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Vacuum Tsunami in Dirac Sea to Higgs Ocean

The Vacuum Coherence is primarily a GIANT QUANTUM TSUNAMI WAVE of bound virtual electro-positron pairs formed from the "EARTHQUAKE" underneath the Dirac Sea to form The Higgs Ocean!

On Jan 4, 2005, at 7:03 AM, Paul J. Werbos, Dr. wrote:

At 03:09 PM 1/3/2005, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Jan 3, 2005, at 11:30 AM, Paul J. Werbos, wrote:

At 01:48 PM 1/3/2005, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Paul is being too mystical in (2) the gravitational effects of zero point energy density are now completely understood. A good reference is Mike Turner's Op Ed in April 2003 Physics Today.

The basic equation is Einstein's

Guv + /\zpfguv = 0

Werbos "Certainly the gravitational implications of assuming (1/2)hw zero point energy, as an energy source term, according to Einstein's theory, are very straightforward, at least to within issues like renormalization. I did not realize that your pieces on "dark energy" vacuum-breaking warp drive were rooted in that idea, which is exactly what Bob Forward's lighter discussions talk about. (The book "Indistinguishable from magic.) I have read some but not all of your pieces."

Jack: I know what Bob Forward did because it was based on Hermann Bondi's idea of negative mass. I heard Bondi lecture on that at Cornell either ~ 1960 or maybe 1963-4? They had no idea back then about "dark energy" or even Kip Thorne's (1986) "exotic matter". It was very primitive. Basic idea back then was two parallel plates of equal and opposite "mass" will self-accelerate. It was not then realized that this was a free-float geodesic glider vacuum propeller like Alcubierre's solution with no time dilation. Of course it is that from the Einstein Equivalence Principle. Indeed, this idea fits George Trimble's "G-Engine" (1956) and Paul Hill's "acceleration field".

Dr. Werbos wrote:

"Hi, Jack!

Many of us pursue more than one idea in a lifetime -- Forward included.

His cheap mass-market paperback "Indistinguishable From Magic" mainly talked about
what you could do in engineering -- especially in space propulsion -- by exploiting
the gravitational effects you get, based on a model of gravity where it is assumed that
zero point energy plays a major role."

Jack: Yes, I know. But Bob Forward did not have the correct theory of the precise relationship of the zero point energy to gravity back then in terms of battle-tested Einstein GR, Heisenberg quantum uncertainty principle, and most important of all the "More is different" (P.W. Anderson 1967) "vacuum coherence" for the (Sakharov 1967) macro-quantum emergence of Einstein's GR field equations from the partial vacuum cohering of the random micro-quantum vacuum fluctuations in the pre -> post inflationary breaking of translational continuous symmetry whose energy release formed the Big Bang. It was not until the discovery of dark energy in 1999 or so that all the pieces of the mystery could be put together. The basic physics, without the vacuum coherence missing link is on pp 25-26 of John Peacock's "Cosmological Physics".

"At least that's what I remember several years after
a light reading of the book. I also remember he was very excited about how he had gotten
support for a kind of DOD black program in the area, and was going to an important highly
secret government meeting he could tell me nothing about to really make things happen.
Forward's book was extremely readable -- and that was a major factor in SOMEONE
paying a lot of attention."

Jack: I think Hal Puthoff knows a lot about that. I met Forward at SF Airport about that.

Werbos: "One of the key ideas was the use of Hawking-style "white black holes." It all depended on
the prediction  that "quantum effects" (ala (1/2)hw stuff as best I recall -- sorry for the
fuzziness of my memory) would free us from Einstein's prediction that black holes grow forever."

Jack: He got that out of my 1975 book "Space-Time and Beyond" (E.P. Dutton) with Fred Alan Wolf. But all that stuff is not any good. We understand it all much better today.

Werbos: "I did note at the time that some of us do NOT regard such predictions as proven.
Thus if one tries to build such a device on earth (or even in a lot orbit which eventually decays),
and if the ZPE effects are not there (as I would expect)... such experiments could simply terminate Earth."

Jack: Yes, Andrei Sakharov worried about this. See famous remark from his student Okun. British Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees (Master of Trinity College, Cambridge) talks about it in "Our Final Hour" - a kind of exotic vacuum Ice 9 effect. The cosmological constant problem is part of this. The point is that without vacuum coherence the zero point energy density is MUCH TOO BIG of order hc/Lp^4 where Lp^2 = hG/c^3. In fact, the large-scale averaged zero point ANTI-GRAVITATING "dark energy" ACCELERATING THE UNIVERSE is 122 POWERS OF TEN smaller. That is, Einstein's cosmological constant /\ is not /\ = 1/Lp^2, but is, in fact, OBSERVED to be /\ = 1/(LpR(t))^2 where R(t) is the dimensionless cosmological space expansion factor R(today) = 10^61, R(Big Bang) = 1 using the t'Hooft-Susskind quantized area Holographic Entropy Conjecture from Bekenstein and Hawking's generalized "Black Hole Thermodynamics" that 3D space is really a holographic projection from a 2D screen. What is the World Hologram? Answer: The Vacuum Coherence where Einstein's exotic vacuum local c-number field equation

Guv + /\guv = 0

emerges from the RIGID Goldstone Phase of the Vacuum Coherence.

I get (on large scale, can be different on small scales!) TENTATIVELY

/\ = Lp^-2(1 - Lp^3|Vacuum Coherence|^2)

Note, if we really believe that the (3+1) fabric of space-time is really a holographic projection from the (2+1) hologram "screen" as it were, then I should NORMALIZE the Vacuum Coherence LOCAL ODLRO parameter to a surface not a volume to get

/\ = Lp^-2(1 - Lp^2|Vacuum Coherence|^2)

Like the quantum wave of an electron confined to a surface rather than in a box. Here we have GIANT QUANTUM TSUNAMIS inside the vacuum.

Therefore, only in this FRW large-scale average sense, taking the World Hologram idea seriously

R(t)^2 = (1 - Lp^2|Vacuum Coherence|^2)^-1

Note that we can have R(t)^2 < 0 which is Hawking's topological signature change from Lorentzian space time with causal light cones to instanton Euclidean space time without light cones.

Inflation requires flat 3D space so that

Omega(on-mass-shell matter w = 0) + Omega (near EM MHD fields) + Omega(on-mass-shell-photons w = +1/3) + Omega(off-mass-shell exotic vacua w = -1) + Omega(vacuum coherence) = 1

Omega(off-mass shell exotic vacua) + Omega(vacuum coherence) = Omega(dark energy w = -1 negative pressure) + Omega(dark matter|w = -1 positive pressure mimics w = 0)

(Entropy of Universe/kB) ~ R(t)^2 BITS


explains Arrow of Time for irreversibility of Second Law of Thermodynamics in same direction as expanding accelerating space of our universe.

Pioneer 10&11 Gravity Anomaly UNIFORM RADIAL a_g = -cH = 10^-7 cm/sec^2 to Sun is a hedgehog topological defect in vacuum coherence at Sun, i.e. dark energy field between two concentric bounding spherical surfaces about Sun, first boundary surface starts at 20 AU from Sun. All stars should have this feature is my prediction.

See book by David Thouless on hedgehog where Vacuum Coherence lives in S^2 space for point defects.

Galactic Halo also a topological exotic vacuum defect of another kind.

Werbos: "Brin has a very nice science fiction novel, called "Earth," which starts out that way. (I forget whether the strategy used to save earth in that novel would have any real hope of working in reality.) In the meantime, Forward has died, as best I recall, so I do not know any rational way to probe further. My best guess is that it never got as far as he intended. In any case,producing black holes is not the easiest challenge to engineering.

Jack: Forward was grasping at straws. He was an engineer not a physicist. He died just when the observational breakthrough was emerging. He yearned of course, but did not have the right information. No one did back then.

Werbos: "Negative mass-energy is a different idea. I don't recall the book talking about it.
I did write something to NASA (well-received by a key guy) circa 1968, and
a paper in a very obscure journal circa 1973/74, on that... and a somewhat more
visible book chapter in 1994. (In Pribram's book Origins, bound next to the chapter by Prigogine.)"

Jack: I don't know the book. I am talking about Forward's paper "Negative Matter Propulsion" based on the ideas of Herman Bondi and Stalin's Physics Atomic Bomb Spy Master Yakov Terletski. See Sudoplatov "Special Tasks" revised paperback edition with foreword by Robert Conquest.

Werbos: "In 1968, I did mention what I thought was obvious. If you COULD somehow contain a major chunk of negative mass-energy... you get a craft of zero net mass, as close as you like, so that you would have access to space... just like... "cavorite" was it? Was that H.G. Wells? And with zero inertial mass, you don't exceed c objectively, but you can get very close to c and experience subjective speeds which feel to YOU like Star Trek... We have not proven it exists, of course, but as you hint, there is some evidence in astrophysics which makes the idea more plausible than the pure speculations you hear more about these days..."

Jack: Interesting. Can you send me that paper? We have come a long way since then. Read Saul-Paul Sirag's "Contact" in my autobiography "Destiny Matrix" (on Amazon).

1986 Kip Thorne's Star Gate Time Travel with "exotic matter".

Hawking's prohibition of time travel to past proved wrong by UFOs?

1991 or so? Alcubierre's SUPERLUMINAL timelike geodesic glider warp drive - no g-force no time dilation.

1999 discovery of anti-gravity "dark energy" almost 3/4 of universe IS EXOTIC MATTER! (misnamed)

Dark Matter Detectors will not click with Right Stuff - my prediction.
Dark Energy is virtual ZPF exotic vacuum with negative pressure

w = pressure/(energy density) = -1 from Lorentz covariance + equivalence principle

Dark Matter is virtual ZPF exotic vacuum with positive pressure w = -1 still, but from a distance it mimics w = 0 CDM.

Einstein's field equation in Newtonian limit is Poisson eq

Grad^2(Gravity Potential Energy per unit test mass) ~ (G/c^2)(Energy Density)(1 + 3w)

For ZPF w = -1 and Energy Density < 0 for RANDOM virtual electron-positron PV vacuum fluctuations, and Energy Density > 0 for RANDOM virtual photon vacuum fluctuations. Incoherent virtual photons anti-gravitate like dark energy. Incoherent virtual electron-positron pairs gravitate like dark matter. Virtual quanta cannot make electromagnetic detectors click, but they do make pure gravity detectors click and can be seen by EM detection of those gravity perturbations.

The Vacuum Coherence is primarily a GIANT QUANTUM TSUNAMI WAVE of bound virtual electro-positron pairs formed from the "EARTHQUAKE" underneath the Dirac Sea to form The Higgs Ocean!

By the way, the place where I first learned of Landau's
dipole analysis of the Casimir effect was:

Høye, J.SD., Brevik , I. && Aarseth,J.B. [2000], “The Casimir problem of spherical dielectrics: Quantum statistical and field theoretical approaches,” paper quant-ph/0008088 at xxx.lanl.gov and [2001] Physical Review E 63 051101

But in retrospect, it should have been obvious directly from
the equation of the strength of the Casimir effect!
I think I did a simple search on "Casimir" at arXiv.org, and scanned through a couple
dozen papers, and verified my conclusions via email with folks like Milton
(a fellow former student of Schwinger). The pattern was clear."

Did Schwinger write about Casimir force?

" As I checked my reference file here, I noted that Vigier was not a collaborator on
the particular book I have been citing on DeBroglie's final ideas, the book
which guided some of my thought circa 1970:

Louis DeBroglie, Nonlinear Wave Mechanics: A Causal Interpretation (A.Knodel & J.C.Miller,
tr). Elsevier, 1960.
But perhaps he might have sent me a reprint where Vigier was coauthor. I certainly remember
seeing Vigier's name as a coauthor with DeBroglie back then, but again... I am sorry it
is not so complete in my memory..


Best of luck to all...


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