Sunday, September 12, 2004

PS Hal Puthoff also wrote:

In summary, we see how Casimir's positive-radiation-pressure
"blunder" model leads to agreement with experiment; we don't see how
your opposite-sign dark-energy w = -1 repulsion force model would
lead to the observed attraction.  Please show this.  If you can show
this for the  standard parallel plate Casimir Effect, then
consideration of its use for more exotic geometries (e.g., Shoulders'
charge cluster phenomenon) would be warranted.  If not ..... 

As I just showed in detail, the bogus mode-counting argument rests on a strange fluke using that ad hoc exponential fudge factor for short-wave cutoff that allows the exact sum of an infinite series of ZPF FREE FIELD virtual photon modes that SYNCHRONISTICALLY gives the correct Van Der Waals force answer, but for entirely the wrong physical reasons! I admit this is very curious and it has thrown ALL OF US way off base for more than 50 years. Even I fell for this BLUNDER!

In fact, the real problem for the ZPF FORCE is completely FINITE as I showed in detail today.

Again lest there be no confusion in this very confused situation.

1. The observed Casimir force is NOT a free virtual photon ZPF force at all. That ZPF force (not to be confused with the Van der Waals (VDW) Casimir force) always cancels out exactly! That it is zero, for vanishing vacuum coherence, which you assume, is CUTOFF INDEPENDENT.

2. The VDW Casimir force plays no important role in Ken Shoulders "charge cluster" EVOs.

3. The EVOs are a micro-fusion dark energy zero point energy effect from variation in the vacuum coherence completely missing in ALL your models of the phenomena.

4. I never claimed that the observed Casimir force, e.g. in the parallel plates experiment, had anything to do with dark energy. That is your misunderstanding of what I have been trying to teach you.

5. Your most recent Casimir force explanation of EVOs is wrong.

6. What you say in Nick Cook's book "The Hunt for Zero Point" and in Aviation Week's "To The Stars" is seriously wrong and throws everyone off the track.

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