edge where PSI is 0 and guv breaks down.

"My view is the Universe must be finite.
If finite, then space is an existent. Do you regard the nature of space
to be simply derivitive of the properties of matter that exists in it
or does it have intrinsic qualities?"

Yes, it has intrinsic qualities as pure geometrodynamic "marble" not needing "wood" as Wheeler tried to do in his 1950's book "Geometrodynamics" of "Mass without mass" and "Charge without charge". That all works nicely now because |/\zpf| ~ (1fermi)^-2 on the micro-scale of fermion lepto-quark sources of boson quantum forces.
On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 12:12 PM, ... wrote:

Dr. Sarfatti,

My concern is that as scientists we can no longer talk to one another
unless we have the same background. That is, particle physics
does not get expressed in conceptual terms, but in symbolic terms.
The meaning of the symbols is shrouded in mystery.

No, I am doing standard theoretical physics here. You simply need to do some homework.

Can you answer the question, "What is space?"?

This is not an interesting question really. Space is , to a first approximation, what Einstein means by spacelike hypersurfaces in general relativity. To ask beyond that naively is what Feynman meant by "philofawzy". When Michael Turner and Saul Permutter et-al lecture at APS on "precision cosmology" everyone in the audience understands what 3D "space" means in terms of fitting the data to theory as when they say, for example, "The large scale universe is flat". That means k = 0 in the FRW metric. That is now an experimental fact to maybe 2% uncertainty. I suppose I am a Wittgensteinian from my Cornell days in that the meaning of a technical term like "space" is how it is used by a community of competent peers in the relevant technical field. "Space" to a painter means something different. The meaning of words is quantum, i.e. context dependent.

"One other question, Just because the universe if flat in the
space-time sense, does that mean the volume is infinite when integrated
over a particular cosmic instant? "

It's not flat in the 4D spacetime sense. It's only flat in the 3D spatial curvature sense and only after coarse graining beyond about 10 megaparsecs where FRW metric paramter k = 0. Max Tegmark explains all this in May 2003 Scientific American "Parallel Worlds". Our universe is a fragment of an infinite large-scale spatially flat expanding boundary free "post-inflationary bubble" of three-geometry 3gij (Einstein's "marble") in the 3+1 GR formalism with i,j = 1,2,3. There is a "Level I" infinity of such parallel universes on a single bubble, and there is an infinity of such bubbles at "Level II" separated in "hyperspace" the way Kip Thorne means it in "Black Holes and Time Warps".

Let's look at our Level I universe that we are trapped inside of exactly like Ed Abbott's "Flatlanders". Our electromagnetic radiation based telescopes see back in time to only about 380,000 years after the "big bang" creation of the infinite expanding bubble without boundary (think of a sphere of infinite radius). The initial singularity is a spontaneous broken symmetry vacuum phase transition from an unstable globally 4D flat PSI = 0 with a large phase space volume to a more stable PSI =/= 0 4D locally curved vacuum with a much smaller phase space volume. Since the non-classical vacuum entropy is ~ log of the phase space volume of the vacuum we see easily why the initial singularity is low entropy setting the direction of the irreversible arrow of time from past to future for the Second Law of Thermodynamics. For example, the phase space volume of electrons in a normal metal is bigger than in a superconductor. This same idea works for vacuum also.

Imagine we have LIGO, LISA and neutrino telescopes online so that we can see back almost all the way to the PSI = 0 initial big bang singularity! This is the "Hubble horizon edge" of our particular universe in the infinity of parallel universes on the single infinite post-inflationary bubble at Level I where we have the Super-Darwinian natural selection of the "Weak Anthropic Principle" (WAP). This Hubble horizon edge is an expanding accelerating 2D closed surface boundary of the 3D bubble where PSI = 0. It is a 2D generalization analogy of the 1D "quantized vortex core" of a lattice of vortices in a Type II superconductor. You can also think of an analogy to "self trapped laser filaments" as I showed in 1967 Physics Letters A. That is the Goldstone phase argPSI is singular at the Hubble horizon edge and Einstein's c-number geometrodynamic local field guv(x) (u,v = 0,1,2,3) is a simple Goldstone phase modulation

guv(x) = nuv + (1/2)Lp*^2 argPSI(x){,u,v} = Einstein's locally curved spacetime metric of his general relativity.

{ , } is the symmetric anti-commutator of the partial derivative operators on argPSI(x)

nuv = globally flat Minkowski spacetime metric of Einstein's special relativity.

Torsion fields are

Suv(x) = (1/2)Lp*^2 argPSI(x)[,u,v]

x is a 4D spacetime point event

[ , ] is the antisymmetric commutator

Torsion is from a breakdown of integrability, i.e. mixed second order partial derivatives of the macro-quantum ODLRO Goldstone phase field do not commute.

PSI is the inflation field from EPR BCS pairing of virtual lepto-quarks with their virtual anti-particle partners at the edge of their respective Fermi-Dirac vacuum seas of filled negative energies with zero point "holes" near the edge from the Heisenberg uncertainty principle together with the Pauli exclusion principle.

"My view is the Universe must be finite.
If finite, then space is an existent. Do you regard the nature of space
to be simply derivitive of the properties of matter that exists in it
or does it have intrinsic qualities?"

This is naive uninteresting "philofawzy" in Feynman's sense. It leads nowhere. It has no connection to all the interesting measurements of fundamental quantities in modern precision cosmology. It is like the Scholastics asking how many angels dance on the head of a pin.

"I view space and matter as complementary existents; one a negative energy
form and the other positive. Matter is time-like; one-dimensional.
Space, unlike matter, is non-localisable, and space-like. At base, it
does not exist in time. But space must accomodate itself to the existence
of the simgularity constituted by matter (becoming time-like with curvature),
and matter becomes space-like, taking on qualities of extension and

This has no connection that I can see with the formalism mainstream theoretical physics, which works beautifully. It is what Wolfgang Pauli characterized as "not even wrong".

"The possibility of the accomodation of one to the other is based
on a coupling constant, G. The other non-neutral particles arise out
of different facets of this accomodation."

I do not understand what your words mean if you cannot formulate them mathematically so that they can be compared to Einstein's general theory of relativity and quantum theory as the battle tested calibration point on which to judge new ideas.
On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 04:38 AM, Alex Kaivarainen wrote:

"Dear Jack,

Thank you for interesting and useful info.
I have sent yesterday the abstract to Richard Amoroso (attached).
I am glad to see, that the good correlation between some of our ideas is existing.

The interplay and feedback [IT <===> BIT] is one of my Unified model feature also,
if under IT to understand a matter (including biosystems) and under BIT its virtual replica (VR) in Bivacuum,
containing the information about IT. The [IT + BIT] represents in general case complex multilevel hierarchic
system: from microscopic (elementary particles) to macroscopic (star systems) levels, able to self-organization."

I do not understand what you mean by" VR" and "Bivacuum"?

In Bohm's realism this is very simple. BIT is simply the deBroglie qubit pilot wave. IT is the "particle" "hidden variable" surfing the wave according to

v = (h/m)Grad(argPsi)

This is so at least for real particles outside the vacuum.

Self-organization means the BIT Psi has as a source its own IT hidden variable trajectory making the "fragile" Bohm quantum potential robust.

IT is a system point rolling in gradient flow on the BIT landscape.

Ordinary QM with signal locality means that IT is a "test particle" on a rigid BIT landscape with a fragile quantum potential where BIT "has no sources" (Bohm and Hiley).

This is IT FROM BIT without BIT FROM IT.

Post-quantum theory with signal nonlocality means that IT is no longer a test particle but is modifying the very BIT landscape it is rolling on. This is spontaneous self-organization pumped from environmental stochastic inputs from BOTH gauge forces making dynamical phases and also variable boundaries making Berry topological phases from paths in parameter space.

"I like your idea, that just a specific (exotic) properties of vacuum (bivacuum) with /\ < 0 and /\ > 0 are responsible for attractive dark matter and repulsive dark energy, correspondingly. However, I did not find in your materials the clear explanation of physical mechanisms, responsible for such properties of vacuum and the ways of their regulation (vacuum engineering ;-) )."

Details are in

"As you can see from my Unified Model (UM), it contains the mechanism of Bivacuum 'contraction' due to spin-spin interaction between introduced Bivacuum fermions (BVF) of opposite spins and Bivacuum 'expansion' due to Pauli repulsion between BVF of parallel spins in the huge volumes of 3D domains of virtual BC, formed by BVF."

I do not understand that as yet. Why do you need to introduce new ideas when the old ones seem to work nicely? More with less is always better. I do not see the need to introduce any new non-orthodox ideas to explain any of the fundamental data in both the new precision cosmology and also in high energy particle physics. All of the essential puzzles are IMHO easily explained and understood needing only mainstream ideas:

1. Einstein's general theory of relativity supplemented by Hagen Kleinert's "world crystal lattice" analogy and Wheeler's geometrodynamics of "Mass without mass" etc.

2. Standard quantum field theory in globally flat spacetime.

3. P.W. Anderson's "More is different" general theory of emergent complexity in spontaneous broken symmetry "ground states".

4. Bohm's quantum realism interpretation of Wheeler's "IT" and "BIT".

5. Lenny Susskind's "world hologram" generalization of Jacob Bekenstein's "black hole thermodynamics".

6. Feynman-Wheeler/Costa De Beauregard/Hoyle-Narklikar/Cramer/Aharonov notions of advanced influences from the future.

"The other possible explanation of attraction/repulsion between particles and macroscopic bodies is related to proposed mechanism of gravitation in UM. It could be a result of interference of uncompensated Bivacuum virtual pressure waves, radiated by two or more interacting bodies, excited by [C - W] pulsation of their elementary particles. It is shown in hydrodynamic Bjorkness theory, that between two pulsing in liquid bodies the attraction force has (1/r^2) dependence and may change to repulsion when the distance between bodies exceeds the wave-length of density waves in liquid medium (i.e. superfluid Bivacuum). For details see Chapter 11 in my paper: (see full PDF version)."

I don't understand this.

In my theory

/\zpf = Lp*^-2[1 - Lp*^3|PSI|^2]

The ordinary non-gravitating vacuum has

/\zpf = 0

This corresponds to the critical vacuum condensate density

<|PSI|^2> = Lp*^-3


Lp* = Lp^2/3(c/Ho)^1/3 ~ 1 fermi

Anti-gravitating zero point dark energy density causing the large scale 3D space geometry to accelerate in its expansion from the initial singularity "vortex core" where PSI = 0 has /\zpf > 0 for FRW Omega(Dark Energy) ~ 0.73. This implies a "low density" superfluid macro-quantum vacuum condensate density

|PSI|^2 < Lp*^-3

Lp* is the equilibrium Holographic World Crystal Lattice spacing (combining Kleinert with Susskind). Therefore the "low BEC density" antigravitating dark energy phase of exotic vacuum has dilated or expanded unit cells away from equilibrium. Note these are 4D unit cells with generalized finite groups of different kinds of broken symmetries.

Similarly the gravitating "dark matter" phase of exotic vacuum is "high density" vacuum condensate with the unit cells compressed smaller than the equilibrium value where FRW Omega(Dark Matter) ~ 0.23.

Now if you can connect your picture in your

"It is shown in hydrodynamic Bjorkness theory, that between two pulsing in liquid bodies the attraction force has (1/r^2) dependence and may change to repulsion when the distance between bodies exceeds the wave-length of density waves in liquid medium (i.e. superfluid Bivacuum)"

to what I just said, that would be interesting. There seems to be an analogy or similarity if the equilibrium wavelength of your "density waves" is my Lp* and your "bodies" correspond to the vertices of the unit cell in the world crystal lattice?

On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 08:07 AM, ....... wrote:

"Dear Dr. Sarfatti,

The following is with reference to a couple of your recent mail,
only some of what I can understand.

I am not a particle physicist as you, but a cosmologist, after my
own fashion. You say "dark energy" is an exotic vacuum phase of
negative quantum zero point fluctuations, and dark matter is the
positive quantum /\zpf. But "dark energy" is a positive energy form
left over from the inflation of space. The dark energy flux
is an accounting gimmic to explain the negative energy (work) required
to inflate space (and have the universe remain flat). In fact,
I don't see any reason to suspect that "dark energy" is necessarily
any different than regular matter."

No you do not understand the basic physics here and have not properly described above what I am talking about.
Part of the basic physics is on pages 25-26 of John Peacock's "Cosmological Physics" showing why covariance
requires w = -1 for zero point fluctuations of all quantum fields.

Dark energy has /\ zpf > 0, i.e. positive zero point energy density with equal and opposite negative zero point pressure.

What matters in Einstein's GR is energy density + 3pressure in the Poisson equation for the system, in this case, the exotic quantum vacuum.

Dark matter is simply /\zpf < 0, i.e. negative zero point energy density with equal and opposite positive zero point pressure.

This explains the dark matter not only in large scale but also in micro-scale i.e.

1. Why self-charge does not cause electron to explode, i.e. the old Abraham-Becker self-energy problem.

2. Why the electron looks like a point particle in high energy scattering yet e/mc^2 ~ 1 fermi and h/mc ~ 137e^2/mc^2

3. Zero point origin of lepto-quark "Higgs" rest mass mc^2 ~ e^2|/\zpf|^1/2 where microscale dark matter cores of lepto-quarks have /\zpf < 0 and |/\zpf|~ (1 fermi)^-2

4. This same micro /\zpf gives the correct universal Regge slope of hadronic resonances alpha' ~ (1Gev)^-2

5. The universal micro dark matter exotic vacuum core of the lepto-quarks is

|/\zpf| ~ Lp^-4/3(c/Ho)^-2/3 from Susskind's "world hologram" model.

Lp^2 = hG/c^3

For more details go to

My theory predicts null results for all conventional dark matter "particle detection" experiments -- like null result of Michelson-Morley.

I explain both large scale and small scale structure of universe with one simple mainstream idea from P.W. Anderson "More is different" (ODLRO from spontaneously self-organizing BCS pairing of virtual lepto-quarks with virtual anti lepto-quarks inside the physical vacuum creating the complex scalar inflation field.) - Occam's Razor.

"If I haven't offended your scientific sensibilities yet, I would
like to ask you what particle physicists have as a way of explaining
space. Does it exist? What are its properties? Is there any room
for Mach's principle in this picture? You will recall that Mach
claimed that inertial frames are determined by the disposition of
matter in the surrounding universe. Does your concept of space allow
for the succint derivation of the fundamental equation, F=ma?"

Yes, of course. Read my papers above. :-)

F = ma is basically timelike geodesic equation for neutral test particles generalized to non-geodesic motions with electric charge in EM fields.

I derive Einstein's GR from the modulation of the local Goldstone phase field of the broken symmetry macro-quantum vacuum, hence the geodesic equation is an automatic result.

Global special relativity and quantum field theory is already built into the unstable Minkowski space.

Basic force laws come from the quantum action principle in the standard way.

In other words "F = ma" is built into the Feynman path quantum action principle for "test particles".

Mach's principle is inherent in the Feynman path-Hoyle-Narlikar "influence functional" response of the universe approach to cosmology from the quantum action principle. That is consistent with my theory. Aharonov's advanced "destiny quantum state vector" is automatically built in with the Costa De Beauregard/John Cramer "Feynman Zig Zag" explanation of micro-quantum EPR nonlocal correlations violating Bell's locality inequality.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 12:44 PM, eric wrote:


"there is some impressive "crackpottery" here. Amazing - and it's
all woven together: ufos, illuminatti, scalar weapons, psi weapons,
antigravity, commies, yoga, pyramids, Mars, Germans under the ice.
This is prime material for my crackpot update list."


Indeed, but one must look at it from several POV. It has immense propaganda importance in the meme war on the Web. Many of the cargo cult crackpot physics ideas you see were believed and are believed by Joe Firmage for example and Joe is only the top of the iceberg of agents of influence. As another example, the whole neocon cabal in DC today is motivated by similar crackpot ideas from Leo Strauss and Trotsky and others. There is not a 100% overlap of course. The issue is that of elite cadres of extremist Bohemian revolutionary intellectuals with a secret doctrine of hidden wisdom seeking power and getting it!

Revised Abstract for Vigier Paris Conference, Sept 15 - 19 Pierre et Marie Curie Universite

"What is the Universe made out of?"
Jack Sarfatti
ISEP, San Francisco

"The Question is: What is The Question?" John Archibald Wheeler, April 2003, APS Philadelphia

The new observational data of "precision cosmology" has drastically changed our conception of the cosmos beyond what anyone imagined even as late as 1999. It is now known with a precision uncertainty of about 2% that only 4% of the "stuff" of our spatially flat universe we detect with our telescopes on the large scale of 10 megaparsecs and greater is made out of cosmic rays, ordinary atoms, electromagnetic and gravity radiation, ionized plasma, MHD near fields, neutrinos etc. A whopping 96% of all the stuff of the world is something else! What is it?

All the King's Horses and All The King's Men are, I suggest, asking the wrong question of Dame Nature. They are looking for some kind of real "on-mass-shell" new "particle" pole of a Feynman propagator outside the vacuum to explain the "dark matter" that is ~ 23% of the "missing mass" as shown from gravitational lensing, COBE, WMAP etc. It started to become clear in 1999 with the type 1a supernovae data that ~ 73% of the "missing" stuff of the universe in the past light cones of our telescopes is an exotic anti-gravitating zero point energy density phase of the quantum vacuum with local Diff(4) covariant w = pressure/(energy density) = -1. The zero point energy vacuum fluctuations of all the quantum fields obey w = -1 and it is the quantum zero point pressure that dominates Einstein's generalized Newton-Poisson local field equation for the gravitational properties of the vacuum. Einstein's cosmological constant /\ is the net large scale effect of the quantum zero point vacuum fluctuations in the FRW metric of standard cosmology.

It has been a big mystery, comparable to the black body radiation paradox that Max Planck faced 100 years ago, why /\ is so small ~ (Ho/c)^2 ~ (10^28 cm)^-2 when naive arguments suggest it is enormous ~ Lp^-2 ~ (10^-33 cm)^-2. This is a fatal discrepancy of ~ 122 powers of ten between theory and observation! I claim to have solved this problem by noticing that the Dirac filled "negative energy" off-mass-shell virtual electron vacuum is intrinsically unstable to the non-perturbative "ODLRO"/ "BCS" pairing of virtual electrons and positrons exchanging virtual photons near the zero Fermi energy of momentum ~ 10^19Gev/c at the edge of the Dirac sea. This spontaneous breaking of gauge symmetry in the vacuum coheres the random zero point fluctuations from all the quantum fields like throwing oil on the turbulent waters, calming them, giving rise to a local scalar vacuum field /\zpf(x) that is closely related to the complex macro-quantum scalar field PSI(x) with Higgs amplitude |PSI(x)| and Goldstone phase argPSI(x) of chaotic inflationary cosmology. Indeed Einstein's geometrodynamic field guv(x) also emerges out of the modulation of the Goldstone phase of the complex scalar inflation field consistent with Hagen Kleinert's idea of the 4D "world crystal lattice" with curvature as disclination defect density and torsion as dislocation defect density. The local field /\zpf(x) merges to Einstein's cosmological constant for the large scales described by the FRW metric of orthodox cosmology.

One uses macro-quantum ODLRO and a "wavelet transform" generalization of the Wigner phase space density replacing momentum with scale. The result is that /\zpf(x) = 0 is the ordinary non-gravitating vacuum of common sense corresponding to a critical “vacuum superfluid density” ~ Lp*^-3. However, /\zpf(x) can be positive and negative as well as zero. /\zpf(x) > 0 is "dark energy" with negative zero point quantum pressure forming an anti-gravitating exotic vacuum that is ~ 73% of the large scale structure of the universe causing the cosmological expansion to accelerate rather than slow down. Similarly /\zpf(x) < 0 is the elusive "dark matter" demystified with positive zero point quantum pressure forming a gravitating exotic vacuum region like the spherical halos holding galaxies together. A large clump of dark matter exotic vacuum /\zpf < 0 whose internal structure is w = -1 nevertheless moves slowly relevant to the Hubble flow as a coherent rigid blob with an apparent w ~ 0.

"As Above So Below" because this same idea works for elementary particles justifying J.P. Vigier's idea of the spatially extended electron for example that arises in his "tight atomic state" theory for a new form of atomic energy release being tested in Beograd by Dragic and Maric and also possibly in Kiev. The rotating electron is Newton's "hard massy sphere" of size e^2/mc^2 ~ 1 fermi with a strongly gravitating /\zpf ~ - (1fermi)^-2 dark matter core preventing the self-charge from exploding and also balancing the centrifugal inertial force from the h/4pi rotation. This real on-mass-shell electron is a Bohm "IT" hidden variable surfing its own de Broglie quBIT pilot wave surrounded by a plasma cloud of virtual electron-positron pairs extending out to the Compton wave length h/mc ~ 10^-11 cm (more accurately ~ 137 times the classical electron radius). But the electron looks like a point particle no larger than ~ 10^-16 cm in high energy scattering. That is easily explained as strong zero point energy induced micro-curvature excited by deep probe momentum transfers of the Heisenberg scattering microscope. The same idea applies to lepto-quarks in general and is consistent with the "QCD Lite" bag model in which the hadronic masses are ~ 1Gev mostly from trapped kinetic energy of the light lepto-quark rest energies mc^2 ~ e^2|/\zpf|^1/2 ~ 1 Mev. The hadronic Regge trajectory data is also almost trivially understood in this picture since the universal microscopic |/\zpf| ~ 1/(1fermi)^2 simply determines the measured "string tension" hadronic slope alpha' ~ 1/(1Gev)^2. where hadronic resonance spin ~ alpha' (energy of resonant peak)^2. Susskind's "holographic universe" plays a key role in the new model because, the micro |/\zpf| = Lp^-4/3(c/Ho)^-2/3 from quantum gravity and cosmology together where Lp^2 = hG/c^3 ~ 10^-66 cm^2, and 1/Ho ~ 13.7 billion years so that c/Ho ~ 10^28 cm.

Not quite last, but not least, new vistas for Hal Puthoff's dream of "metric engineering" space-time open up with a simple example of how these macro-quantum cohered zero point energy ideas apply to Alcubierre's toy model free float warp drive metric as well as to recent notions of the coupling of rotating superconductors to the space-time continuum for potential application to propellantless space vehicle propulsion. The bow of the "star ship" in "warp drive" has an exotic vacuum "dark matter" layer /\zpf < 0 causing space to contract ahead of the ship creating an anomalous gravity red shift that opposes the motional Doppler blue shift. Similarly, the stern of the star ship has an exotic vacuum "dark energy layer" /\zpf > 0 causing space to expand behind the ship creating an anomalous gravity blue shift that opposes the motional Doppler redshift. This "reverse Doppler effect" is a universal signature of any "warp drive" from metric engineering the physical vacuum. The ship is locally on a free float or weightless timelike geodesic of the local spacetime geometry it is creating. Roughly speaking, the local zero point energy density field (c^4/8piG*)/\zpf is proportional to the trace of the extrinsic spatial curvature tensor or "second fundamental form" of the space-geometry in the 3+1 formalism of GR as computed in Alcubierre's famous paper. The local /\zpf(x) field configuration is controlled by a Bohm-Aharonov-Josephson coupling between a real superconductor with ground state |g) having ODLRO macro-quantum coherent local order parameter (g|e-(x)e-(x)|g) beating against the macro-quantum coherent local order parameter of the physical vacuum |0) dominated by (0|e+(x)e-(x)|0) where the relative phase difference is controlled by line integrals of the photon 4 potential Au and also by Berry phases. Alcubierre's basic idea of a "vacuum propeller" was already understood more roughly by both Herman Bondi and Yakov Terletskii almost 50 years ago using their more primitive classical notion of "negative matter" that is in reality the exotic vacuum "dark energy" phase /\zpf > 0.

As an epilogue, John Archibald Wheeler and his students (notably W.H. Zurek) are fascinated with IT FROM BIT, i.e. geometry and matter-energy from information. Wheeler also envisions the "participatory universe" as a "self-excited circuit". What is missing from Wheeler's Vision is the complementary "BIT FROM IT" forming a "two way relation" in the sense of Bohm and Hiley in which the parallel universes on a single post-inflationary bubble self-organize and emerge in the entropy-lowering spontaneous breakdown of vacuum symmetry from the BCS pairing of virtual electrons and positrons that sets the direction of the initial irreversible arrow of time of the global cosmic clock in our Hubble-horizoned FRW metric large scale universe on the bubble. Our bubble is one of an infinity of bubbles. A single post-inflationary bubble can be pictured as an expanding and accelerating flat infinite rubber sheet with a lattice of circular "vortex core" Hubble horizons that are Goldstone phase singularities analogous to the lattice of vortex cores in a type II superconductor where the local macro-quantum order parameter PSI (x) vanishes. In fact, the rubber "sheet" is a 3D spacelike slice "hypersurface" of 4D spacetime. The vortex core is therefore a 2-dimensional distorted spherical surface not a line. In fact it is the last light wave front surface in the past light cone emerging from the micro --> macro quantum vacuum phase transition PSI = 0 to PSI =/= 0. This "last light wave front" is the 2D "hologram" in Lenny Susskind's sense whose projected "image" is our 3D space. There is also the advanced "influence functional" from the future universe that needs to be considered in the sense of Hoyle-Narlikar and Yakir Aharonov's notion of both a "history" and a "destiny" state vector influence on "here-now".

References: to be published in Progress in Quantum Physics Research (Nova)
April 2003 Physics Today (articles by Turner, Schwarzschild and Perlmutter)
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"The warp drive: hyperfast travel within general relativity" M. Alcubierre, Class. Quantum Grav. 11, (1994) L73-L77
"Negative Matter Propulsion", Robert Forward, J. Propulsion, 6, (1990), 28 - 37 describes the Bondi-Terletskii history
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Giovanni Modanese especially
August 2003 Scientific American, Jacob Bekenstein's "Information in the holographic universe"
Hagen Kleinert,
e-mail exchange with Dr. Bruce Cornet on his empirical measurements, also exchange with Tony Smith on w ~ 0 dark matter.

On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 07:05 AM, Constantin Ivanenko wrote:

"Dear Mr Sarfatti!

Greetings from Russia!

Thank you for great attention which you gave to my humble notes.
Enclose below - in hope it might be of interest to you - my review of a curious book "Discovery" by S. Greer; - where of greatest importance (not so much from the viewpoint of pure science, as from the viewpoint of "scientific Citizen Diplomacy") are parts, concerned with evaluation by Wetsern experts of Russian Leading Edge achievements."

I have strong reservations about Greer not on the grounds of the reality of UFOs, but on political grounds since Greer seems to have attached his movement to the extremist "Luddite" leftist agenda "ban space weapons" which to me is very simplistic and dangerous. The investigation of alien contact with Earth via the kind of physics you see at http://qedcorp/APS should not be associated with any kind of extremist political agenda either from the right or the left. It should be purely scientific. There is no doubt that the UFO technology, like nuclear technology, is also a WMD technology if it is abused. Indeed it is "Doomsday" WMD in the sense of Sir Martin Rees's book "Our Final Hour". Metric engineering the fabric of physical reality is an extremely dangerous enterprise as Andrei Sakharov was very aware even 30 years ago according to L. Okun.

"Concerning my disinclination to use mathematical formulas, I feel obliged to explain to you that it doesn't proceed from my "mathematical illiteracy". In fact, I was studying in University years most advanced parts of mathematics: Foundations of Mathematics & mathematical logic; - which had created in me quite different attitudes towards use of mathematics in natural science."

There is no real way to understand the physics of alleged "torsion fields" for advanced C^3 for example without a proper mathematical formulation in terms of battle-tested theories like Einstein's theory of general relativity and quantum theory.

"Ultraconstructivist mathematics", which taught me my teacher the late Prof. N. Shanin: one of world luminaries in this area may be regarded as return on a qualitatively higher level to pre-Newton/Leibnitz's "integer numbers mathematics"; - which was (and is) deeply permeated with a kind of "esoteric flavour": an eminent German mathematician of 19th century G. Kantor: originator of modern set theories said that "God invented integer numbers and humans invented the rest of mathematics".
The most talented mathematical visionary of 20th century S. Ramanujan was able (as said his British colleague Prof. Hardy) to make his astounding discoveries because "he was able to establish relation of personal empathy with each natural number". (I may say that I had undergone, while working in Dr. Sergeyev's group, a special training in "guided reincarnation": see in Ch. 12 of "Psychic Discoveries" by S. Ostrander & L. Schroeder; Marlowe Publ., NY, 1997; - trying to establish deep empathic relations with personality & mind of Ramanujan, so as to become able "to see Natural Numbers' Series (NNS) through his Inner Eyes")

Thus my approach to mathematical study of natural systems is quite different from that of "orthodox (including its Leading Edge variety) science"; - as I'm trying to discover "morphogenetic pathways" interconnecting/guiding evolution of NNS into "tensegrity patterns/frameworks" of natural systems, objects & processes.
I try to combine this approach with approaches of synergetics (so well described in J. Gleick's "Chaos"), taught me by my another teacher Dr. Sergeyev; - who was himself a disciple of Prof. Lyapunov: one of inventors of Chaos Theory."

All of these things you refer to hit their peak of popularity in the late 1970's at Esalen in Big Sur and here in San Francisco as seen in books like Fritjof Capra's "The Tao of Physics" and Gary Zukav's "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" as well as Michael Murphy's "An End To Ordinary History". That interest has virtually disappeared today 20 + years later except in some fringe "New Age" cul de sacs. The reason interest has waned is that it has not led to any real breakthroughs. Traditional science simply works better as I show in Most of us got interested in the 70's in New Age because of the use of psychedelic drugs which enhance paranormal experiences no doubt and show the immediacy of that greater reality beyond the normally closed doors of perception (Aldous Huxley), but as the hippies and affluent Marin County, San Francisco and Hollywood New Agers aged many of them became more serious and now there are only a few quaint holdouts on the fringe who have become increasingly irrelevant save for the so called "Neo Conservative Cabal" now running the US military in the current Bush Administration. Several of them now in key positions of influence were former Soviet style communists looking to Leon Trotsky as their great hero and role model. Although they have switched sides to "neoconservatism" the switch, as emphasized by the late CIA Chief of Station, Harold Chipman, was superficial, emotionally they are still hard core Trotskyites in their ambitions for "world wide revolution", for trampling on civil rights and freedom of expression in the guise of "defending democracy". These revolutionaries see Trotsky's assassination in Mexico like Christ's crucifixion. They still believe in the "noble lie" of Leo Strauss in which "the ends justify the means". Indeed, the Trotskyite brand of communism has, at least temporarily triumphed in America today by default since the Republican Party had no real intellectuals of their own and the Trotskyites filled the vacuum starting back in the 1970's as a kind of Trojan Horse backdoor virus. The 911 attack on America was exactly what they needed to gain the confidence of President Bush who up to that time kept them in a marginal position and was against his own present policy of "nation building". The situation is quite Orwellian in the sense of "1984" and "Animal Farm" in that the Red Revolution variation on the Jacobite French Revolution of Marat and Robespierre is now continuing in contemporary American foreign policy. The connections of the neocon cabal to the hermetic alchemical Gnostic teachings of the New Age (e.g. Leo Straus) and the past use of psychedelic drugs runs deep. I suggest you read Erik Davis's "Techgnosis" and the book "The Star Gate Conspiracy" by Picknett and Prince as well as my two books "Destiny Matrix" and "Space-Time and Beyond II" as well as Sir Martin Rees's "Our Final Hour". An early book "The Morning of the Magicians" by Pauwels and Bergier is also of some interest.

"I think, however, that juxtapposition of such "New Age mathematics" ' approaches with more standard ones might be highly productive; - as precisely shaped "conceptual Casimir gap" between them might become (in case of correct choice of "conceptual distances") a source/sensor of new original & promising ideas (as is the case with complementary threads of DNA, - which can extract out of vacuum not only new energy but also information about patterns of vacuum fluctuations: this was definitely proven by functioning of Sergeyev Sensors, based on bionic imitation of DNA work)."

I don't see how any of that is needed in the light of ? Of course, if you have specific examples that can be tested scientifically I am interested.
The pattern of local vacuum zero point energy density fluctuations is simply and precisely the /\zpf(x,L, dL) field configuration at coarse grained field event x at scale L, dL) i.e. a low pass filter at L+dL and a high pass filter at L in the sense of the adaptive window "wavelet transform" generalization of the rigid window Fourier transform technique of quantum field theory propagators. The renormalization group methods of Gell-Mann and Ken Wilson set the stage for this new way of looking at theoretical physics. There is still a lot of fundamental work here yet to be done. BTW the influence of /\zpf on biological systems is interesting since all biological systems have local macro-quantum coherent ODLRO order parameters (g|b(x)|g) where b(x) is a collective mode boson annihilation operator e.g. Frohlich electric dipole mode in biomembranes, hydrophobically nano caged electron SETs in the microtubules perhaps.

"Will you please send me "snail mail" of your Russian colleague Mr. Vladimir Poponin? I will send him my materials via snail mail in mid-September with my friend.

I do not have that, but this e-mail will get to him

I'd be glad to receive your feedback to my review - or at least to those its parts which seem most relevant to you.

With best wishes, Sincerely yours Constantin I. Ivanenko, Ph. D.

St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

Thanks for the information below as until now I did not realize that Greer was so deeply immeshed in the mostly silly fictions described below. Like all disinformation, there is real information embedded with the bogus. One needs to filter out the bogus to read between the lines to decode what is really being said. No wonder ex Clinton DCI James Woolsey allegedly got angry at John Peterson of the Beltway think tank "The Arlington Institute" for bringing Stephen Greer to his house if this is what Greer talked about? This sounds like Jim Hurtak's stuff in "The Star Gate Conspiracy". Note reference to Ken Shoulders's experimental work, which is real but whose theoretical explanation is not yet well understood.



ln this interestimg book, - whose compilation required so much hard labor, - there can be found one of most compehensive presentations of so-called "UFOlogical myth"; - which now plays a considerable role in process of stimulation & coordination of Leading Edge research in many advanced countries. (Because of this used here term "myth" should be understood not in disparaging sense of professional debunkers, but rather in sense of great C. Jung; - who said that "Myth is a chosen instrument of a poet, a prophet and the leader".)

Russian experts in semantic analysis have paid over decades, - since the beginning of Cold War, - considerable attention to this important sociopsychic phenomenon - regarding it as a remarkable achievement of their US colleagues, - which managed to create, at relatively small (monetary) cost, highly efficient versatile & flexible instrument of programmed influencing of both mass opinion & decision-making processes of top world leaders.

Majority of them are inclined to think that principal event which had stimulated emergence & "global launch" of UFOlogical myth was not so much creation & battle use of nuclear weapons (as are inclined to think some Witnesses, mentioned in S. Greer's book) but rather less publicized but much more "fatefully pregnant" confrontation in the beginning of 1947 between expeditionary force of US Adm. R. Byrd - and defence forces of "Third-and-half subglacial German Reich" in Neu Schwabenland (Antarctica), which were skilfully using disc-shaped battle aircraft.

It was possible to prevent widening of this counterproductive for both sides conflict only through mediation of Messengers of Global Government of Shamballa (which acted through "Military Masonic lobby"); - Which had indicated a way of transforming of this conflict's negative energies into positive forces which'll stimulate & assist the global progress of Leading Edge science & technology. (Which, - in view of ideas of such books as M. Summers' "Allies of Humanity" etc., - was critically necessary for defending of Earth from enslavement by aggressive ET races.)

Release of now standard version of UFOlogical myth in June/July of '47 was, - in opinion of competent Russian experts (which had some access to secrets of Shamballa), - a result of "Trilateral Agreement" between selected representatives of US military masonic elite, leaders of "Antarctic Reich" & Messengers of Shamballla (Which already had some drafts/blueprints "up Their sleeve").

Concerning the "central stanchion of UFOlogical myth": question of real nature of widely enough observed flying discs, competent Russian experts are inclined to agree with main idea of W. Lyne's "Space Aliens from Pentagon"; - namely, that so-called UFOs are man-made (mostly at secret "subglacial plants" of Antarctic Reich) electrical machines, whose principles were discovered by N. Tesla already in 19th century.

(This idea is in good accordance with teachings of A. Bailey - who wrote that real Messengers/Avatars from more advanced worlds of Universe visit our Solar System very rarely; -and, most certainly, do not organize such quasi-theatrical shows as, eg, '52 flap over Washington, D.C.)

Dr. Sergeyev had developed in early '70s, - on basis of his extensive experiments with endowed with psychokinetic abilities Mrs. Kulagina, whose data were interpreted from the viewpoint of Acad. Sakharov's "theory of quantum gravity" (his efforts were "heuristically aided" by some small but valuable hints about Tesla Technologies, obtained via "international military masonic channels"), - a coherent enough hypothesis concerning UFOs' possible propulsion mechanisms.

In process of his experiments with Kulagina Dr. Sergeyev concentrated on exploration of interactions of "bioplasma": ordered "clouds of free electrons" (which could be externalized by an act of trained will - and/or spontaneously - in process of telekynesis) with physical vacuum; - which, in his opinion, played most important role in processes of life & evolution of living organisms. He had discovered that "bioplasmic clouds" of specific structure, - whose patterns were closely enough "morphically correlated" with "virtual patterns" of fluctuations of vacuum energies, - could develop/manifest (sometimes quite considerable) "virtual mass" (that is, generate a kind of "artificial controlled gravity" responsible for psychokinesis).

As demonstrated more recent experiments of Dr. Ken Shoulders in USA, ordered electron structures ("charge clusters") could be also generated by technological means; - eg, through correct application of vibrations of high-voltage current (as well might have discovered N. Tesla already in 19th century).

Possessing considerable virtual mass ordered clouds of electrons, ejected under influence of (terahertz & higher octave) electric vibrations out of metallic hull of UFO-type craft, will exert very powerful Coulomb attraction on positively charged (because of such electrons' ejection) hull; - effectuating its shift in desired direction (for this high voltage must be applied only to selected segments of hull).

If, during each current's vibration's cycle, negatively electrically charged "virtual mass" of about one-millionth of craft's entire mass will be ejected at millimeter distance, - causing thus hull's nanometer shift, - then such craft could easily develop kilometers per second squared (or even higher, if faster than terahertz vibrations will be used) accelerations."

These claims are probably bogus and "not even wrong". One would need to see the mathematics or else a working model.

"Dr. Sergeyev, being a seaman, liked to compare this process to used in old times technique allowing sail ships go against river's current in absence of wind: these ships pulled themselves to their own anchors which were carried forward on ship's row boats (this metaphor is used also in Roerichs' Teaching).

Dr. Sergeyev's hypothetis naturally explains noted by UFO explorers vulnerability of these craft to high-power radar rays of certain frequencies and to lightning storms; - whose high-frequency electric vibrations could interfere disruptively with patterns of "bioplasma/charge clusters' clouds", - reducing their cohesion with vacuum fields.

Dr. Sergeyev noted that - in order to become able to travel at interstellar distances (aboveoutlined technique of propulsion works in vacuum even better than in the air) - "vacuum anchor craft" must be endowed with sensors allowing to recognize in real time patterns of ambient vacuum's structure; - so that electric vibration's frequency could be properly adjusted.

He noted also that creation of "bioplasma envelopes" having specific topological configuration might produce time displacement effects; - explaining sudden (dis)appearances of UFOs, often mentioned by observers."

None of the above allegations make any sense to me in terms of theoretical physics. I would have to see the technical details using mathematics.

"More importantly, such envelopes may be used as highly efficient shields against psychotronic & torsionic attacks: eg, such as that to which had been (allegedly) subjected President Bush on 13 Jan 2002. (Such protective devices must also be endowed with sensors allowing to recognize the type of attack; their working frequencies must be randomized so as not to make them vulnerable to EM pulse weapons capable to reduce their efficiency.)

In Russian psi-research community now circulate rumours, - perhaps, deliberately spread by members of team responsible for Presidemt Putin's psi-defence, - that soon after abovementioned 01/13/02 incident with Presidemt Bush Mr. Putin began training in "psychic self-defence"; - whose techniques (adapted to well-known to Putin techniques of Oriental martial arts) are based on interiorization of technotronic means of such defence, repeatedly mentioned in Roerichs' Teaching.

Returning to analysis of S. Greer's book, it can be noted that told there stories have a distinctly felt "GI issue flavour"; - revealing their artificial origin (as noted also W. Lyne). Thus, for example, described there many times procedures of "intimidation of witnesses" by members of "secret government teams" (and/or such quasi-legendary personages as MIBs) demonstrate their notorious inefficiency; - helping rather to create around subject in question an intriguing attractive aura of Mystic Secret - similar to that which surrounded medieval alchemists & Rosicrucians - than to erase dangerous information quickly & efficiently, - which competent government services can do with ruthless efficiency when ordered to do so.

To experts' knowledge, no one person was subjected to "imprisonment up to 10 years and fine up to $ 10 000 due for revelation of UFO secrets" when this law was operative (as no hackers - except luckless Mitnik who was destined to become a symbol - were jailed, - and few were fined, - for breaking into Pentagon files in recent times) for "disclosure of UFO secrets"; - although, as follows from S. Greer's book, such cases were rather frequent. (This can be explained, of course, by "clemency of American justice"; - but disclosures of "comparatively less important" (in opinion of W. Smith) atomic secrets were punished during the same period with due severity.)

However, more advanced representatives of Soviet/Russian military/secret services' elite decided to join (as demonstrate activities of V. Uvarov & his ilk) "The Big UFOlogical Game"; - as most of them regard it as a definitely positive & highly useful instrument of sociopsychic engineering, - whose role of efficient interface between "esoteric elite" and general population is increasingly recognized as more and more critical in process of democratic transformations of Russian society.
One of the most obvious advantages of wide acceptance of "UFOlogical myth" - which is going to supplant becoming obsolete "Cold War myth" (which, as it was noted on pp. 368-9 of R. Vesco & D. Childres' "Man-made UFOs", helped to bring unprecedented in history global progress of science & technology), - is that it helps to create high-tech jobs; - and this problem is especially acute in Russia, which suffered from results of "perestroika turned into catastroika" more than from consequences of WWII. Cf. Testimony of D. Hamilton on p. 530 of "Disclosures": "Now, the spending of that money by countries is not a bad thing - it creates high tech jobs. Over the long run, I believe we will create a lot of high tech jobs. I think this is a good thing for the world - it's a good thing for people; it's a good thing for this human race. We need to start doing it now before it's too late."

From this viewpoint, now widely publicized "supermyth about necessity of defence of Earth from inimical ETs" may be regarded as an upgraded variety of "convemtional UFOlogical myth"; - providing even greater, - truly cosmic-scale, - perspectives for scientific & technological progress. (Alas, present mental & spiritual condition of human race is such that it needs some kind of bugaboo - be it Nazis during WWII, Communists during Cold War, Moslem terrorists now or "ET aggressors" in near future - to spur it to creative productive work, whose results will be highly beneficial for its progress. Indeed, for an intelligent person it's difficult not to agree with idea - presented in Testimony of P. Czysz on p. 517 - that "IF the extraterrestrials were hostile, earth civilization could have easily been terminated around the time we detonated the first nuclear weapon.")

Because of this cultivation of "UFO metamyth" - together all its varieties - is approved & supported not only by representatives of Russian "military intelligence" but also by advanced members of Russian Spiritual community, endowed with high metaphysical abilities (see, eg, "The Occult" by C. Wilson); indeed, such metaphysical treatises of Russian authors as "Secret Doctrine" of H. Blavatsky or works of Roerichs helped to create myths (or rather metamyths/religions) whose quality level is considerably above that of common run of "military issue UFOlogical (and other) myths"; - what is necessary now is to give these metamyths due practical orientation.

Testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin, p. 256: "The strategy that Wernher von Braun taught me (in 1974) was that first tne Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. ... Then terrorists would be identified ... THE NEXT ENEMY WAS ASTEROIDS. ... And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare."

Comment: As demonstrated later events, Dr. von Braun has precisely enough predicted psychological strategies of Global Government of Shamballa which are employed for stimulation, facilitation & acceleration of global scientific & technological progress. As guess some Russian experts (and situation in Russia had generally reflected - with some delay - US situation in this area), von Braun's foreknowledge might be due to his secret contacts with undercover agents of "Antarctic Reich", - which were active in USA, Russia/USSR & other major nations, - which got instructions from Global Government of Shamballa; - Which had planned these future events.

Testimony of Phil. Corso Jr., p. 473: "He (Ph. Corso Sr.) says that this group of 30 that were in charge of this technology, he says it wasn't in a written mandate for them. They were simply hardened, battlefield officers and they had an oath among themselves."

The Corso testimony I take seriously, however, one must be sure that Corso really said what Greer claims since Corso may have died before the Greer meetings in question?

"C: A closely similar situation existed in Soviet Navy/GRU-sponsored Special Advanced Research Group directed in '60s-'70s by Dr. Sergeyev; -whose patriotically minded members considered it to be their Sacred Duty to protect advanced psi-technologies from getting into bloody hands of KGBeasts, - whom they regarded (and, as it's widely known now, this opiniom was fully justified by history) as worst enemies of Russian nation. (As Soviet-period GRU has preserved - if even on transpersonal/egregorial level - some of noble traditions of Russian Imperial Military Intelligence, - which had been essentially a Masonic organization, being created in 1812 by Field-Marshal Kutuzov in accordance with Masonic secrecy protocols, - this "oath of patriotic allegiance" between members of Dr. Sergeyev's group resembled in its "psychological format" traditional Masonic oath.)

Testimony of M. McCandlish, p. 503: "if you have a way of interfering with that interaction, that absorption of zero-point energy by those electrons, they begin to slow down."

This makes no sense to me.

"C: One of basic postulates of Roerichs' Teaching is that all objects of material Universe are being sustained & interconnected by Cosmic Rhythm:
a "spiral which interconnects atom with Universe" (what'll be called now "fractal strange attractor"). Exploration of this attractor - which describes also interactions between so-called "material objects" (or unfolded - in D. Bohm's sense - "morphisms of The Void") & Zero Point Energy fields (or "enfolded morphisms") - is the main task of torsionics; - which has achieved there considerable successes."

This mixing of "spiral" nonsense with Bohm's real physics is misinformation. This is bogus Cargo Cult Pseudoscience in Feynman's sense.

"Thus, experiments of Acad. Akimov have definitely proved possibility to influence structure of crystallic lattices of inorganic (snch as metals) - and, perhaps, organic (such as DNA) - objects; - altering their physical & chemical properties. (Here it may be noted that historically - as torsionic research began in Russia before there became popular talks about "energy crisis" - Russian torsionic research was more concerned with informational rather than energetic objectives; eg, one of its main tasks, - with which was charged in '60s Dr. Sergeyev's group, - was establishing of non-interceptible communication with submerged submarines, which eventually evolved into explorations of possibilities of torsionic remote influencing of biological objects.)

McCandlish, p. 504: "Moray B. King said ... that the best way to tap this (Zero Point) energy is by driving it out of equilibrium."

C: Russian explanation of this phenomenon is a little more sophisticated (see my Reviews of M. King's books). It's widely believed by Russian torsionics' explorers that in process of extraction out of vacuum of ZPE there takes place an exchange of energy (stored in vacuum unlimited energy of Big Bang) for information (which is absent from "fractal subattractor" governing local vacuum fields' rhythms): it seems that both vacuum's dreary virtual void & intelligence/press agencies of civilized nations are equally hungry for fresh pieces of non-trivial new information.

This process is cosmic in its character: informational Second Outpouring of God's Creative Energies (as contrasted to spatiotemporal First Outpouring which created inflating Universe) has a purpose to "redeem/absorb" expanding limitlessly (and senselessly) lifeless bubble of physical Universe, "sucking it back" inside its Source/Creator. (This can be compared to such most important practice of Hatha Yoga as Vajroli Mudra; - when Tantric Yogin is sucking back from the vagina/womb of his female partner released by him semen, - generating by this process a considerable "surplus psi-energy".)

This is done through exchanging/trading of emptiness of Cosmic Void for information, distributed by The Creator through His "franchised subcontractors": living beings (from an atom to Metagalaxy & beyond), each of which is minding its own "energoinformational busyness". (Life span of each busyness venture depends on busynessperson's skill, naturally; thus extension of human life span requires upgrading of busyness practices of all individual cells of human body - which must be taught how to cooperate rather than compete with each other. Naturally, this is true also for entire Collective Body of Humankind.)

One of ways to extract out of Void structured energy, necessary for creation of manifest Universe, is to immerse into this Void a loop (perhaps, fractally coiled: "coils within coils within coils") of "superstring with current" (cf. "Cosmic Superstrings with Current" by A. Gangui, publ. in May/June 2000 issue of "Am. Scientist"; cf. also Comment to p. 518)."

More bogus New Age psychobabble that we heard ad-nauseum at ISSO 1999-2000. Indeed Joe Firmage bought into this "spiral" nonsense as well as "Ormus powder".

"Idealized abstract image of this enclosing & sustaining our Universe "Uroboric World Serpent", - whose coiling patterns determine its topological & metrical properties, - is perceived by mathematical visionaries (such, eg, as S. Ramanujan) as serpent-like body of Natural Numbers' Series, bedecked with glittering jewels of numbers. (From this follows theoretical possibility of deduction of physical laws from First Mathematical Principles; - about which wrote A. Eddington, W. Pauli, M. Born & other "Founding Fathers of modern science".)

McCandlish, p. 504: "The vacuum chamber is one of the things that all of these scientists describe in these over-unity or free energy devices they build."

C: Here may be relevant to recall saying of Taoist sage Lao-Tzu that "usefulness of every object depends on contained therein void"; - which is spectacularly justified by analysis of design of such supremely important device as Sergeyev Sensor (whose applications include not only recognition of patterns of vacuum fields but also detection of sources of attacks of psychotronic terrorists).

Most important components of a "classical variant" of Sergeyev Sensor are microcrevices cut by sharply focussed particle beam inside titanate barium crystal; - which allow to detect "virtual fluctations of vacuum fields" by measuring variations in manifestation of Casimir Effect (see on p. 523) inside a network of such microcrevices having specially calculated topological characteristics.

Similar principle was used in designing of more advanced variants of Sergeyev devices capable to both generate & detect torsionic radiations. (These - considerably more sophisticated & costly in fabrication - devices were used in special projects of high importance; - eg, they were installed in powered by small radioisotope batteries autonomous units emplaced at key points of ocean bed during 1982-3 circum-Antarctic expedition of Soviet nuclear subs. The purpose of this project - some of whose approaches were inspired by SETI projects - was to try "to engage into torsionic conversation" (with the help of techniques employed by SETI researchers, trying to contact ET intelligences), - and, possibly, activate, - allegedly (according to information of WWII-period defector from Ahnenerbe Dr. Vronsky, which claimed familiarity with purposes of German Antarctic expeditions of 1930-9) existing under Antarctic ice shield "semi-intelligent artefacts/crystal computers". These devices allegedly had been installed by ancient Antarctic supercivilization (mentioned in works of Roerichs; cf. also G. Hancock's "Fingerprints of Gods" & other modern sources) with the purpose of precise aiming/controllimg the performance of "natural time machine": situated at the South Pole "trantemporal/spatial hypertun&el" created by rotation of Earth Body.)

"Sergeyev SuperSensors" represented specially cut quartz crystals inside which, - with the help of laser pulse technologies developed in Russia in '70s (which, in their declassified variants, are used now for fabrication of New Age art pieces), - were imprinted as detailed/finely structured as was (then) technologically possible images (formed by sets by microcavities created in quartz by laser pulses) of Cosmic Superstring; - whose patterns were calculated through mathematical exploration of patterns of "coiling" of Natural Numbers' Series (which forms ordered "hyperspace's crystal lattice" of its rotation/"torsionic" groups & their "fractal subgroups" - vaguely similar to crystal lattice of quartz).

Applied to quartz crystal along different dimensions pulses of electric current create inside this piezoelectric material moving areas of tension, influencing manifestation of Casimir Effect. Rate of these pulses was computer-controlled in such way that "tension solitons" will travel inside the crystal along 3-D Lissajou-type curves, maximally correlated with patterns of "numeric spirals".

It may be said that this system has functioned as a kind of "torsionic radar", - or, better say, SETI radiotelescope, - transmitting as its call signal non-trivial information about structure of Natural Numbers' Series; -which some experts in Cosmic Communication regard as most natural choice.

Testimony of P. Czisz, p. 511: "weaponization of space does not address the threat of earth terrorists".

C: This may be not so, as already in 1973 Dr. Samarsky has sent a memo to Soviet Prime Minister A. Kossygin, proposing to install on board of satellites psychotronic/torsionic generators which might be precisely tuned to DNA frequencies of terrorists hiding in their underground dens (perhaps, such formulation was used for the sake of "international political correctness": both sender & addressee well understood, - as this was time of Cold War, - that more attractive targets will be foreign leaders in their VIP-class nuclear shelters - which can be made safe from such attacks only with the help of "bioplasmic shields" mentioned above).

Now use of such satellite-based "psychotronic genome weapons" may facilitate antiterrorist operations of US troops in Iraq; - helping to neutralize terrorist leaders hiding in their secret dens without harming innocent civilians (and even rank-and-file of terrorist gangs), - as these weapons might be selectively aimed with high precision only at specific genome frequencies of these fanatical leaders, not amenable to persuasion in other ways. (Presumably, they don't -as yet - have mentioned above "antipsychotronic bioplasmic shelters"; - unless they've undergone special meditation training, allowing to effectuate "bionic internalization" (often mentioned in Roerichs' Teaching) of such individual (or group)-sized protective screens, - as allegedly have done some VIPs in Russia & other countries.)
It was reported by international media (eg, after killing of Saddam's sons) that samples of DNA of such top international terrorists as Saddam, bin Laden, N. Korean leader Kim (and, perhaps, some other people - as mentioned Dr. N. Begich in "Earth Rising") are in possession of US (and, perhaps, British, Russian etc.) experts.

P. Czisz, p. 512: "Tesla ... could power a human base on Mare from Earth"

C: As believe some experts, Tesla had - because of telepathic suggestion of ETs with which he was maintaining psi-contact - specially implanted this idea into Humankind's Collective Mind in order to prepare It in advance for the real event which took place im '80s-'90s; - when psychic energies of humans, harvested on Earth with the help of ET-organized Global Meditations were (allegedly) teleported to Mars via "transspatial hypertunnel" created by workers of US Navy's Montauk Project (see "The Montauk Project" by P. Nichols).

These energies were necessary for completion/repair & readjustment to new patterns of ambient vacuum (as Solar System has now entered Galactic regions whose vacuum fields are considerably different from those which existed during period of creation of "Aspic crystal computer" inside The Great 5-sided Martian Pyramid) of "Aspis crystal computer" (see in "Two-Thirds" by D. Percy & D. Myers); - whose task was to prevent then frequent raids of "cosmic pirates" through altering structure of vacuum throughout entire Solar System, - not allowing pirates' ships to penetrate it.

P. Czisz, p. 513: "When it (release of Zero Point Energy) happens, it happens for a short period of time and it's almost always destructive. It's like drilling a hole into the base of Grand Colee Dam, and all of a sudden a jet of water comes out that literally has enough pressure to cut you in half. Without a valve on it, you can't shut it off."

C: This is a very appropriate remark, confirming reasonable character of warnings of Cosmic Powers demanding to stop unauthorized by Them potentially highly dangerous for entire Universe tamperings with vacuum energies; - capable to impair integrity of this "vacuum chain-mail" which protects fragile body of physical Universe from boundless fury of Cosmic Fire, described in works of Roerichs & A. Bailey. (H. Roerich says that only obstinate ignorance causes uneducated people to break this very important Cosmic Law; - as Higher Powers in charge of Earth's & Humankind's Destinies have already prepared a specially designed devices for safe channelling down to Earth of healing & regenerating (in moderate doses) energies of Cosmic Fire: cf. eg, description of "Wheel of Buddha" in # 431 of "Signs of Agni Yoga". Thus the optimal solution of New Energy problems will be to contact - with the help of properly designed Global Meditations/Invokations' seances - The Higher Powers, asking Them for information how to operate these devices, specially intended for lawful use by matured Humankind. Civilized people oughtn't to behave like a drunk pissing on house's wall when there is accessible a toilet nearby.)

P. Czisz, p. 513-14: "There's ... a mathematical genius ... who actually figured out a way to control it (release of ZPE). He was terrified that someone would kill him for the knowledge that he had"

C: This is quite similar to my own situation - as KGB criminals had tried to wrestle from me my "mathematical know-how" about psi-exploration of structure of Natural Numbers' Series - which, as was noted above, gave the key for control of ZPE; ultimately they've even tried to kill me, - but, as I've mentioned in my previous messages, - I've been saved by "supernatural intervention" of my Spiritual Protectors.

In any case, attempts of ruthless but essentially stupid KGB thugs will be fruitless; - as, being warned in advance about such possibility by my wise "psychotronics' guru" Dr. Sergeyev, I've entrusted my results to safe keeping of "patriotic Brotherhood of Russian military masons" (to which belonged Dr. Sergeyev & many of his Leading Edge research colleagues) - before my brain was damaged by KGBeasts' "psychiatric tortures" in I976.

P. Czisz, p. 514: "This one researcher claimed that if you bottle it (samples of ZPE fluctuations' patterns - which may be used as "informational beacons/anchors" in remote influencing procedures) and move it to another location and release it, you'd create a tear in the time domain of local space and actually cause a problem"

C: This is quite correct indication of negative consequences of "psychotronic pollution" which could be caused by black magic-type dabblings of people unaware about basic safety techniques with subtle energies.

However, this isn't entire truth: Russian chemist Dr. Liebich used to say that so-called "dirt is simply good chemicals in the wrong place". Similarly, enrichment of pattern of Universal Vacuum Hologram, - which may be effectuated with the help of correctly performed energoinformational exchange procedures, - is regarded by Ascended Masters as one of most important tasks of Universal Life. The difference between dangerous dabblings & enlightened Universal Service is that operators of the latter are attuned, - via acts of Initiation, - in resonance with mighty Rhythm of Universal Life. (For example, safe protocols of ENIOexchange can be effectuated through transmission ef "digital signatures" of ZPE fluctuations' patterns - which could be checked for possible presence of "ENIOviruses"; - instead of transmission of patterns themselves, - which might carry various kinds of "psychotronic infections".)

P. Czisz, p. 517: "When you get into this kind of energy, and energy-time transitions, they can be used to just wipe out whole segments of the population on the earth - and they can be made to liberate us from all dependence on fossil fuels."

C: This very correct idea had been publicized by Dr. Sergeyev already in early '70s - when he sent a memo to Brezhnev with warning about possibility of creation of new "weapons of mass extermination more terrible than nuclear".

There are, however, people: both in Russia & USA (and also other countries), - whose attitude was (approximately) described in "Kalki" by G.Vidal, - which think, basing on Sacred Traditions of ancient civilizations, that such global-scale "psychotronic holocausts" might be a necessary price which Humankind will be obliged to pay for successful resolution of "New Energy Koan".

The only good info here is reference to Gore Vidal's "Kalki" a good book making fun of all of this New Age nonsense from the 1970's deeply embedded in the neocon occult doctrine if you dig deep enough.

"They argue that entrusting Humankind with control over these cosmic-scale energies which could, - if handled incorrectly, - to destroy entire Universe cannot take place before as complete as possible "weeding out" of old negative patterns of mentality. (With similar problem was faced Moses who was leading God's Chosen People into Promised Land. He caused Jewish tribes to wander across Sinai for about 40 years, - although normally journey from Egypt to Palestine on foot takes just a few weeks, - so that older generations permeated with psychic poisons of slavery will have time to die out peacefully (although, perhaps, not too comfortably because of desert journey hardships).

However, if he'd not have at his disposal such amount of time - which, according to Th. Bearden & other experts mentioned in S. Greer's book, certainly doesn't have present civilization - he might without hesitation take recourse to harsher measures; - as was demonstrated by his treatment of rebels & heretics, described in Exodus.)"

Bearden worked closely with Ira Einhorn in the 70's. See "The Star Gate Conspiracy" above. He is still pushing bogus claims today.

"P. Czisz, p. 517: "The threat is the guy who walks in with the (nuclear) briefcase"

C: Alas, Russian experts arc aware about existence of even more insidious threats - as "nuclear briefcases" might be more or less easily detected by properly designed network of Geiger counters placed in airports, railway & bus stations etc. There don't exist, however, efficient enough conventional technologies capable to detect "human bioweapons' plants": those human beings which - through spontaneous "psi-mutation" and/or special course of training - have acquired capability to alter DNA patterns of normally harmless microbes inhabiting human organism (such, eg, as E. Coli); - transforming them into most deadly - and continuously "updating/upgrading themselves" - racially oriented weapons of biological warfare.

In # 302 of H. Roerich's "Heart" it's said that ancient healers were aware about such "human biological bombs", - which were used in permanent "undercover wars" between priestly caste & military rulers/kshatriyas.

From this viewpoint it may appear highly ominous the fact that higher than average percentage of Moslems are now enrolling themselves into groups teaching developed by Dr. Bronnikov in Russia techniques of "mental altering of DNA". (Those techniques are representing varieties of "active psi-microvision/micropsychokinesis" techniques used by A. Besant already in 19th century - which were taught to her by Ascended Masters of Shamballa Which had as Their purpose positive modification/"bio-upgrading" of Humankind; - as say those colleagues of Dr. Bronnikov who claim to have direct contacts with Ascended Masters. Cf. also "ESP of Quarks and Superstrings" by Dr. S. Phillips; New Delhi, 1999, - and "DNA and the Origins of Knowledge" by J. Narby; London, 1998.)
Only taking of globally coordinated measures might help to neutralize this global-scale threat; - and this must be done timely, before it'll be too late.

P. Czisz, p. 518: "all you're going to see is an empty concrete building with a couple of cables - ... - it's a scalar wave transmitter".

C: Indeed, idea of generation of scalar waves with precisely programmed patterns with the help of "mere loops of cable" was popular among those Russian Leading Edge explorers which had access to captured after WWII materials of German Ahnenerbe research; - whose highly competent experts tried to draw practically useful (especialy in military area) conclusions from officially accepted in Nazi Germany as basic components of Aryan ideology Nordic myths.

Especially fruitful from this viewpoint proved to be Nordic (and also Dogon) legend about enclosing & sustaining our Universe World Serpent Yermundgand; - which is now resurrected in "100% kosher" from the viewpoint of official science "theory of Cosmic Superstringe" (cf. Comment to p. 504).

According to elaborated by Russians "upgraded variants" of Ahnenerbe theories, circulation along precisely shaped loops of cable of exactly calculated "fractal patterns of curent's impulses" will lead to generation of scalar fields having precisely programmed patterns. (There were drawn parallels with our own Universe - which, according to this theory, also was generated/externalized out of precisely patterned "virtual vacuum/scalar fields" induced by circulating along complicately curled Cosmic Superstring fractal pulses of Cosmic Rhythm.)

Dr. A. Michrowski mentioned scalar fields' generators based on "Yin-Yang coils' pattern"; as more spectacular example there can be named well-known in Russia experiments of Dr. I. Shakhparonov (described in "New Ideas in Natural Sciences", publ. in '96 by N. Begich's "Earthpulse Press") - who tried to repeat on a modern technological level "more esoteric" of century-old experiments of N. Tesla.

Dr. Shakhparonov has claimed that, - by passing along Moebius strip-shaped conductor specially modulated pulses of high-voltage current, - he succeeded in generating (or, perhaps, "manifesting out of vacuum" - and/or "hypertunneling from reverse side of Cosmic Space's Moebius strip", facing immediately post-Big Bang "superinflationary Universe" of ZeIdovich-Novikov's theories) of Dirac's magnetic monopoles (MMs); - which his colleague Dr. V. Korshunov proposed to use as an "absolute weapons of total annihilation", - because Russian theoretical physicist Dr. V. Rubakov has proved in '70s that contacting with a proton MM will cause instant "catalytic decay" of the former."

There is a core of truth in this last paragraph. See Chapter 9 of Sir Martin Rees's "Our Final Hour".

"(Here can be drawn parallels with mentioned in Comment to p. 517 "human bioweapons plants" - which are immune to produced by their organisms germs, lethal to other people.) '30s-'40s German efforts to employ "Yermundgand technologies" for creation of efficient enough weapons failed because of the same cause which led to (temporal) cancelling of Philadelphia Experiment: absence of powerful enough computers didn't allow to attain necessary precision in process of generation of scalar fields in question."

James Corum formerly of SARA in Huntington Beach CA and then with Senator Byrd's ISR in W. Va is the expert on this.

"Now Acad. Akimov & Dr. Shipov claim that proposed by them "torsionic supercomputers" will help to attain necessary precision in process of generation of "loop-born scalar fields' patterns" with nanoscale-level definition, capable to interact with structure of DNA. This might allow to realise dreams of Teilhard & Vernadsky; - which predicted an emergence of Noospheric Brain/Mind of Living Earth/Gaia, - which Akimov & Shipov understand as "global DNA-based torsionic supercomputer", employing as its multiple "distributed processors" interconnected via torsionic channels DNAs of all inhabiting Earth living beings.

The most difficult part, however, in process of realization of this project is deduction of mathematical formulas interconneotimg the shape of the "uroboric loop", pattern of current's pulses & structure of resulting scalar fields. I've been working, during my participation in Dr. Sergeyev's group, on this very interesting from mathematical viewpoint problem; - techniques of whose resolution can be applied also to resolution of such interesting & important cosmological problems as, eg, determination of shape of Cosmic Superstring sustaining our Universe & deduction of "fractal formula of Cosmic Rhythm", - on which worked Dr. Barchenko already in '20s.

P. Czisz, p. 515 & 518: "The only people I know that have come close are the Russians in their parapsychology institutes, most of which are all now defunct."; "He (Russian psi-research contact of Prof. Czisz) lost his job, and his institute disappeared, so a lot of that work just collapsed in the Soviet Union."

C: Indeed, many of Russian Leading Edge researchers speak about destruction of fundamental science - and especially uniquely advanced in the entire world, as wrote im '70s S. Ostrander & L. Schroeder, Soviet psi-research - in Russia during "catastroika" as an event comparable in its dramatic consequences to destruction of Atlantis (which also was drowned by heavy burden of its sins).

Many highly intelligent people with a great research experience had literally died from hunger. However, created by f. Soviet researchers precious knowledge - which may be vitally important for future progress and even survival of Humankind - wasn't entirely lost.

As correctly said Th. Bearden (see on p. 538), "desperate people will do anything"; - so more resolute & adventurous of f. Soviet psi-researchers, -which, perhaps, imagined themselves to be spiritual descendants of these dedicated Atlantean priests which carried Treasures of Wisdom from their perishing Motherland to distant colonies in Egypt & Americas, - embarked on "scientific commercial voyages" to such f. Soviet allies as, eg, China & Iraq, offering at cheap prices psychotronic technologies of immense practical value.

Their voyages, however, weren't (physically) as hard & perilous as those of their Atlantean predecessors; -because there existed no formal bans on export of officially non-existent psychotronic technologies, - and possessors of psychotronic know-how weren't mentioned in any official lists (except, of course, those "invisible lists" which were safeguarded by "secret esoteric government" of Russia - which didn't object). Besides, export of such "intangible psychotronic software" as, eg, meditation-based DNA altering technologies" didn't need moving across the borders of prohibited for export heavy equipment: all that was necessary was a compact closey knit team of experts - perhaps, disguised as "shuttle merchants" common on Russo-Chinese borders - which carried all necessary information inside their heads.

Of course, persons engaged in such questionable activities (or at least some of them) tried to invent nobly sounding "patriotic reasons" for their essentially treasonable activities; - recalling, for example, well known in Russia words of Emperor Alexander I, - who said during Napoleonic invasion that "we'd retreat, if necessary, as far as Kamchatka - in order to be able to strike back at first opportunity", - saying that their "temporary retreat to Peking" had the same purpose.
(Others were on more shaky ground when they compared transmission of Soviet psi-technologies to China to cooperation between defeated in WWI Germany & Communist Russia in '20s, - when German experts were allowed to elaborate & test on Russian territory new advanced types of German weapons prohibited by Treaty of Versailles; - as everybody knows what happened later in '41.

Dr. Sergeyev, - who believed current in Russia (and other countries) prophecies about imminent "psychotronic genome war" between Yellow & White races: cf., eg, popular in USA in '60s prophecy of J. Dixon who said that "China will exterminate white populations of Europe & North America as agricultural pests witth the help of some magical variety of biological weapons", - was a vehement opponent of such transmissions (both legal & illegal), sending long series of impassioned letters to permanently drunk Yeltsin. Regretfully (but predictably), this already old & seriously ill person, - notwithstanding his considerable influence, - could not turn back this immensely powerful tide directed by Forces of Destiny.)

Many of "Russian psychotronic merchants" had perished without trace in their secret journeys - either choosing to sever all connections with their "treacherous & stupid Motherland" (they've often cited popular among f. Soviet intellectuals words of the late Acad. Migdal that "nation which doesn1! treasure trained intelligence simply has no right to exist in modern world"), - or having been liquidated by their criminal "clients", which wished to conceal as efficiently as possible the fact of such technology transmissions (or, perhaps, just to save the money - or both).

Those who had returned, however, were known (or perhaps this was simply spread by secret services disinformation, intended to stimulate "psychotronic exodus", - as I hadn't personally met such people) to tell some amusing stories; - for example, how it was possible to convince usually wary Chinese leadership (whose unofficial policy - announced already by Chairman Mao - is "to sit on the mountain top, observing the fight of two tigers below") to embark on fraught with considerable dangers "program of psychotronic rearmament".

According to these rumours, an eminent Chinese "military theorist of New Wave" Wei Jincheng,
which was lobbying "Russian psychotronic interests" in China, - reminded to Chinese top leaders how China has lost in I4th-15th centuries its leading position in the world; - being ultimately reduced in 19th century to becoming a helpless puppet of European colonizers. (Educated patriotically minded Chinese until now remember infamous "opium wars" as most painful loss of "national face" - to which Chinese are extremely sensitive.)

China, - whose naval capacities im 14th-15th centuries had far exceeded those of still barbaric European nations, - has suddenly refused, after successful accomplishment of large circum-Indian oceanic expedition, to continue policy of overseas imperial expansion "on moral grounds"; - in accordance with judgement of some obscure Emperor (which is now remembered, like Herostratus, only "thanks" for his fateful decision), - who said that further outward expansion will lead to "decay of moral traditions". (These traditions were, of course, destroyed a little later by European invasions - which performed, however, useful role of "psi-vaccinations", helping to heal tired soul of this ancient nation from mortal disease of irreversible spiritual decay.)

Wei Jincheng compared exploration of World Ocean: most important civilization-making enterprize of 15th & 16th centuries to exploration of Ocean of Cyberspace: which can produce even more critical results in our age; - saying that, - if China would not exploit as fully as possibly its unique chances in this area (number of Chinese Internet users will be soon largest in the world - and this largest on the planet reservoir of genetically homogenous "human biomass" is still mostly obedient to political control of government & Party), - it'll not be deserving (and simply wouldn't be allowed by Higher Powers) to survive this repeated failure to fulfil its Historical Destiny.
(Of course, inevitable skeptics, - which find this history too suspiciously similar to well-known story how President Roosevelt was convinced to start "Manhattan Project", - say that this rumour might be concocted by representatives of "psychotronic lobby" inside secret services; - which wished thereby to promote psi-research in countries which might become potential objects of Chinese psychotronic aggression.)

P. Czisz, p. 519: "you don't want people who would be hostile to you to know what you could do to them if they really caused a major catastrophe. If they knew that, you wouldn't prevent them from doing it - they would just do it another way."

C: This idea - which does seemingly contradict basic postulate of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) Doctrine which helped to prevent nuclear holocaust during 40 years of Cold War - has, nevertheless, some truth in it; -as continued displays of ever & ever more weird-looking nuclear missiles (or perhaps their imitations a la Potemkin) during parades on Red Square hadn't prevented the collapse of f. USSR, - whose cause came from entirely different direction.

Testimony of D. Hamilton, p. 528: "in working with the Russian universities, I found they did what I consider one of the best gravitational experiments ever done - it was at the High Temperature Materials Laboratory in Moscow (where had allegedly been created now widely publicized Podkletnev's disk-based "antigravity generator"). ... the place was completely ransacked. All the equipment was lost. ... my Russian friends say that part of the government that does that sort of thing is no different from the Maffia".

C: Competent international experts, - which believe that Podkletnov's famed generator may be just downgraded demonstration variant of created & patented in f. USSR in '60s (see in K. Wakelam's "Morphism of the Void"; Mulberry Books, 1995) naval torsionic communication devices, in whose designs were used captured after WWII German technologies (see in N. Cook's "Hunt for the Zero Point", 2000), - may offer more intriguing explanations of such "torsionic Maffia racket" (quite unusual for modern Russia, where Leading Edge researchers are simply left to die from hunger, undisturbed even by criminals which are interested in more profitable busynesses).
They say that after collapse of f. USSR (and soon following it disbanding of Navy's Advanced Research Croup, formerly directed by Dr. Sergeyev) data & materials of psi-research were grabbed by criminally minded heirs of f. KGB (whose moral level was also far below even of official Soviet standards); - so words about "part of government which is no different from Maffia" are generally true."

Here again is the maybe real "Podkletnov" embedded in the bogus.

"This "governmental mafia", interested only in financial profit, began to explore - being encouraged by total absence of control & care on part of ever drunken Yeltsin - most promising ways to personal enrichment; - and found them in perspectives of blackmailing of rich foreign nations (especially of weak-willed Europeans, which are intimidated even by loud but empty threats of Moslem terrorists), - using as spokesperson of "psychotronic blackmailers" notorious but clever Mr. Zhirinovsky, which had threatened on 6 April 2000 at PACE session in Strasbourg representatives of European nations with "magnetic weapons more terrible than nuclear".(This is regarded as not very disguised refrence to Podkletnov's magnetic disk; - generated by which "impulse of antigravity" is capable, as is written in D. Cohen's "Going Up" in 12 Jan 2002 issue of "New Scientist", of "knocking over a book placed on end more than a kilometer away" behind walls & screens.

Such impulse, - being properly modulated with the help of saser-generated nanoscale "vacuum diffraction lattices", capable to attune impulses of Podkletnov's disk in resonance with frequencies of vulnerable "death genes" of selected "human targets" (see "Pump in the volume" in NS of 27 March 1999), - might easily disrupt already fragile synchronization between functioning of nuclear & mitochodrial DNA inside cells of "human target's " body (see on p. 31 of NS 26 Feb 2000).)
Such "government-sponsored psychotronic terrorists" might desire to "publicize a little" Podkletnov's device (which is necessary for increasing of credibility of their threats); - but they cannot allow uncontrolled by them leakage of complete enough information about Podkletnov's know-how, - which might allow potential victims of blackmail to develop efficient means of self-defence (and perhaps even of counterstrike). Hence theatrically staged happenings with "loss of equipment" etc.
"Governmental Maffia" also wouldn't stop before selling of lethal psychotronic technologies to Moslem terrorists at cheap prices - in order to increase efficiency of their blackmail of wealthy Western nations: their main target. (It's quite regretful that sons of Saddam were killed before they could be interrogated - as rumours circulating in "psychotronic community" say that they were in charge of Iraqi psi-weapons.)

D. Hamilton, p. 530: "I would hate to see us get into the position where other people want to eliminate us, or we have to eliminate them, in order to continue our lifestyle."

C: This is exactly what might happen if Humankind will not undergo timely a "spiritual metanoia" which'll change attitudes of "mass consumer majority" addicted to continuation of its ecologically wasteful (or even criminal, as say followers of Deep Ecology movements) lifestyles.

Now "egregorial supercontinents" of already rich developed nations - and those of recently backward but fast developing "young tigers" which are desperately wishing to become even more rich & powerful (and desperate people, as correctly noted Th. Bearden, are ready to do anything) - are following courses whic'll lead to their inevitable collision in near future (cf. S. Huntington's theory of "conflict of civilizations").

We should rather thank Moslem terrorists of the present for giving us clear enough warning about what might wait for us in future - in much enlarged size!
One of founders of modern genetic science F. Galton said - already in the middle of 19th century - that "discovery of material basis of heredity will inevitably lead to genetic jihad (he used exactly this word!) of unprecedemted scale & ferocity". His predictions seem to be fulfilled in our time; - when decoding of human genome (one of whose results was publishing im the Internet of complete lists of "death genes" - probably, in order to facilitate hard work of bioterrerists!) made possible creation of genome weapons of mass extermination (about which warned Global Community in its Jan '99 release British Assn of Science).

As even most dedicated efforts of such competent & responsible people as Dr. Sergeyev, Al Gore, D. Hamilton & other persons mentioned in S. Greer's
book to awaken lemmings'-like herds of "mass consumers" (and their even more stupid leaders) to realization of impending danger seem to fail, there is more & more widely spread among the informed elite idea of creation of a kind of a "modern Noah's Ark" (which might have "virtual/cyberspace-based format") where selected (or rather self-selected) "good human seeds" of Coming Race could survive inevitable "psychotronic deluge/Armageddon"; - whose imminence was prophecied by Roerichs & many other Spiritual Teachers. (From this viewpoint, creation of protective psychotronic shields for Presidents & other VIPs, - which could be later enlarged & upgraded, so that they'd be able to protect entire nations & even Planet Earth: as proposed Spiritual Guru of Pentagon Meditation Club Sri Swami Satchidananda - who proclaimed in '80s his program of meditation-based Spiritual Defense Initiative, - may be welcome as necessary initial step.)

Creation of "bioplasmic active shield" of Earth's psychotronic/Spiritual Defence may be necessary in order to prevent expected negative consequences of taking place now entrance of Solar System into so-called "Photon Belt of Pleiades": vast area of Cosmic Space having anomalously high level of chaotic turbulence of vacuum energies. Such turbulence may disrupt - like "psychotronic/torsionic genome weapons" - delicate natural mechanisms of extraction from vacuum by DNA necessary for life energy & information; - which'll have negative (or even fatal) consequences for all living beings inside this area (which hadn't undergone special training allowing their "DNA intelligences" to adapt timely to new energoinformational ambience).

Testimony of Th. Bearden, p. 532: "it is just like you punched a hole in the ground and you got a big gusher of oil".

C: It might be very instructive to meditate on possible causes of why such otherwise highly intelligent person as Col. Bearden was prevented from realizing that "big gusher of oil" might in reality be a the terrible blast of Cosmic Fire incomparably more destructive than nuclear explosion; - which was clearly understood by Prof. Czisz (see on p. 513).

Might this cause be connected with possibility of psi-influence of aggressive ETs?

Th. Bearden, p. 533: "he (Tesla) got entire Earth itself in resonance".

C: Modern Russian followers of N. Tesla, - well aware that Higher Powers have prevented practical realization of Tesla's project because it might endanger entire Earth's biosphere, - have proposed more "soft" better controllable variant of this idea. There necessary for Enlightenment of Noospheric Brain/Mind of Gaia establishment of resonance between Earth psychosphere & biosphere may be achieved with the help of Internet; -which, in a gradual step-by-step manner, will establish attunement of "cyberspace chakrams" with telluric vibrations of "acupuncture points" of Earth body.

With the help of such Internet-based system of control & regulation of Earth energies (which might be regarded as "technotronic upgrade" of similarly purported ancient systems created by Druids & Earth Healers of other civilizations) it may be possible to compensate (if even only partially) negative efeects which may be caused by now observed unprecedented weakening of Earth's magnetic field & shift of Schumann's Resonance frequency.

Th. Bearden, p 538: "If you will check Colonel Lunev's book ... he tells you how the Russians introduced the nuclear weapons surreptitiously into American cities".

C: It may be interesting to note in connection with such statement that in published in England in '99 "Mitrokhin's Archives" (written by KGB defector Mitrokhin in cooperation with British SIS - as the book of GRU defector Lunev was written in cooperation with US CIA) it's said that "Russians have implanted nuclear charges in key points of England & Germany"; - allegedly as an act of "preventive retaliation" for permission of these countries' governments to emplace on their territories US cruise missiles & "Pershing-2s", which Andropov regarded as "weapons of nuclear blackmail of f. USSR".

Perhaps, smart guys from both CIA & SIS, - which had a good luck to get hold of their own "important Soviet/Russian defector", - have discovered an easy way to boost up their "intelligence rating" by spreading these "horror tales for grown-up children" (which became annoyingly obsolete already in '50s).
Another (more interesting because using deliberately jumbled but genuine fragments of real data) "horror tale" by emigrant Russian/Jewish author E. Topol "Submarine U-137" was also, no doubt, written in cooperation with some Western secret service.

Such enterprizes are, evidently, supported (or at least condoned) by "secret governments" of involved countries (including Russia); - as they represent handy enough easily controllable sources of sociopsychic tension: literary analogs of plutonium batteries which become really dangerous only if they are opened incautiously. (I can add that around '92 - approximate time of Mitrokhin's "unofficially approved defection" - I was approached by some suspicious types which had spun a tale about "implanted in Europe Soviet nuclear charges"; - perhaps, foolishly hoping that I'd run as fast as possible to nearest foreign spy to sell this "hot (because just cooked up) information". In '94 two such different - but well enough known in Russia & abroad - persons as Acad. Yablokov & the late Gen. Lebed have almost synchronously made public statements that from secret arsenals of f. KGB are missing "hundreds of nuclear briefcases"; - some of which are either sold to Chechen (and/or Palestinian) terrorists - or implanted somewhere in the center of Moscow. No comments.)

I'd like to offer to Col. Bearden & his "intelligent ilk" - as a "free gift/bonus" - even more intimidating plot of a really blood-curdling horror tale (which it'll be even more difficult to debunk than "tale about implanted atom bombs"); - namely, that under the guise of "important KB/GRU defectors" into Western countries are sent zombies, hypnotically trained to alter DNA patterns of inhabiting their bodies normally harmless germs. Such alteration's program can be initiated by some harmlessly sounding code word or phrase, transmitted via massmedia, at any moment.

Of considerable interest are presented in Th. Bearden's Testimony descriptions of various techniques used for suppression of Leading Edge inventions & its authors. My wise "psychotronics' guru" Dr. Sergeyev had repeatedly warned me that I must never recklessly expose any items (such as "tangible psychotronic artefacts" or working mathematical algorithms) of concrete commercial value; - as they'd be almost certainly stolen by well-organized gangs of "thieves of intellectual property", - and I myself may be eliminated "for (thieves') safety's sake".

(Undisputed Soviet/Russian champion of fighting - or rather evading/confounding - intellectual thieves was famous among Russian Leading Edgers Dr. I. Filimonenkc: inventor (in '50s) of Russian devices & technologies of "cold fusion"; - whose brilliant experiments could not be repeated by unauthorized persons - although entire sets of documentation were repeatedly stolen from him.)

Dr. Sergeyev & Dr. Filimonenko would certainly agree with Th. Bearden's opinion that real progress of Leading Edge research is possible only in case of firm support & reliable protection of influential enough govermental organizations. (Indeed, organization - and long enough existence - of Dr. Sergeyev's unique group was possible only because of dedicated support of such highly influential in f. USSR persons as Politbureau member Marshal Ustinov & Commander-in-Chief of Soviet Navy Adm. Corshkov, - which was presented in "Dunn's Conundrum" by S. Lee (Sphere Books, 1986) under pseudonym "Adm. Vassiliev".)

Russian experts think that Leading Edge researchers & inventors will continue to remain helpless before attacks of organized teams (or gangs) of suppressors & intellectual thieves until they themselves will form some coherent organization (similar, eg, to A. Bailey's New Group of World Servers); - united by allegiance to some commonly accepted noble metaphysical/spiritual ideas & principles: such, eg, as Defence of Earth & self-advancement/improvement through "organic internalization" of discoveries of New Energy research (as proposed N. Tesla & Roerichs decades ago - and is proposing now Col. J. Alexander) - or, perhaps, "Defence & Healing of Earth through bionic internalization of discoveries of New Energy research" (as was proposed by Roerichs).

It's known that united in such way Rosicrucian & Masonic movements can exert considerable influence on global-scale sociopolitical events. (Now a promising attemp to unite Science & Spirituality for effectuation of positive transformation of Society is made by some activists of The Scientific and Medical Network: the largest in the world organized group of creators of New Paradigm; - which is sometimes compared to this "invisible colege of scientists" whose efforts led in 17th century to creation of Royal Society of London & other Academies of New Epoch.)

Synchronized collective meditations of "New Energy Knights Templars" could form in Inner Space a Moebius-shaped loop; - which'll generate mental-level analog of Dirac's magnetic momopole, - which'll be able to annihilate, by mere touch, formidably fortified during long centuries since Holy Inquisition's times thought-forms of suppressors' & thieves' collective egregors. (Here can be drawn analogy with described in "Yoga Sutras" of Patanjali kind of meditation which generates thought-form which can burn accumulated deposits of negative old karmas; cf. also N. Roerich's painting "Burning of Darkness" - where in the role of "incinerator of Evil" is represented "Chintamani crystal computer".)

Such "Moebius loop", - formed by natural circulation of energies of Earth's torsionic field, - does exist (as have discovered Russian & Ukrainian Antarctic explorers) in the region of South Pole: cf. picture of A. Besant/Ch. Leadbeater's "ANU" on p. 17 of S. Phillips' "ESP of Quarks and Superstrings"; New Delhi, 1999; - whose shape, according to Prof. N. Kozyrev, does well enough approximate general pattern of Earth's torsionic field. (Pointed lower end of cardiomorphic ANU image corresponds to prominent, because of Antarctica, South Pole of heart-shaped body of revolving Earth.)

This may explain rapid progress achieved by scientists & engineers of Neu Schwabenland (German colony under ice shield of Antarctica); - as negative thought-forms generated by reactionary supporters of Old Paradigm simply cannot emerge in the vicinity of "South Polar mental monopole" (and/or are fast dissolved in case of transmission of "mental infection" from Old Humanity).

Russian Leading Edgers are glad to express their sincere gratitude to Dr. Greer for his efforts exerted in process of compilation of this useful book.

Constantin I. Ivanenko, Ph. D., Metaphysics, independent Inner Space explorer;
founder of Russian Initiative Group for the Defence of Earth

St. Petersburg, RUSSIA