Friday, September 17, 2004

There is still a problem here on the SIGN of the ZPF force for parallel plates! It is repulsive NOT ATTRACTIVE!
Therefore Hal Puthoff is still wrong to explain the observed attractive Casimir force as simply due to free virtual photon pressure differences. You still need the j.A coupling to real charges inside the neutral plates to explain the Casimir force! Saying that the virtual photon energy between the plates is negative is a false argument!

On Sep 17, 2004, at 6:18 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On waking this morning, I realized that I ignored the lower infrared limit pmin in the calculations below integrating from 0 to pmax. The boundary conditions determine the nature of this term. For parallel plates perpendicular to x reaching to the end of the BIG BOX we need to integrate from pmin = h/2x to pmax = h/a for the little box.

This gives the additional total POSITIVE ZPE term in 3D case for the small box

~(pi/32)(hc/x)(V/x^3) = +(pi/32)(hc/x^3)yz

for the little box.

Similarly for the BIG BOX pmin = h/2(X - x)

-(pi/32)(hc/(X - x))(V/(X - x)^3) = -(pi/32)(hc/(X - x))((X - x)(Y - Y)(Z - Z)/(X - x)^3) = 0

You get ZERO because y = Y and z = Z in this case.

So this asymmetric boundary condition does give a net ZPF REPULSIVE force ~ +1/x^4.

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