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On Oct 2, 2004, at 3:30 PM, Dan Smith wrote:


A technical point concerns the materialization of the UTs. You suggest that
the usual scenario is that of possession, i.e. the UT takes control of a
human host.

I submit that this is normally true of the lower spirits. This is what
Eduardo reports in relation to the interference of the lower spirits in the
traversing of portals. Those spirits are anxious to obtain the technology
of the 'molecular' processes involved therein.

On the other hand, the higher spirits, or 'angels', are quite adept at this
technology and can create their own physical bodies as the occasion may
demand. Angels avoid the other route, where possible.

The suggestion here is that the EBE visitors are of the higher variety of
spirits. Admittedly, though, they are reported to have neither halos nor


Kristol Nacht

What's your point? Of course there are many levels of intelligence in the multi-verse more than species here on Earth I guess. My Father's House has many mansions. BTW Which "Father" do you think your sister's friend's husband, our Oedipal Boy King Dauphin, has been talking to? I mean in addition to Darth Vader Cheney of course. You realize that the Wolfy-Feith-Perle-Wurmer-Libby-Kristol Cult of Neocons is a Rogue Secret Society of TechGnostics. Who do you think Leo Strauss really was? Have you read Maureen Dowd's "Bushworld"?

Of The Old King George 41, Our Henry V George 43 said to Bob Woodward:
"He is the wrong father to appeal to in terms of strength; there is a Higher Father that I appealed to." p.13

"Darth Vader Dark Father ... Cheney ... yanked the formerly sunny sonny into a neo-Hobbsian world where as neocon Robert Kagan put it, 'Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus,' a gloomy universe ... All presidents are in a bubble, but the boy king was so insulated he was in a thermos ... His regents put their own spin and filter on the information they fed him, creating an alternative universe where they were never wrong." p. 14

Remember Hitler in The Bunker? The politics of presponse signal nonlocality. What hath SRI RV wrought? The Kristol Nacht Team wrote in 1997 "Project for the New American Century":

"... it is important to shape circumstances before crises emerge, and to meet threats before they become dire."

Maureen then writes: "It was a kick-the-door-in policy straight out of Phillip K. Dick's science fiction 'Minority Report: Identify the future bad guys and arrest them before they commit the crime." p. 17

My Object All Sublime.
I shall achieve beyond time.
To make the punishment before the crime.
The punishment before the crime!

I think Fred Alan Wolf knows your Shaman?

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On Oct 2, 2004, at 1:17 PM, Dan Smith wrote:


The scenario that I, and perhaps some others, have in mind here is
more Matrix-like, something more like Alice in Wonderland. It is a
that is hyper-dimensional and mind-like, beyond space and time.

My equations have all of that implicitly. That's a piece of virtual
cake. The material world is the icing on the cake. 96% of the world is
cake and only 4% is icing like Ken Shoulder EVO shells of charge that
are bottles for dark energy. At our core we are mostly bottled up
virtual dark energy. All forms of energy, both real and virtual, warp
space-time. That's the equivalence of gravity and inertia in Einstein's
vision. You cannot sweep it under the rug like you can in globally flat
quantum field theory that is superseded by general relativity.

I claim now to understand better than any of my contemporaries:

1. Arrow of Time

2. Emergence of gravity and the origin of inertia,

3. Where is the anti-matter? CP violation.

4. The real nature of dark energy and dark matter.

5. Emergence of conscious mind.

6. The physics of warp, wormhole and weapon.

7. Time travel to the past.

I include UFOs under "weapon", unfortunate but true. The proof will be
in the pudding.

This is also the context of the typical shaman experience. It is a
into the realm of spirits. Typically this is also experienced as an
NDE/OBE. Most people have such a place in mind as the domain of
souls'. Others might think of it as the mind of God, where creature
Creator are no longer separated by a space-time barrier.

There may well exist two kinds of traversable portals, one is more
the other is more BIT-like.

That's what I am telling you.

The IT-like portal would be traversed by ETs. The BIT-like portal is
traversed by UTs.

Yes, but a UT can choose an ET or a human as a host, obviously. That is
what ET & UT abduction is about I suppose.

A true Eschaton would involve BIT-like portals. An evacuation scenario
would entail IT-like portals.

Yes, unless we are willing to let billions now alive die on this planet
from impending eco-catastrophe, sooner or later, not IF but WHEN, then
metric engineering is Moses's Staff to part "The Red Sea" with huge IT
portals to virgin earths. Let the Islamo-Fascists have their own
complete virgin planet etc.

It could also be, however, that we are confronting a mixed scenario.
If the
world at the other end of the 'wormhole' is an artificial world, it
might be
difficult to distinguish experimentally between these two scenarios.
might also be ultimately a moot point in that case.

What makes you think you are not artificial? I mean in the sense of the
Cosmic Destiny Matrix.

Perhaps this is a practical solution to dealing with the UT/ET
If the ETs can create wormholes, they can probably also create
worlds that could be more BIT-like or OZ-like than our world seems to
We are simply dealing with a Disney World on steroids. Is this not
reasonable or acceptable?

That is what I am saying pretty much. The point is with the equations I
am getting based on the Higgs Ocean of vacuum coherence - not Hal's
random EM virtual photons - we will soon have access to practical
metric engineering super-technology of warp, wormhole and weapon. I am
not kidding around here. I will judge the success or failure of this
whole program by the end products. Remember my Cornell professors built
the A-Bomb. If I cannot build a Star Gate and a weightless warp drive
space-craft then I will consider all my work a failure. It's put up or
shut up not put off and get off! :-)

Thus we are in fact facing an Eschaton/Evacuation scenario! How's
that for
thinking outside the Box?

This is simply following your suggestion of putting the IT/BIT duality
in an
Ouroboric context.

That's the Qabala Suares equation from Paris 1973 with Frank Malina.
This is the decoding of The Cipher of Genesis. Capische?


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On Oct 1, 2004, at 9:13 PM, Dan Smith wrote:

Eduardo Luna and his family of shaman use this portal as a point of
mental projection.  They have to be wary of the lower level spirits
that attempt to interdict their travels.  These spirits attempt to
understand the techniques employed by the shaman.  The higher level
spirits act as guides.  The return to their bodies can sometimes
result in physical problems.
Are you suggesting that our own bodies can also serve as portals? 
This is what is happening in an out of body experience.  The body then
would be a kind of substation, relative to the 'wormhole' or stargate.

These are two different effects. The Star Gate is an IT rocklike thing
- a wormhole pattern in the Einstein guv field. The NDE OBE is a BIT
thoughtlike thing.

I mean Star Gate is IT FROM BIT.


in the two way relation of Oroborus also called the "Suares Equation"
in modern Qabala.

In a Star Gate our bodies move in ordinary motion through a
multiply-connected 3D space kept open by the proper distribution of
exotic vacuum residual micro-quantum random incoherent zero point
energy pressures both positive and negative. In the non-exotic vacuum
the total zero point pressure is precisely zero at the relevant scale
of the phenomenon.

NDE OBE is an example of remote viewing with "signal nonlocality" that
is not the important factor in Star Gate travel. Evidently the
macro-quantum mind field is able to extend beyond the boundaries of the
body and to send non-unitary signals back to the brain via signal
nonlocality not permitted in micro-quantum theory.
As far as the Dreamland portal is concerned, it is a combination of
physical, biological and mental constructs on both sides.  It would be
mainly 'physical' on this side and mainly 'mental' on the other side. 
Space and time are more fluid over there.  The destination is more
like a social/hierarchical space, if that makes sense.  Consciousness
does play a critical role on both sides, in the maintenance of the

How do you know this Dan? A Star Gate portal is simply a large guv
traversable wormhole sustained by dark energy - actually use the
3-Geometry 3gij in the ADM formulation with shift and lapse function
auxilliary fields.

True, IT guv derives from BIT via the Bohm guidance relation

Spin 1 locally gauged translation group compensating elastic distortion

qu = (Quantum of Area)(Goldstone Phase),u

giving spin 2

guv = symmetric elastic strain tensor of qu.

Even for UFOs, I suspect that human consciousness on this side plays a
role in their navigation and materialization.

Yes, via the Josephson weak link as I showed

Induced zero point energy pressure ~ (Quantum of Area)^-1(Overlap
Volume)|Higgs Ocean||Mind Field|Cosine of phase difference between
Higgs Ocean and Mind Field Coherence.

Both are MACRO-QUANTUM local fields with "rigid phases" as explained by
P.W. Anderson in his papers on emergent complexity, i.e. "More is
different". Macro-quantum physics with non-unitary signal nonlocality
is not limited to thermal equilibrium at low temperatures. This is why
Susskind, and now Hawking, are making a blunder.

Where, as in OBE NDE and SRI RV the Macro-Quantum Mind Field extends
beyond the 3D boundaries of the body.

The technology of these portals is not as big a problem as is the
regulation of the proper use of the technology. 

Agreed. So Dan, you have been through the looking glass over there? ;-)
Stepping through a portal is rather like jumping of a cliff.  Trust
and skill are both involved.  We will have ample time to develop both
our trust and skill over the next decades.  No one is going to push us
through, however, there may be an increasing urgency as social
conditions deteriorate on our side.  We all need to become shaman. 
There will also be safety in our numbers.

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