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From: Jack Sarfatti
To: "Joel Isaacson"
CC: Colin Bennett
Subject: Re: Proof of Sarfatti's PhD in physics from UC
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 10:25:41 -0700


No, Magali Sarfatti is my not-too-distant cousin.

Use "Jack Sarfatt" without the i.

I did not officially use the i until 1975.

On further thought, this Yud may be more significant than meets
the eye... first, note that that "epsilon" caught my attention before, on August 20:

From : Joel Isaacson
Sent : Friday, August 20, 2004 8:33 PM
To :
Subject : "Sarfatti" off by an epsilon...

There is an ancient Hebrew saying: "Al kotzo shel Yud" which means, roughly,
"by the shred of a Yud". This saying applies when something is very-nearly
that which is could be, but falls short somehow...

Yud is the tiniest letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the 10th. Its Atbash
dual is Mem. Yud is the last letter of Sarfatti: Tsadi-Reish-Pe-Tav-Yud

If we apply Atbash to the entire Sarfatti name (rather than to every other letter,
as we have done before) we get: Heh-Gimel-Vav-Aleph-Mem,
pronounced "Ha'Goem" or "Ha'Guam". The last letter, Mem, is one letter
removed from Lamed, which precedes it in the Hebrew alphabet.

If Lamed were to show up, instead of Mem, the full-Atbash-Sarfatti-code
would spell Heh-Gimel-Vav-Aleph-Lamed ==>>> Ha'Goel,
which means {brace yourself} "The Redeemer" or "The Savior"...

That would explain why Robert Bashlow, Walter Breen's 14 year old assistant, wrote a song for me in 1954

"Oh Crucify Me On The Lone Prairie."

Bashlow died in a hotel fire in Saragossa, Spain after leaving his Orphic Lute at Gary Zukav's house where I had been living. He gave a Scarlatti piano concert at Francis Ford Coppola's house right before leaving for his Appointment With Death in Saragossa. This was in ~ 1976.

Legend is that Godfroi, Count de Champagne, the patron of my alleged ancestor Rashi de Troyes, was in fact descended from the children of Mary Magdalene with Jesus Christ. Indeed, Rashi and Godfroi may have been blood relations? The Star of David is in the Merovingian Coat of Arms of Godfroi, Military Commander of the First Crusade to Jerusalem. This adventure led to the formation of The Knights Templar, to Robert The Bruce of Scotland, the Cathar Massacre, and eventually to The Free Masons and The Society of Cincinatus of Officers of the American Revolutionary Army, The Communist International Paris 1848, Wagner's Parsifal and Order of The Golden Dawn/The Priory de Sion of the real Da Vinci Code that Carlo Suares and Frank Malina may have been members of. That in a nutshell is a rough outline of the Occult History of the origins of the Techgnostic Aviary including Yale's "Skull and Bones". How else did "the cult eight or nine Neocons like Wolfowitz, Feith ..." says Seymour Hersh get control of Rummy's Pentagon and bulldoze Colin Powell, George Tenet, Condi Rice and Bushie into the Iraq invasion without any "exit strategy", no "endgame? Who were Leo Straus's friends back in the 40's to the 60's? Wolfy was at Cornell when I was. I did not know him but I was aware of his dad in the math department. This would explain Carlo Suares telling me in Paris in 1973 after our visit to Aleister Crowley's student Frank Malina's that I was "Heir to The Tradition", but would not come into my "power" until I was with "The Woman and The Child". Obvious mystical Christian imagery of The Madonna and Christ, also of Mary Magdalene. Details are in my book "Destiny Matrix." Background is in "Holy Blood, Holy Grail." Now Appalachian Rednecks like Dick Farley may pooh pooh this in their peasant rebellion and Caliban-like envy against Dan Smith's aristocracy, very understandable, but we must really stay cool about all of these strange connections and look at them rationally without smears of "delusion" and "insanity" which are convenient instruments of mental control by competing Occult Secret Societies.

Again, don't ask me why... I don't know... but anyone with rudimentary Hebrew
can easily verify this...

So, Jacob, "Sarfatti" is overdone by an epsilon... strange but true....

Quite possible that you didn't start focusing on becoming "The Rotem"
i.e., The Harnesser, until such time as your name was restored to "Sarfatti"...

Yes, as Saul-Paul Sirag has chronicled.

Also, the uncertainty/fluctuation of that Yud is consistent with the "near-Savior"
infatuation that Hyman has had in re Jesus..

Yes, obviously.

-- Joel

My mother dropped it from my birth certificate in 1939 because our Sarfatti not-too-distant cousins created Benito Mussolini as CIA's top counter-terrorism expert Victor Cannistraro (with Brian Sullivan) describes in his "Il Duce's Other Woman". This is explained in my book "Destiny Matrix". I looked very much like Margherita's son Amedeo at same age i.e. photo in book. Margherita looks very much like my father's sisters. She was a Grassini of Venice but a close blood cousin to her husband Cesare Sarfatti who was Mussolini's Consiligere. Capische? :-)

My father officially changed it back to his real name "Sarfatti" with the Brooklyn Registrar of Births only in 1975 6 years after my Ph.D. Indeed, the apartment registry at 2047 Nostrand Ave, Flatbush where I lived in 1940's and early 50's had "Hyman Sarfatti" listed in the mailbox. I was still living there when I met Walter Breen who came there and inteviewed my mother as part of the Columbia University project (William Sheldon) funded by Eugene McDermott a co-founder of Texas Instruments and a power in the USG Intelligence Community of the day.

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