Friday, September 03, 2004

On Sep 3, 2004, at 7:52 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

What about a single isolated electron as an EVO i.e. a spatially-extended Bohm hidden variable that J.P. Vigier posited to predict "tight atomic state" "Cold Fusion" in tests by Maric and Dragic in Beograd?

Some points both subtle and unsubtle.

1. Hal Puthoff's Casimir Type II Model of the Ken Shoulders EVO has /\zpf = (mc/h)^2 outside the EVO shell of N electrons for a total unbalanced charge Ne in a close-packed spherical shell of radius a ~ N^1/2(h/mc). Hal also assumes /\zpf = 0 inside the EVO shell and he makes the blatantly wrong assumption that w = +1/3. Appealing to Casimir and Milonni does not help. If they did it, they are also wrong. The EVOs Ken makes allegedly have N ~ 10^12 to 10^16. (h/mc) ~ 10^-11 cm so that is a ~ 10^-5 cm to 10^-3 cm What happened to the positive charge left behind? Note that 10^12e ~ 10^-7 Coulombs. Two like charges of 1 Coulomb each 1 meter apart repel each other with a force of 1 MILLION TONS! We now have for the EVO N ~ 10^12e in a sphere 10^-7 meters across, a self-repulsive force of ~ 10^-1410^14 MILLION TONS ~ 1 MILLION TONS! That is, the zero point pressure must prevent the EVOs at the small end of the spectrum reported by Ken Shoulders from ripping itself apart with a force of ONE MILLION TONS! What about the bigger EVO at 10^-3 Coulombs? That's 10^-6x10^10 MILLION TONS ~ 100 TRILLION TONS OF SELF-DESTRUCTIVE FORCE!

In general the self-ripping unbalanced electric force ~ (Ne)^2/N(h/mc)^2 ~ N(emc/h)^2

e ~ 10^-19 Coulomb

a ~ 10^-13 meters

i.e. 10^-38x10^26 Million Tons ~ 10^-12 Million Tons ~ 10^-6 Tons i.e. a micro-Ton.

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