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On Sep 15, 2004, at 8:01 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

PS I had not read the thread that came with Dan's stuff below. Indeed,
I do also agree with Scott that I do not take the theological mish mash
seriously. I suspect neither does Puthoff.

On Sep 15, 2004, at 7:56 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

I have not read the piece by Scott Dan is responding to. However,
Dan's description of post-quantum physics with metric engineering is
accurate. Precision cosmology shows we live in the virtual universe
that is effectively a cosmic video game of IT (material) from BIT
(mind) in a two-way loop including BIT from IT to generate the streams
of consciousness attached to globs of IT. I have shown explicitly how
IT in the form of Einstein's guv field emerges from the coherent phase
of MACRO-BIT, which in turn emerges from an instability in the
micro-qubit vacuum with the local gauge fields and lepto-quark fields
already there. So they need to emerge from a BIT like spin-foam in a 2
step process. Something like loop quantum gravity to get to unstable
globally flat pre-inflationary false vacuum prior to second step
emergence of gravity and inertia.

On the material plane:

1. Hal Puthoff and I have the same strategic objectives. I am saying
his physics to achieve them is seriously wrong. Because of Hal's black
ops connections from way back to National Security Agency his wrong
ideas are leading to USG intelligence threat assessment blunders, that
in the long run, will be worse than the Leo Strauss Utopian Cult Neo
Con blunders on Iraq WMD in Doug Feith's OSP prior to the
ill-conceived attack on Iraq. As Seymour Hersh and Pat Buchanan et-al
put it "Eight or nine Neo Cons" essentially pulled the wool over
Bushie's eyes in the panic of 911 where we have jumped from the frying
pan into the fire. Kerry has no solution either. "What a revolting
development this is." William Bendix. There is no "End Game". Easy to
see now in hindsight, but not 2 years ago.

On Sep 15, 2004, at 6:59 AM, Ken Shoulders wrote:


Ken Shoulders


An apparatus is proposed for the condensation of electrons to a
containable fluid state. This miniature apparatus consists of an ion
pumped vacuum system, a split anode magnetron and a quadrupole
electron trap fitted with suitable electron injectors, in the form of
EVO generators, and numerous ways for analyzing the effluent captured
in the trap. The apparatus design emphasizes simplicity and uses only
minimal hand tools for construction. The cost of the easily found
construction materials required is in the range of a few hundred

This recent paper can be downloaded from:

3. As to zero point energy. It's easy to do the free virtual photon
cavity mode problem exactly. There is no net free virtual photon zero
point force on any wall.

Think of a piston in a cylinder to total length L. The piston is at
distance z from the left wall. There is cylindrical symmetry. All we
need do is think of the virtual photon waves that can fit between 0
and z and between z and L. Each wave that fits has virtual photon
energy hck/2 per polarization mode.

The largest mode that fits in z has wave number k = pi/z.

Each mode has wave number npi/z.

The total number of such modes is simply (z/a)(z/a + 1)/2 where a is
the short-wave cut off and we mean smallest closest integer to z/a.

The total zero point free virtual photon energy for the left partition
between 0 and z is obviously, where z/a >> 1

Sum n = 1 to d/a of (hc/2)(pi/z)n ~ (hc/4)(pi/z)(z/a)^2 = (hc/4a^2)z

linear in z.

Similarly for the right partition between z and L - z

Total free virtual photon ZPE is (hc/4a^2)(L - z)

The total ZPE at the piston is the sum. Whose force total negative
gradient -d/dz is exactly zero independent of cutoff a.

Now this is not what is usually calculated for the Casimir force that
is really a weak Van der Waals force between the neutral molecules
making up the uncharged walls of the cylinder and piston. The weak
Casimir force does not tap the free random totally incoherent virtual
photon ZPF. Calculations that make such a claim are wrong.

On Sep 14, 2004, at 7:28 PM, Dan Smith wrote:

Oh, you, of little imagination.  For once in your life, see if you
can remove your blinders for but a few seconds. 
You cling to your 'rock solid' reality for dear life.  Why would
cling so tightly unless you were afraid that it might finally elude
your grasp?
Now you see reality dimly as through a darkened glass, but then you
shall see it face to face.
The visitors are here simply to awaken us from our slumber of
Any ufologist worth her salt knows that they can bend our reality to
their will.  They see through our thoughts, they walk through our
walls.  This is not technology, Scott, this is mind over matter. 
This is the unobstructable power of Spirit.
We all know that the visitors do not come here in rocket ships.  They
come here by warping our space and our time.  Our space and our time,
they bend to their will. 
They can transit between universes they way we can transit between
the rooms of a building.
Your attempt to apply 19th century physics to the visitors and their
hyper dimensional reality is really nothing short of grotesque.
Have you never played an arcade game?  The younger generation is
being fed on virtual reality, the way you were fed on oatmeal.  They
are no longer going to be stuck in the mud of your materialism.  They
are being prepared for the other dimensions, the power of the
imagination and spirit that lies just beyond the Green Door in Area
51.  They don't call it Dreamland for nothing.
You rail against the larger cosmos.  You demand that reality must fit
your Procrustean bed.  The visitors make a mockery of your
metaphysical prudery.
Look around you, Scott.  Where are your fellow scientists?  They are
sufficiently prudent not to pick a fight with the paranormal Tar
Baby.  They know they will not win this battle.  Nay, they will not
win this war.  They continue to fiddle with their formulas while Rome
continues to burn.
Jack and Hal attempt to carve out little pieces of the paranormal. 
Their strategy is to divide and conquer.  My hat is off to their
perseverance.  They stand at the edge of their reality and grasp at
straws.  They might as well reap the whirl wind. 
We inhabit but a cocoon in the cosmic Matrix.  There is a crack in
that cosmic egg.  We are trying to peck our way out of the shell. 
The visitors are here to show us how. 
But first we must marshal our spirit.  Perhaps that is where I come
into the picture.  There are some mental calisthenics that will help
us to limber up our spirits. 
Can you stretch your mind, Scott?  Has it become sclerotic?
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To: Dan Smith; caryn anscomb; Jack Sarfatti; Nick Cook
Subject: RE: Smelling a rat....

Hi Caryn, et al.


Let me respond to you and your excellent (and extremely kind)
message, as well as to our resident “prophet” (soi dissant) re his
attempt to put a Christian eschatological spin on the agenda of the
“Alien Raj.”  First of all, Saint Daniel’s concept of an “eschaton”
is utterly absurd, no matter who endorses it.  Indeed, I seriously
doubt whether either Jack Sarfatti or Hal Puthoff, no matter how at
odds they may be over the arcana of post-quantum physics, or any
other credible physical scientists, for that matter, take this
bizarre theological mishmash seriously.  Indeed, the whole notion of
eschatology, Christian and otherwise, reflects an archaic stage in
the evolution of human thought, one that took shape long before our
ancestors had any accurate knowledge whatsoever of how the universe
works. Yes, I’m convinced that all traditional human belief systems,
from animism to Zoroastrianism—which, BTW, is chock full of
eschatological concepts that were already ancient by the time Yeshua
ben Yosuf (aka in Latin Jesus) was “magically” conceived aboard a
hovering UFO, if in fact there’s any glimmer of truth behind the
“virgin birth” legend—are, as the late Mircea Eliade pointed out some
years ago, essentially anthropocentric attempts to turn “Chaos” into
“Cosmos,” to impose an imagined order on what was, given the meager
objective knowledge base available to all pre-modern societies, an
otherwise utterly chaotic existence.  Or, as the well-known
Anglo-Polish anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski, whose researches
into the nature of religion were generally isomorphic with Eliade’s,
phased it:   If  human beings don’t have rational explanations and/or
empirically-based mechanisms that will allow them a modicum of
control over their environment, they will invent them.  (Indeed,
Voltaire probably summed up this line of reasoning as succinctly as
anyone who came after him:  If there were no God, it would be
necessary to invent one.)


That most, if not traditional human belief systems deeply reflect the
presence of the “Alien Raj” is undoubted.  But that presence itself
was an integral part of the pre-modern chaos that, according to
Eliade, et al., engendered religion in the first place.    That is,
the aliens came to be conceived of as divine beings, fairly folk,


The trap that Dan and his fellow “eschaton” mavens have fallen into,
aside from the absurdity of drawing specifically on the dogma of a
single, extremely derivative and highly syncretic religious belief
system that began as what amounted to a  Judean “cargo cult” preached
by a figure who was most probably a heavily conditioned an alien
“subject,” is to take seriously the patently mythological concepts
our ancestors used to make sense out of the world.  Indeed, the
inherently irrational concept of “faith” is part and parcel of this
archaic Weltanschauung, and it is faith rather than reason that
drives Smith and his fellow eschatologists.


A much more efficient model here, one that owes more to Marx than to
the Bible, is that the “Alien Raj” is an imperialist, exploitative
oppressor, rather than a supernatural  phenomenon, as Dan and his
buddies appear to conceive it, despite their rhetoric, that has
managed to impose its will on this planet.  To be sure, at present,
this authority is for the most part exercised clandestinely, but ask
any woman whose fetus has been forcibly removed whether this
authority actually exists.  Dan dismisses the “Raj’s”  DNA harvesting
as trivial, but I think he’s dead wrong here. Whatever else they may
be exploiting, human DNA appears to be the prime target, just as gold
was to the Conquistadors in Mexico and Peru half a millennium ago.
 Indeed, the process of hybridization seems to be a central aspect of
their agenda, and, while I don’t take quite as pessimistic a position
David Jacobs does in THE THREAT, as I’m not convinced that they’re
out to totally replace us, it seems abundantly clear that their
agenda is NOT framed in terms of  an altruistic effort to “uplift” us
to a “:higher spiritual level,” that is, to realize Dan’s
eschatological fantasies.  Rather, like its terrestrial prototype,
the British Raj, its primary purpose is to administer the affairs of
this planet in such a way as to facilitate its imperialist agenda. 
Thus, I while I don’t think they’re out to annihilate us—they could
have done so long since—I do think that we’re the “natives” and will
remain such until we manage to overthrow our planetary oppressors,
either through the efforts of a Gandhi-like moral force that appeals
to their “:better” nature (assuming they have one), or, more
probably, by someday getting our hands on enough of their technology
so we can effectively rise up against them.  In other words, by
instigating a war of “planetary liberation,”  I would, however,
caution against any rash actions here,  as the technology we’re up
against makes the gap between Cortes and Moteczuma look


Complicating this “liberation” scenario is the high probability that
there exists a cadre of sell-outs, vendidos, as my Latino friends
would call them, who have sold out human autonomy for the
technological “trinkets” I mentioned in my previous post.  These
would include the “insiders” Dan mentioned, as well as MJ-12 (or
whatever they call it at the moment), assuming they’re not one and
the same, as well as their counterparts in other highly developed
human societies, such as the U.K., Russia, Japan, and yes Israel,
etc.).  I suspect this began with an unratified “treaty” negotiated
by Eisenhower at Edwards AFB in 1954, which, although periodically
modified, has continued in force up to the present.   Again, there
are a many analogs in the history of terrestrial colonialism:  the
Anglo-Indians, the Vietnamese Catholics, and other subsets of
conquered populations that accommodate to their oppressors in return
for some crumbs from the latters’ table.  Indeed, the old
African-American label “Uncle Tom”—perhaps recast as “Uncle Homo
sapiens”—would seem apt here.


Finally, Caryn, as I’ve said before in our correspondence, to the
best of my conscious knowledge, I’ve never had the “pleasure” of
meeting the little buggers up close & personal.  But I can certainly
sympathize with what you say here.  The fact that you were unable to
perceive whether your captors were here “to save us or eat us!” fits
nicely with the hypothesis I’ve suggested, that is, that they, like
your fellow countrymen in India back in the 19th century, they are
here neither to destroy us nor to “redeem” us (although the British
Raj did have its share of pious missionaries who, when they weren’t
exploiting them, did their best to convert the Hindu and Moslem
“Wogs” to Christianity), but rather simply to exploit us (i.e., our
DNA) and other terrestrial resources they may need or desire.  






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Subject: Smelling a rat....






We have insiders and outsiders.  If the insiders wish to communicate
with the outsiders, they would naturally use intermediaries.  It
appears that I'm being used as an intermediary. 


The insiders and the visitors will come out of the closet at the
appropriate time.  I am helping them to test the waters.  That is
what the EFG is for.


Why don't your entities inform you about their agenda?  It is simply
a matter of the Prime Directive, minimal interference.


The main point, however, is that the Eschaton is not their agenda. 
It is OUR agenda.  The Eschaton is of us, by us and for us.  The
visitors are here as helpers.  They are here to facilitate our
awakening to our own destiny.


You want to hear all this from the 'horse's mouth'.  My purpose here
is to help demonstrate that we are the ultimate source for what has
happened and what is about to.  You have come to the 'horse's mouth'
and it is us.  Temporarily I am being the spokesperson, the
intermediary in helping us to realize that fundamentally we are the
co-creators of this reality, and we are its redeemers.


I do interpret this role in Christian terms.  That is how it was
presented to me by Sophia.  This is simply the completion of the
christ event.  This is that unfinished business.  Sophia is my
'horse's mouth'. 


I am facilitating her communication.  I'm playing the role of a
prophet.  This role is traditionally reserved for mortals, rather
like you and me, not for ETs/UTs/Visitors.   


Whatever role I am playing is apparently being overseen by the
insiders, the visitors and Sophia. 


Now, Caryn, you are welcome to object to the prophetic tradition and
to my role as a putative prophet, but then you are under some
obligation to come up with a better plan.  I'm certainly open to
discuss that, but I think you will end up reinventing this
same wheel.


The sooner that I can obtain a fair hearing from my peers, the sooner
will I be able to ride off into the sunset.  So why don't we get onto
the business of discussing the why's and wherefores of all this?





P.S.  I have just received a note from Gary Bekkum pointing to Steve
Greer's Aug. 8/9 interview on the Art Bell show.  Here is an


SG: [chuckles] Look, this is - part of this isn't a rational
discussion and

here's why. You have people in this policy group, and there are two
or three

hundred people in it (some people call it the MJ-12 group, it's not

that anymore) and I know a number of these people in it.

AB: Do you think it really was once called that?

SG: Yes.

AB: Okay.

SG: What's interesting is that there is a hardcore center of it that

eschatologists. Okay? These are people who fantasize about how the
world is

going to end.



Some folks have been trying to get this same message to Steve, but,
evidently, it is not quite fitting into his paradigm. 


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