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Subject: Design for 21st Century RAF Spitfire Warp Engine 1
Date: October 24, 2004 6:47:21 PM PDT
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No need for any of that. The equations are precise. Alcubierre has a nice picture you can get on line.
Space at front of the craft contracts and space behind the craft expands. The alien time travel saucer itself simply free floats like a surfer catching a wave. The less excess verbal baggage the better. :-)

There is really no mystery at all on the fundamental physics. The technology is another story, but once one has the right idea that usually follows.

On Oct 24, 2004, at 4:55 PM, DonEMitchell wrote:

Hi Jack,

Is Ken wanting to know what a warp craft is pushing against in this "world"?

Ken writes...

I need a commonly used word or phrase that defines the medium that the
force is being applied against.

How about "buoyancy"? Space-momentum buoyancy.

No not "space-momentum". Simply zero point pressure buoyancy in the Higgs Ocean from exotic vacuum zero point pressure differentials, but with NEGATIVE pressure playing a big role. So, yes you can think of the RAF Spitfire Warp G-Engine as similar to a submarine's buoyancy control system. Negative pressure adds a counter-intuitive wild card to the deck.

You can think of the craft surfing on a pressure differential a little buoyancy and like like airflow around a wing in lift, but you need to be careful because it's not only the sign of the quantum zero point pressure, it's also how that virtual pressure is distributed in space and time. For example you can use dark energy of negative pressure to either make an attractive "force" or a repulsive one.

In Alcubierre's model you have negative quantum pressure at the stern and positive quantum pressure at the bow. The positive pressure at the bow in the exotic vacuum boundary layer "glove" increases with distance from the fuselage driving the equal and opposite quantum energy density more and more negative so that the bow or the nose slips down this negative energy slope. At the rear in the bow or the tail, depending if you are Navy or Air Force, the negative pressure gets more negative with distance from the tail in the boundary layer so that the positive energy density increases with distance away from the tail so that the tail also slips down that potential slope in the same direction as the nose.

The universal gravitational potential energy per unit test mass induced by a zero point w = (pressure/energy density) = -1 /\zpf field, in the weak slow-speed limiting case of Newtonian static potential theory is simply formally where I{ } means integrate over relevant domain:

Vzpf(r) ~ c^2I{d^3r'|r - r'|^-1/\zpf(r')

This is Green's function i.e. |r - r'|^-1 particular solution of the linear Poisson equation.

In many cases you can approximate this crudely as an S-wave forgetting the higher multipoles (Legendre polynomials)

Vzpf(r) ~ c^2/\*zpf(r)r^2

if the field point r is inside a region of non-vanishing exotic vacuum source field /\zpf(r')

Let r = distance from the nose of the Star Fighter. r = 0 is touching the smart AI nano-engineered hull. You want something like

V*zpf(nose) ~ -c^2|/\*zpf|r^2

taking /\*zpf independent of r.

Therefore the "gravity acceleration" is

a_ufo = -dVzpf/dr

a_ufo(nose) = +2c^2|/\*zpf|r pointing away from the nose!

That is the nose of the Star Fighter Spitfire free falls forward! It does so weightlessly! NO g-force just like Paul Hill's "acceleration field" and George Trimble's "G-Engine" concept. Similarly at the tail, you want something like

Vzpf(tail) = +c^2|/\*zpf|r^2

so now

a_ufo(tail) = -2c^2|/\*zpf|r pointing into the tail!

Well that's the first very rough idea.

If you reverse the relative senses you will tear the ship apart with a strong tidal curvature stretch -> RIP! Goldstone phase-locking stability in the induced exotic vacuum zero point energy field's Josephson "weak link" coupling for metric engineering the fabric of space-time geometry

/\zpf = (Mc/h)^2(Overlap Volume)(Higgs Ocean Density)^1/2(Control Condensate Density)^1/2 cos(Goldstone phase difference)

Note that the NASA Pioneer anomaly is simply an exotic vacuum hedgehog topological defect from the center of the Sun that starts at 20 AU with

Vzpf = c^2|/\*zpf(r)|r^2


|/\*zpf(r)|Sun = (H/rc) for r > 20 AU


Vzpf(Sun) = cHr = cv'

v' = Hubble cosmological effective speed of recession

Observed anomaly is then

a_p = - dVzpf(Sun)/dr = cH ~ 10^-7 cm/sec^2

Similarly for the galactic halo surrounding the big black hole at center of the galaxy.

Here also maybe a "hole" in the halo, but now since the tangential speed of stars is flat with increasing r

|/\*zpf|galaxy halo ~ 1/r^2

So it's not a hedgehog exotic vacuum defect, but another kind.

Ships sink in sea water that is a foamy froth made when sediments releasing
enough methane. Foam is less dense than water.

A large underwater bubble raising up one side of a buoyant submersed buoy
would cause the buoy to lurch toward the bubble.

Perhaps a region of space on one side of a craft may be rotated or swollen
(per concept) into a higher dimensional dynamic,

FORGET HIGHER DIMENSIONS - don't need hyperspace for this - at least not yet.

leaving a rarification of
"space-fabric" in this dimensionality. This is an airplane lift effect, but
in 4D. In 4D the lift is caused by tweaking the space-fabric that affords
inertia, which redefines "stationary", where inertia is conserved in the
higher dynamical system of "warped space".

No you have flown off to fantasy land. One must stick to the geodesic path of the math! This is not Beat Poetry with Anything Goes. ;-)

This makes me wonder if there is an axis of conservation for time?

That's word salad - has no meaning. :-)


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Subject: Ken Shoulders question on how to explain charge clusters as EVOs

On Oct 24, 2004, at 6:27 AM, Ken Shoulders wrote:


I need a readily understood word to define a component of a passive,
gravity resisting system.

It's not resisting gravity at all. It's shaping gravity into an anti-gravity
field if needed by controlling both the sign of the residual micro-quantum
random zero point pressure and how it is distributed in space. Do not use
word "resistance" as it give wrong impression of irreversibility like
thermal electrical resistance.

You have made it clear that an EVO is capable of warping space to
produce a thrusting or traction producing effect that could be used
against gravity.

Also never use "thrust" because that also gives the wrong idea of
conventional impulse drive in which g-forces are felt locally by an observer
on the EVO or the flying saucer etc. This is a true weightless warp drive!
Think of it like a champion surfer riding a huge Tsunami wave in the Higgs
Ocean that is the origin of the fabric of curved space-time. In true metric
engineering, not Hal's wrong PV version, we control the Higgs Ocean to shape
or tailor the Higgs Ocean to achieve the mission objective.

I need a commonly used word or phrase that defines the medium that the
force is being applied against.

You are thinking about this in entirely the wrong way. Forget force.
Einstein's Vision replaced gravity force with pure geometry. You cannot use
classical ideas of Newton's force to really understand what is happening.
Just think of a ball rolling on a landscape and we are changing the shape of
the landscape of hills, valleys and mountain passes in the neighborhood of
the ball to pilot it the way we want it to go. In the case of EVOs of course
this is happening spontaneously without intelligent control.

In effect, the resistor afforded by space.

No, that is exactly the wrong picture. Do not think in terms of electrical
resistance analogies.

I find the suggestion of dark anything to be repelled by most
ordinary users, including straight physicists, and am looking for a

They are wrong. All the top physicists today use "dark energy". I don't know
who you are talking to, but they do not know what they are talking about if
they told you that. Tell them to talk to me and I will set them straight.
Remember this is totally new physics and no one you have talked to
understands it. What they thought they knew or even knew is not adequate for
this new physics.

I would appreciate your input.


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