Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Information on Ken Shoulders

1. Long-time associate of Hal Puthoff. Both worked in US Intelligence Community for years.

2. Brilliant gadgeteer with small microwave devices holds several important patents.

3. Ken's opinions are taken seriously in the USG Defense Intelligence Community.

4. Pressure is mounting for Shoulders, Sarfatti and Puthoff to write a joint paper together showing conflicting models of the phenomenon. Puthoff uses a model of Casimir's "Type II" in which there is a positive zero point energy pressure outside the thin shell of electrons and vanishing zero point pressure inside it. Sarfatti says Casimir made an error by assuming that the well known "dubya factor" (i.e. w = (pressure)/(energy density)) is +1/3, which it is for real photons propagating energy to infinity as electromagnetic radiation. Sarfatti objects that w = -1 for the virtual photons of the zero point vacuum fluctuations. That w = -1 for this case is well known to cosmologists working on the "dark energy" (e.g. Mike Turner's Op/Ed in April 2003 Physics Today). "w = -1 follows from Einstein's equivalence principle together with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Furthermore, boson statistics require a positive virtual photon energy density, therefore an equal and opposite negative virtual photon pressure. Virtual quanta are directly observable in their warping of spacetime. You cannot subtract them out. The pressure warps space-time three times more than the energy density. The negative pressure makes repulsive anti-gravity that is the 'Right Stuff' for weightless warp drives, wide wormholes and, unfortunately 'universe destroying' weird weapons." said Sarfatti. Sarfatti cited Sir Martin Rees's book "Our Final Hour" on this subject. Sarfatti's model is the mirror opposite of Puthoff's. "The zero point pressure is negative inside the thin shell of typically a trillion to ten thousand trillion electrons in the observed EVOs 10^-5 cm to 10^-5 meters across and is zero outside. Negative zero point pressure makes the vacuum like a spring and the electric repulsion does work against the vacuum to create a metastable EVO. The electrons make a bottle or container for the anti-gravity dark energy vacuum core of the EVO. Break the bottle to release the Dark Energy Genie as 'Cold Fusion'. Mike Turner wrote that it couldn't be done, apparently Ken Shoulders has done what was thought to be an impossible dream." says Sarfatti.

For further reading see August 2004 Popular Mechanics p. 77
The above article mentions the recent unsolved murder of Cold Fusion advocate Gene Mallove.
And Moscow's PRAVDA

On Sep 1, 2004, at 7:53 AM, Victor Martinez wrote:


"If done too fast with a large enough Exotic Vacuum Object this would be
a powerful bomb - more powerful than thermonuclear" – Dr. Jack

(PRWEB) September 1, 2004 -- Experimentalist Ken Shoulders claims that
electrons are behaving in ways thought to be impossible. A new and
previously unknown force appears to be binding the electrons at short
range into clusters of electron charge. Shoulders calls these clusters
Exotic Vacuum Objects, or EVO's.

Shoulders describes this as "a short-range force resembling a positive
charge negating the effect of repulsive electronic charge"

One of Ken Shoulder's latest papers suggests nefarious uses for charged
cluster technology based on EVO's:

"The author can easily imagine a scenario where instructions are
generated with enough clarity for about 1 person in 1,000 to perform the
necessary operations to refine and store a gallon jug of electrons in
the form of Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO's) ... there is no doubt that
this jug would be light enough to carry and be highly sensitive to
destabilization of a catastrophic nature..."

Ken Shoulders has recently collaborated on several papers with
independent theoretical physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti, in San Francisco.
Sarfatti suggests that his theory of exotic vacuum dark energy/dark
matter can explain Shoulders' experimental data.
Although Sarfatti hopes for carefully controlled release of energy from
the EVO's, both Sarfatti and Shoulders warn that rapid release of a
large EVO would be explosive, perhaps more powerful than a thermonuclear

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