Monday, September 27, 2004

Question for Hal - where is the PV in Hal's PV?
Is there any "there" there?

In QED to leading order, the Vacuum Polarization tensor in momentum space is

Puv(q) = (quqv - guvq^2)P(q^2)

Where using Pauli-Villars regularization

Puv(q^2) to leading order in perturbation series is

Puv(0) ~ 1 + (1/137)log(M^2/m^2)

where m is the rest mass of the electron and

h/Mc is the short wave cutoff. If the cutoff is at h/mc as Hal wants in his Type II Casimir force model then

Puv(0) = 1

In general

P(q^2) ~ Integral x = 0 to 1 of dxx(1 - x)log[M^2(m^2 - x(1 - x)q^2)^-1]

In space-time X

P(X) = 4D Fourier transform of P(q^2) for isotropic vacuum approximation.

OK then

c^2 = co^2[1 + P(X)]^-1

Using Hal's PV Notation

c^2 = co^2/K

Where in Hal's simple SSS model

K = e^2G(Source Mass)/c^2r

Is that c or co in K?

How does Hal justify such a connection between his PV phenomenology and QED?

It seems totally adhoc with no deep plausibility?

How can Hal use "PV" without at least attempting to connect his model to QED?

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