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Hi Jack,
You seem to be indicating from your posts that the Philadelphia Experiment really happened. Word on the street is that it was all made up.

I have good reason to think that something very strange really happened. One from a former high CIA guy who was a personal advisor to Richard Nixon another from a guy in his 80's who was probably really there at the time - but would not say much - very reliable type.

I even saw a show on cable that debunked the story and the people telling it. Did the ship really move through time and space with just some kind of field generator and no propulsion system except propellors? Do you have some definitive inside information?

Yes, but I am not saying that it moved through a dark energy wormhole time machine connected to a universe next door. Only that something strange really happened. The former chief scientist at SARA (we worked with SARA at ISSO 1999-2000) who then went to work for Senator Robert Byrd's ISR and since sort of vanished knew a lot about it. He had access to the Tesla Archive in Beograd even during the Cold War. Very curious. It's one of those anomalies that will not go away. It's like the NIDS story at the Utah Bigelow Ranch of creatures like Big Foot coming through a 3 foot wormhole hovering a few feet above the ground. This story was published by NIDS physicist Eric Davis. The point is that my work since 2002 on exotic vacuum dark energy metric engineering of the NEAR gravity field makes such high-strangeness stories more plausible.


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Hi -

Here is some insight into the Philadelphia Hoax--Project Gullibility.

"Alias Carlos Allende"
The following article originally appeared in the October 1980 issue
of FATE. Also included are the two Allende letters to Jessup, the
Introduction to the Varo edition of The Case for the UFO, a photo of
Carl Allen's birthplace, the Allende "Death Bed Statement" and more.

Yours in research,
Robert A. Goerman

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