Thursday, September 09, 2004

Zero Point Energy Density ~ hc/(Cutoff)^4 for ZERO vacuum coherence.

hc/(Cutoff)^4 = (c^4/8piG*)/\zpf

(Cutoff)^-4 = (c^3/8pihG)/\zpf ~ Lp^-2/\zpf

The usual assumption is

Cutoff = Lp = 10^-33 cm.

On the other hand if you prefer Puthoff's

Cutoff = h/mc = 10^-11 cm

You get a different /\zpf.

In that case

10^44 cm^-4 = 10^66 cm^-2/\zpf cm^-2

/\zpf ~ 10^-22 cm^-2 also!

i.e. radius of vacuum curvature is 10^11 cm

Universe cannot come into being and becoming that way! That's not how God did it and is doing it in the parallel universes next door as The Raven Flies in Hyperspace! Who is that knock, knock, knocking at my door? ;-)

Without vacuum coherence you have BIG TSURAS! (Yiddish) - a very BIG
BUBBKA under the noses of all theoretical physicists today that they
cannot get rid of! Out out damned BUBBKA! :-)

Why? Simple, ask Heisenberg! It's his uncertainty!

What you get, even Puthoff gets this much, is that

Zero Point Energy Density ~ hc/(Cutoff)^4

Even when the cutoff is ~ h/mc ~ 10^-11 cm, which Puthoff likes

This is

10^-27 10^10 10^44 = 10^27 ergs/cc

Ergo the universe cannot exist! Not even Hal Puthoff wishing will make
it so. Fairy Dust doesn't work. The real Magick Wand, The "Staif" of
Moses (AKA Prospero) is "Vacuum Coherence" i..

Total Micro-Quantum Zero Point Energy Density ~
[hc/(Cutoff)^4]{(Cutoff)^3|Macro-Quantum Vacuum Coherence|^2 - 1]

The non-exotic "classical vacuum" has ZERO Total Micro-Quantum Zero
Point Energy Density.

No supersymmetry, no point particle renormalization.

Macro-Quantum Vacuum Coherence is an idea from soft condensed matter
physics taken from "on-mass-shell" to "off-mass-shell" in which gravity
is emergent not from RANDOM micro-quantum zero point energy has Andrei
Sakharov incorrectly conjectured in 1967, but never proved, but from
NON-RANDOM MACRO-QUANTUM Goldstone "phase rigidity" in the sense of
P.W. Anderson's "More is different" principle for the emergence of
qualitatively new forms of phenomena from substrata.

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