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Hi Alex

Let's make sure you mean the same model as Hal. Hal models each electron as a tiny sphere of radius ~ h/mc ~ 10^-11 cm. Using flat Euclidean space geometry, Hal then imagines N of these electrons closely packed to form a larger EVO sphere ~ N(h/mc)^2 in area. Again using flat space Euclidean geometry.

Apparently the Casimir Type II Ansatz is that the zero point energy density ~ /\zpf INSIDE the EVO sphere is ZERO.
The zero point energy density OUTSIDE the EVO sphere is positive of order /\zpf ~ (mc/h)^2. You need to multiply /\zpf by (c^4/8piG) to get dimensions of energy density. Hal then assume a POSITIVE ZPF pressure that is (1/3) the positive ZPF energy density. He then balances the Coulomb repulsion force ~ (Ne)^2/r^2 against this lop-sided EXTERNAL positive ZPF pressure.

Now is the above your picture below?

My objections to Hal's model are:

1. Hal assumes w = pressure/(energy density) = + 1/3 which is false for all ZPF virtual quanta of any spin. w = +1/3 only works for on mass shell REAL photons forming the radiation far field with only transverse polarizations for zero rest mass photons.

2. General relativity and Heisenberg quantum uncertainty demand w = -1 for all such virtual ZPF quanta

Reference: p. 26 of John Peacock's "Cosmological Physics".

3. ZPF energy density and pressure DO (ANTI) GRAVITATE depending on the sign of the ZPF energy density. This is required by Einstein's theory. You cannot simply hand wave ZPF energy density away as Hal essentially does. Therefore Hal's assumption that the external ZPF energy density is

~ 10^19Gev 10^33 cm^-1 10^22 cm^-2 ~ 10^28x10^33x10^22 ~ 10^83 ev/cc

is obviously wrong. The universe could not exist in such a state! This is essentially the cosmological constant paradox, which no human physicist alive today, from this time (excluding time travelers from the future in their Unconventional Flying Objects) properly understands except for me! I must be candid here.

What is lacking here is the proper understanding of vacuum coherence as the origin of both the inflation field and the Higgs field for the coherent origin of the rest mass inertia of the lepto-quarks directly opposed to the random ZPF acceleration friction model of Haisch and Puthoff.

4. My model of the Ken Shoulders EVO has /\zpf ~ 0 OUTSIDE the EVO shell. This is a vacuum coherence effect that simply solves the cosmological constant mystery. With /\zpf roughly (mc/h)^2 (factor of alpha fine structure constant ignored for now) INSIDE the EVO shell with w = -1 NEGATIVE PRESSURE. That is the interior of the EVO N electron shell is DARK ENERGY! The N-electron shell is a DARK ENERGY BOTTLE.

The Dark Energy potential per unit electron mass is a POSITIVE 3D Harmonic Oscillator potential


Therefore, its force gradient -2c^2/\zpfr is attractive and it balances the repulsive Coulomb self-force per unit electon mass +(Ne)^2/mr^2 - very simple, neat and pretty. Any bright high school serious physics student can follow this argument.

5. Finally, there is the issue of the unacceptibly large unbalanced negative electric charge on the EVO and where did the compensating positive charge disappear to in the violent creation of the EVO?

The EVO is a mesoscopic geon in Wheeler's sense.

The surface area of the EVO = (Space Warp Factor)(radial size of EVO)^2

In flat space geometry

(Space Warp Factor) = 4pi

However, we need in the EVO

(Space Warp Factor) << 1


N(h/mc)^2 ~ (Space Warp Factor)a^2

where a is directly observed to be ~ 10^-5 cm to 10^-5 meters in Ken Shoulders lab measurements.

This means that N can be a lot smaller than the FLAT SPACE estimates of N ~ 10^12 to 10^16 unbalanced electron charges.

Recall that 10^18 electron charges (1/10 Coulomb) would make a flat space EVO of radius ~ 10^9 10^-11 cm ~ 10^-4 meters.

Two unbalanced 1 Coulomb like charges separated by 1 meter repel with a force ~ 10^10 Newtons ~ 1 MILLION TONS!

i.e. the MKS reciprocal permitivity of vacuum is ~ 10^10 - another reason why Hal's PV model is no good for practical metric engineering or tailoring of the fabric of 4D spacetime into weightless warp drives, wide wormhole star gate time travel passage ways, and the weird "vacuum bubble" WMD of Andrei Sakharov described by Martin Rees in "Our Final Hour."

Therefore, for the (1/10) Coulomb EVO the self-ripping destructive force is

~ 10^-2 10^8(Million Tons) ~ ONE TRILLION TONS!

On Sep 6, 2004, at 3:11 AM, Burinskii Alexander, Ph.D physicist in Moscow wrote:

Dear Jack,
Returning from country I looked the mail and
met the very strong fights on the field of the Casimir effect between you
and Puthoff. Your discussions are now in a very deep stage, so it is not
easy to me to understand the origin of arguments now.
However, looking at the Puthoff and Piestrup paper I have noted that the
Casimir II model was described by me in Phys Lett B216(1989)p.123 and
reconsidered recently from another point of view
(connected to supersymmetry) in hep-th/0205127. I called it the Volume
Casimir effect for a ball contrary to the effect for plates.
My previous attempts (from 1986) to publish it in Russian Academic journals
led to a rejection from journals and to a very big storm of critique. And I
was not able to convince my skilled opponents. Some troubles occurred also
by publication of the paper hep-th/0205127. This problem is very
non-trivial as all what concerns the vacuum structure.
I heard also, that some similar paper was published by Thorn about 1989.
Best regards,
Yours, Alexander

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