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Pre-emptive strike on Iran?

On Jan 25, 2005, at 9:39 AM, Rich Doyle wrote:

"Dear jack:

Excuse me, but you assert that the North Koreans and the Islamo-fascists are not rational, but this same argument was made
about the Soviets and the Chinese."

No, that is simply false. When, where, who? Evidence? The whole MAD strategy of Herman Kahn et-al, the use of von Neumann's Theory of Games (see "A Beautiful Mind" on that BTW) was, is predicated on rational opponents who do not glorify Kamikazie Suicide Attacks with 72 Virgins waiting for them in Allah's Paradise. They did not strap explosives to children and women. I forgot to comment on your mention of Pakistan and Israel. First of all it is absurd to classify even the Likudniks with Al Qaeda, Hamas, Chechnyans et-al. Although, I generally deplore many of the heavy-handed oppressive tactics of the Likud on the oppressed Palistinian people most of whom are innocents, who need their own state, nevertheless, until the Palestinians control Hamas and their other terrorists using bombs on civilians, they will never be free. No Israeli government will launch a nuclear missile attack on US soil, that is absurd. Of course, there was that Israeli attack on a US Navy ship in Med off Lybia when in 1966 - an error. Pakistan is a different story. If there were a coup in Pakistan then most definitely Islamo-fasicists would launch Apocalypse Now strikes on us from there if they could. However, we have forces in Pakistan, now an ally, that are working to prevent that - hopefully with continued success. In any case, we will attack Iran soon if they do not comply. That is certain in my estimation and, what is relevant here, is that I reluctantly support such a move. Just my two cents worth in our democratic process where I carry a Big Stick (Staff of Moses ;-)).

"Soon, it will be made about the French."

No, that is silly. The Neo Cons have many faults, but that kind of insanity is not one of them. Most of the Neo Cons have that Utopian Idealist Red Trotskyite World Revolutionary fervor from their toilet training as Red Diaper Babies. Politics makes strange bedfellows and all that. The GWB Bush foreign policy is the fusion of Wilsonian and Trotskyite Utopianism with Christian Right Evangelical Apocalyptic Crusader "Onward Christian Soldiers" fervor. Did you know that Woodrow Wilson was a racist who showed "Birth of a Nation" at the White House and agreed with the way the Ku Klux Klan was portrayed? See the Ken Burns film on Jack Johnson (dramatized as "The Great White Hope") So much for Woodrow as the Great Democrat!

"Von Neuman, I believe, argued for pre-emptive bombing of Moscow. Our precedent shows us that even "madmen" act rationally when they have nukes, and given the strength of this precedent - it is the only way we know how to survive nuclear competition - I believe that the risk of sustaining an attack is worth taking and always unavoidable."

I would like to see the real evidence for that. Of course Johnny, Leo and Eddie were from the Transylvania part of Budapest, so what do you expect? :-) Seriously, I doubt the accuracy of your allegation above.

"Given the history of our own ( and Nazi) rocketry, there is also enough contingency even in the launch to argue against
pre-emption. In short, you are assuming (rather than demonstrating) that these states will act irrationally when the historical record suggests that they will act rationally, and you are assuming that NK and Iran will be capable of reliable delivery of the nukes, which history also suggests is unlikely on the first go. Hence if there are madmen in this scenario, it will be those who order pre-emption on the basis of these premises."

The Rev Mod Phys report assumes the liklihood of such reliable delivery yes. That's good enough for me. BTW my own black magick without magic sources suggest that the decision to pre-empt has already been made - The Die Is Cast. Essentially we are fiddling on the roof of the Victoria Emmanuel as Rome burns. ;-)

"Your singling out of the North Koreans and the Iranians also again raises the question: If we accept your premises, shouldn't we apply this logic to Israel, whose foreign and domestic policy has hardly been "rational"?"

I disagree obviously. While I strongly dislike the Likud policy of hysterical over-reaction in general to compare them as a direct military threat to USA on a par with the Islamo-fascists is preposterous. I support the policy of the Itzak Rabin who I met personally with Ed Teller for several hours at the home of Rabbi Pincus Lipner back in 1990. Now I know that the American Left on our University Campuses does not make these kinds of distinctions, but here in Bohemian North Beach, San Francisco, we are closer to the Mean Streets than you cloistered in The Ivy Groves of Academe. :-)

"How about Pakistan, that hive of proliferation?"

"Yes, dealt with above.



On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 09:22:52 -0800, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Jan 24, 2005, at 6:23 PM, Rich Doyle wrote:


Yes, I understand that it is seconds and not minutes, but you still seem to beg the question of pre-emption: Your analysis suggests an argument against ABM's - they will cause a mistaken MAD scenario - not an argument for pre-emption."

Think of this as a chess game. You are not thinking ahead to the next moves in the game. We absolutely cannot, under no circumstances, allow Iran to hold that Sword of Damocles over our heads. I am sure the Israelis see it that way. All physicists in the American Defense Community will see it that way. It is a certainty that we shall attack Iran to prevent such an intolerable situation. The Islamo-Fascists want to destroy us and if we allow Iran to develop and position the weapons
described in the Rev Mod Phys report we shall be destroyed - I guarantee it. I have no qualms, no doubts about this whatsoever and I am urging all my connections in USG and Israel to attack Iran quickly if they do not capitulate unconditionally to our ultimatum by a specified date. I do not know how influential my position might be with the powers that be (see my auto-biography "Destiny Matrix") but at least I am on record. If the numbers were different, I would, of
course, oppose such pre-emptive strikes. It's too bad we goofed on the WMD issue in Iraq so it's "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", nevertheless on the issue of Iran and North Korea I side with the Neo Cons. I generally favor Pat Buchanan's, Maureen Dowd's and Senator Barbara Boxer's views on foreign policy, but not in this instance. If they understood the physics of WMD in its fullness they would agree with me on this issue. It's simply a matter of the numbers.

"With the time tested strategy of deterrence, the US could enjoy the same or greater security as it does today if N. Korea or Iran possessed nukes. What reason would they have for launching if they understand in advance that the US would respond
with overwhelming nuclear force should they succeed in launching a single nuke? Finally, why doesn't your logic of pre-emption apply to other nascent nuclear powers such as Pakistan? Israel?


Very simple, the Islamo-fascists and that Madman in North Korea are not rational creatures like the Soviets were or the Russians today are, or the Chinese. The Islamo-fascists are essentially Kamikazi Suicide Bombers who want to destroy democracy. We must destroy them or they will destroy us. There is no middle ground here. George Walker Bush's simple view on this is, unfortunately, the correct view. Reluctantly, for whatever it may be worth, I swing my support to Wolfowitz's pre-emptive strategy on Iran and North Korea.

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 13:55:29 -0800, Jack Sarfatti

On Jan 23, 2005, at 12:41 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote to Richard Doyle:

Richard read again what I wrote more slowly. I give adequate reasons.
Basically ONLY A MATTER OF TENS OF SECONDS and if we launch ABM
will launch MAD against USA!

On Jan 23, 2005, at 12:15 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Richard, would that it were ten minutes! It's TEN SECONDS! It would
take longer than that for President Bush to comprehend the decision
he had to make! I wrote "seconds" not "minutes". Your estimate is
by a factor of 60. Minutes is 1950's SAC Fail-Safe. Today it's
seconds - faster than we can think on deciding Apocalypse Now! To
or not to be?

"Defense of the entire United States against solid-propellant ICBMs
launched from Iran appears impractical; even a system with 10-km/s
interceptors based both in the Caspian Sea and in Turkmenistan or
Afghanistan would provide less than ten seconds of decision time,
which is unlikely to be adequate for an operational system." p.xxvii
Rev Mod Phys, July 2004, 76, 3, Part II

*Note this correction to my earlier hastily-written bad phrasing
may have given the false idea that the Iranian missiles would be
launched from the Caspian Sea. It's our ABMS that would be launched
from there in a "best case scenario" that is not good enough - hence
the legitimate case for pre-emptive strikes on Iran NOW i.e. ASAP by
the Israeli Air Force and USAF.

On Jan 23, 2005, at 11:10 AM, Rich Doyle wrote:

Forgive a character for appearing out of nowhere. Such is to be
expected in this Sarfatti hypertextual post modern scientific
I have only two requests that I ask in the urgent context provoked
by a claim for the necessity of pre-emptive action against Iran.

(1) Where can one find this discussion of "boost-phase intercept
systems" in the Review of Modern Physics?

Go to the Physics Library at your University. Or contact
Fax (206) 543-6782

The document is:

"Report of the American Physical Society Study Group on Boost-Phase
Intercept Systems for National Missile Defense: Scientific and
Technical Issues 12 authors from UCB, MIT, UI, Sandia, SLAC,
National Lab, LDM Menlo Park, RAND, Los Alamos National Lab,

No American physicist can oppose immediate pre-emptive air strike on
Iran targets after looking at this report - subject to a definite
date of a US Ultimatum to the Iranian Mullahs for unfettered
inspection by IAEA. Even if their facilities are underground we can
track truck traffic in and out via satellite and Special Forces
infiltration teams and we can bury their spider holes under tons of
rock if need be.

An online query yielded no
response. Perhaps I have not searched sufficiently, and, like
WMD, if will encounter continual claims for its existence.
would be helpful - I literally have no time for a bricks and mortar
library search - this "ten minute window" could be now! - and no
trusty assistant to whom I can outsource it.


(2) What exegesis of this discussion of "boost-phase intercept
systems" warrants the honorable Sarfatti's claim that pre-emptive
strikes are a necessity? This necessity is asserted rather than
argued, and such a rhetorical strategy is uncannily similar to the
strategy that enabled the unfounded and indefensible invasion of
Iraq. It was precisely the *absolute certainty* that weapons of
destruction were to be found in Iraq that warranted Powell et al's
dismissal of the UN's efforts: If Hans Blick didn't find them, it
wasn't because there were none to be found, b/c the administration
knew with certainty that WMD's were there. We now approach
in knowing that no WMD's were there. Given that this new assertion
certainty comes in the wake of a fictional argument for the war in
Iraq, ought we not wonder about any claims for such knowledge about
the capacity of other nation states?

Read the report. :-) Also I am not suggesting land invasion only
surgical strikes. Our Army is exhausted in Iraq. We could not launch
a land invasion against Iran for quite awhile. It would require a US
Army of several million men under arms at least Vietnam level if not
WWII and that means a draft. Our only immediate option is air power.

(3) Pre-emption therefore relies on an essentially imaginary
- it imagines that it can tell the future, and acts accordingly.
Deterrence also deployed such an imaginary techology, but it
seemed to prevent wars: A state such as Iran imagined the
consequences of launching a strike against another nuclear power,
concluded that it was not worth the risk of its imagination being
correct. What happened to that other character in the post modern
national security novel - deterrence?

I suspect that the decision to pre-empt has already been made by
Sharon in Israel with tacit compliance by Bush. In any case I would
not oppose it anymore because of the facts in the Rev Mod Phys
report. Were it "ten minutes" and not "ten seconds" it might be

Responses read with gratitude. RD

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 21:10:29 -0800, Jack Sarfatti

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jack Sarfatti
Date: January 22, 2005 8:48:19 PM PST
To: Doc Savage
Subject: Maureen Dowd & In Defense of Neocon "Wolfowitz"
Strike Policy on Iran and North Korea

On Jan 22, 2005, at 2:18 PM, Howard Fertman wrote:

Iranian nuke program is probably well bunkered and
you think we could really take it out from the air?

Yes, that's why we are developing those bunker busters that go
deep. In any case we can literally bury them alive if need be. If
read the Rev Mod Phys report you will see that we have no choice.
If I
were President I would not hesitate and I was not at all for the
invasion. I basically agree with Maureen Dowd on the
of the Bush II people as does Bush I's confidant General Brent
Scowcroft. We invaded the wrong country. The real WMD threat is
My position here is not at all ideological. As a physicist,
at CAP Brooklyn, USAF ROTC Cornell by the Los Alamos weaponeers
WWII Manhattan Project and Project Jason people at UCSD, I see no
other choice. Either Iran and North Korea surrender or we wipe
their military capability with pre-emptive strikes. It's us or
The facts are in Rev Mod Phys. We could not use ABM even if we
good one, which we do not, because Russia would be forced to
attack us
not knowing where our ABMs were really headed. The kicker is
not enough TIME ONLY TEN SECONDS window of opportunity for some
positions in Iran even if our interceptors were near the Caspian
Sea. That's the problem. I was really
shocked when I saw the Rev Mod Phys report. Before then I would
been against it. Unlike Condi I can do arithmetic. :-)

Note Maureen's reference to "spooky action at a distance" below.
Newton's third law etc. - and to Da Vinci Code! ;-)


"Don't Know Much About Algebra

Published: January 20, 2005

Columnist Page: Maureen Dowd

Forum: Discuss This Column

E-mail: liberties@nytimes.com

Lawrence Summers, the president of Harvard, has been pilloried
suggesting that women may be biologically unsuited to succeed at

He may have a point.

Just look at Condoleezza Rice.

She's clearly a well-educated, intelligent woman, versed in
and the Bolsheviks, who has just been rewarded for her loyalty
the most plum assignment in the second Bush cabinet.

Yet her math skills are woefully inadequate.

She can't do simple equations. She doesn't even know that X
zero equals zero. If you multiply 1,370 dead soldiers times zero
weapons of mass destruction, that equals zero achievement for
Rice, who helped the president and vice president bamboozle the
country into war.

Was Condi out doing figure eights at the ice skating rink when
should have been home learning her figures? She couldn't have
much time studying classic word problems: If two trains leave
at noon, one going south at 20 miles an hour and one going north
30 miles an hour, how far will each have gotten by midnight?

Otherwise, she might have realized that if two cars leave the
Baghdad airport at noon on the main highway into the capital of
neither one is going to get there with any living passengers.
months at war have not added up to that one major highway's

It's lucky for Ms. Rice that she's serving with men who are
lame at numbers as she is. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul
couldn't be bothered to tally correctly the number of dead
when he testified before Congress. And his boss, Donald
didn't realize that using an autopen signature on more than
letters to the relatives of fallen troops added up to zero

Our new top diplomat has obviously not mastered fractions. When
asserted during her confirmation hearing that 120,000 Iraqi
had been trained, Senator Joe Biden corrected her, saying she
by a bit. His calculation of trained Iraqi troops was actually
- hers was 30 times that. Maybe she's confusing hyperbole and

Her geometry is skewed if she thinks she'll now be more
than Rummy and Dick Cheney. Doesn't she know that the Pentagon
more sides than her Crawford triangle with George and Laura?

She could at least have read "The Da Vinci Code." Then she
have learned about Fibonacci numbers, a recurring mathematical
pattern in nature. When you invade a country, you should expect
insurgency. Or, as Fibonacci might have calculated it, if you
one jihadist, two more arrive to take his place; if you kill
five more pop up; if you get five, eight more appear, and so on.

The incoming secretary of state and her colleagues are, alas,
lousy at economics. After Bush officials promised that the
expenses would be covered by Iraqi oil revenues, we find
spending $1 billion a week of our own money.

Ms. Rice and her fellow imperialists know so little about
that they arrogantly jumped into "spooky action at a distance,"
turning the country they had hoped to make into a model
into a training ground for international terrorists, a nucleus
for a
new generation of radioactively dangerous fanatics.

How could they forget Newton's third law: for every action,
an equal and opposite reaction?

The administration needs a lesson in subtraction. How do we
our troops and replace them with Iraqi troops while the
keep subtracting Iraqi troops with car bombs and

Condi may not know Einstein's theory of relativity, but she
has a
fine grasp of Cheney's theory of moral relativity. Because
the good guys, they can do anything: dissembling to get into
flattening Iraqi cities to save them; replacing the Geneva
Conventions with unconventional ways of making prisoners talk.
only equation the Bushies know is this one: Might = Right.

It is puzzling that if you add X (no exit strategy) to Y (Why
are we
there?) you get W²: George Bush's second inauguration.

At Condi's hearing, she justified the Bush administration's
misadventures by saying history would prove it right. "I know
about history to stand back and to recognize that you judge
not at the moment, but in how it all adds up," she told a
Senator Biden.

Problem is, she's calculating, but she can't add. For now, Sam
is right about the Bushies. They don't know much about history."

E-mail: liberties@nytimes.com


On Jan 22, 2005, at 1:05 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Memorandum For The Record

Advanced Intelligence Agency
The Invisible College of The Secret "Black Ops" Think Tank

Although I have had my doubts like everyone some new facts come
light. I received my copy of special issue of Reviews of Modern
Physics July 2004, Vol 76 No 3 Part II on Boost-Phase Intercept
Systems for National Defense: Scientific and Technical Issue. I
it only a few days ago - several months late.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist, though it helps, to

1. Either the Bush Administration creates regime change in both
Korea and Iran with native democratic forces from inside the
respective Axis of Evil Rogue Nations.


2. IAF and USAF do pre-emptive surgical cruise missile/air
strikes on
all targets in Iran & North Korea ASAP, sooner rather than

Why? We have no real alternative. No defense against missile
from North Korea and Iran, especially Iran, is practical with
technology. I have no hesitation, no uncertainty whatever, in
advising President George Walker Bush to launch pre-emptive
with Israeli & RAF allies against all targets in Iran and North
ASAP if they fail to meet a US Ultimatum by a definite date. I
reluctantly come to this conclusion from the facts. We have no
effective defense barring black ops reverse engineering of "dark
energy" alien ET super-technology, that I assume, for this
does not exist in any operational form we can rely on.

Major problem: our launch of interceptors against North Korea
Iran missile attacks would also look like our direct attacks on
Russia and China and would launch a Doomsday MAD response from
In likely cases the decision on both sides would have to be done
less than 10 seconds!

For example, from Rev Mod Phys: note "maybe" below i.e. we do
have such and are not likely to in time

"1. Boost-phase defense against ... ICBMs hinges on the burn
the attacking missile and the speed of the defending interceptor
rocket. Defense of the entire United States against
liquid-propelleant ICBM ... launched from ... North Korea and
may be technically feasible ... However, the interceptor rockets
would have to be substantially faster (and therefore necessarily
larger) than those usually proposed ...

2. Boost-phase defense of the entire United States against
solid-propellant ICBMs, which have shorter burn times .. is
to be practical when all factors are considered ... [even
North Korea [even if we can make high speed interceptors, which
currently do not have and are not likely to have they] could not
defend against solid-propellant ICBMs launched from Iran ...

3. If interceptor rockets were based in space ... With the
we judge could become available in the next fifteen years,
against a single ICBM would require a thousand or more
... Deploying such a system would require at least a five- to
increase over current US space-launch rates ...

4. The Airborne Laser ... would be ineffective against
solid-propellant ICBMs ...

5. The existing US Navy Aegis ... should be capable of
against short-or medium-range missiles launched from ships,
... off US coasrs. However, interceptor rockets would have to be
positioned within a few tens of kilometers of the launch
the attacking missile.

6. A key problem is ... munitions short fall ... a successful
intercept could cause live nuclear, chemical or biological
to fall on populated areas short of the target, in the United
or other countries"

*Other countries include Russia and Red China! Possibly Japan.
some cases we have only 10 seconds to decide! p.xxvii

"Timing intercepts accurately enough to avoid this problem would

On Jan 22, 2005, at 12:19 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

What accounts for the intelligence blunder on Iraqi WMD?

Here are, perhaps, some clues.

On Jan 21, 2005, at 10:57 AM, Green, Christopher, retired
of CIA Weird Desk, wrote:

Well, there are 72,100 hits on Google scholar for the
hits for Dyons, and 678 references in the NSF Physics
Lots of folks just don't know what Jack does.

To which I cite:

"Attempts to find monopoles

A number of attempts have been made to detect magnetic
ranging from simple experiments with large coils of wire
to catch passing monopoles to experiments involving the
analysis of
collisions in particle accelerators. Although there have been
tantalizing events recorded, none of these experiments have
produced reproducible evidence for the existence of magnetic

There are a number of possible explanations for these results:

▪ monopoles do not exist, or
▪ that they are very rare, or
▪ that they have some property that prevents them
detected by our current experimental designs, or
▪ that the experiments are flawed.


In particle theory, a magnetic monopole arises from a
glitch in the vacuum configuration of gauge fields in a Grand
Unified Theory or other gauge unification scenario. The length
scale over which this special vacuum configuration exists is
the correlation length of the system. A correlation length
be larger than causality would allow, therefore the
length for making magnetic monopoles must be at least as big
horizon size determined by the metric of the expanding

According to that logic, there should be at least one magnetic
monopole per horizon volume as it was when the symmetry
took place. This creates a problem, because it predicts that
monopole density today should be about 10^11 times the
density of our Universe, according to the Big Bang model. But
far, physicists have been unable to find even one. Also, the
Universe appears to be close to its critical density - for all
matter combined.

Non-inflationary Big Bang cosmology suggests that monopoles
be plentiful, and the failure to find magnetic monopoles is
the main problems that led to the creation of cosmic inflation
theory. In inflation, the visible universe was much smaller in
period before inflation, and despite the very short time
inflation, it would have been small enough for the whole
universe to have been within the horizon, and thus not
many monopoles. At the moment, versions of inflation seem to
most likely cosmological theories.

The idea of magnetic monopoles existing is an appealing one,
light of the very natural and elegant way they would fit into
number of theories that physicists find promising. For
Paul Dirac's conclusion (related to the Aharonov-Bohm effect)
the existence of magnetic monopoles implies that both electric
magnetic charge are quantized is unquestioned."




see also










On Jan 21, 2005, at 2:39 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

This is the same kind of clueless argument I got into with
other USG intelligence genius Paul Murad over at DIA & STAIF
did not know that inflation cosmology predicts flat space. The
subject of magnetic monopoles is a legitimate subject. I never
otherwise! The mystery or anomaly is why we do not see any
isolated ones. The speculative claims cited below are not
corroborated. That was what I was talking about. Kit's point
is a red herring. Kit do not take these polemical cheap shots
only blow up in your face. You cannot outsmart me in my field
anymore than I can outsmart you in your field. Indeed, I would
never even try to. :-)

some references

On Jan 21, 2005, at 2:33 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Of course there are many theory papers on the subject. There
no sustained credible claims that they actually exist in any
numbers in this universe! That was my point! You are being
simplistic here.

Indeed one of the triumphs of inflation cosmology is to
why we don't see them cosmically!

On Jan 21, 2005, at 10:57 AM, Green, Christopher wrote:

Well, there are 72,100 hits on Google scholar for the
hits for Dyons, and 678 references in the NSF Physics
Lots of folks just don't know what Jack does.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jack Sarfatti [mailto:sarfatti@pacbell.net]
Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2005 6:33 PM
To: Doc Savage
Subject: Cold fusion nano-tech, monopoles & "What about the
P. Werbos

On Jan 20, 2005, at 1:32 PM, Gary S. Bekkum wrote:

Jack wrote:

That utter nonsense! There are no magnetic monopole
BOGUS pseudoscience!


BTW it was ... from NSF re: the de Broglie 'double

"...if it turns out to be the critical clue that tells us
how to
manipulate magnetic monopoles or dyons... there is some
saying that could be used to catalyze baryon decay. Let me
Efficient, fast baryon decay would imply the ability to use
matter as a nuclear fuel, with 1,000 times as much energy
produced per

gram of nuclear fuel as we now have with fission or
fusion. I
think I
understand why there was some Russian interest in that,
back to


Also Lochak was a student of de Broglie ...

Chaotic inflation theory says only maybe ONE magnetic
monopole per
Hubble universe.
No evidence for dyons, but when I have time I will check. I
a lot
of Schwinger's papers.

Paul Werbos did ask "What about the neutrino?" echo of I.
ordered that?"

The context is my Wheeler-Bohm micro-geon model of the
the numbers 10^-18 cm, 10^-11 cm = h/mc & 10^-13 cm =
e^2/mc^2 all
connect together neatly in Schwarschild wormhole toy model:

C/R ~ (1 - (8pi/3)/\zpf(e^2/mc^2)^3p/h)^1/2

C = effective size of electron to virtual photon scattering

R = fixed physical radius e^2/mc^2

When p/h scattering momentum transfer corresponds to 10^-18
resolution of the Heisenberg microscope, you need the zero
density core to be

/\zpf ~ (mc/h)^2

i.e. the virtual electron-positron plasma cloud dressing of
electron extends out to h/mc exactly as it should! The
size of
the electron at 10^-18 cm resolution is effectively a POINT
i.e. C/R -> 0, R FIXED physically. Ditto for quarks inside
hadrons. Now
what about the neutrino? It has weak charge of course.
Data seems to say rest mass ~ 0.1 ev i.e. 10^-6 mc^2, which
for neutrino very large ~ 10^-6 cm ~ 10 nanometers.

Imagine an electro-weak resonance in the electron-neutrino
reaction cross section

~ 1/{[(E^2 - (mc^2)^2] + (h/T)^2}

E = energy transfer, mc^2 ~ 0.1 ev T = life time of the

Then use the Schwinger cold fusion idea with some kind of
molecular cage that traps the massive neutrino whose virtual
neutrino-antineutrino dressing cloud of 10 nanometers in
FITS into the cage! An electro-weak cold fusion resonant
chemical energy scale then perhaps begins to make some
Maybe. I
am simply brain-storming here from Paul Werbos's question.

"What is
is always a totality of ensembles,
all present together, in an orderly series of stages of
enfoldment and unfoldment, which intermingle and
inter-penetrate each other in principle throughout the whole
of space. " David Bohm

Richard Doyle
Science, Medicine, Technology & Culture
Director of Composition
Department of English
Penn State University

I do not know who this brilliant bizarro is - maybe Nick Herbert up to
his old TrickstoristicsOn Jan 24, 2005, at 2:47 AM, Koyaanisqatsi
Fahrvergnugen wrote:


---"Pontifex Maximus" wrote:

"If you really want to enslave people,
tell them that you're going to give
them total freedom."
--- L. Ron Hubbard

See also George Orwell, 1984, Animal Farm


To: "Pontifex Maximus"
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 08:42:36 -0330
IT IS NOW: : http://www.raymondfowler.com

Raymond E. Fowler: http://www.raymondfowler.com


Miller is professor of media studies at New York
University and author of The Bush Dyslexicon.
On an IPA release dated March 18, 2003
[ www.accuracy.org/press_releases/PR031803.htm],
titled "White House Claims: A Pattern of Deceit,"
Miller stated: "The most successful lie is that
Iraq is tied to 9-11." He said today:

"The White House keeps hinting that Iraq was
implicated in the terrorist attacks. On Sunday,
Condoleezza Rice repeatedly implied that Islamic
terrorism had been aided by Saddam Hussein.
With him gone, she said, the Middle East no longer
has 'an atmosphere in which you have ideologies of
hatred spawning people who slam airplanes in the
World Trade Centers [sic].' That claim is groundless.
Before the war, there was no evidence of any such
connections -- and, in Iraq, no evidence has come to
light these last three months."

Bush and Freedom:

"Meria Heller"

The Bush Dyslexicon
Observations on a National Disorder
by Mark Crispin Miller
An excerpt, Part 1 of 4

"Thomas R. Ascher" wrote to: "AB"

Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2005 12:45 PM
Putin will spray rain clouds to guarantee sunshine for
U.S Patent 3,899,144 - U.S.NAVY Chemtrail dispenser -1975
download here (R101r Files)
Hughs Chemtrail Patent:
NOAA Form for Weather Modification
download here (R101r Files)
Project Cloverleaf
From a mechanic:
see also on same page:
Dyn-O-Drought & Dyn-O-Storm

EPA: Aircraft Regulations/Guidance Documents

Proposed Rule -- Control of Air Pollution from
Aircraft and Aircraft Engines; Emission Standards
and Test Procedures (Published September 30, 2003)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is
proposing to amend the existing emission standards
for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) for new commercial
aircraft engines. These new standards are
equivalent to the latest NOx emission standards
of the United Nations International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO), and thereby would bring the
United States aircraft standards into alignment
with the international standards. These standards
would go into effect in 2004 and would apply to
new aircraft engines utilized on commercial
aircraft that include small regional jets,
single-aisle aircraft, twin-aisle aircraft,
and 747s and larger aircraft.

Federal Register Notice
(Published September 30, 2003) 612K PDF
Fact Sheet:
"Proposed Aircraft Engine Emission Standards"
(EPA420-F-03-029, September 2003) 117K PDF

"Aircraft Contrails Factsheet"
(EPA430-F-00-005, September 2000) 1.56M PDF
For further information or assistance about
this list, please contact Cheryl O'Neal;
phone: (734) 214-4269 or


Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Environment and Energy, AEE-300
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20591
Emissions Division (AEE-300)

--- Jack Sarfatti ha scritto:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jack Sarfatti
Date: January 22, 2005 1:05:15 PM PST
To: Victor Martinez ,
Paul Werbos
Subject: In Defense of Neocon "Wolfowitz" Pre-emptive
Strike Policy on Iran and North Korea? A Modest Proposal
Memorandum For The Record
Advanced Intelligence Agency
The Invisible College of The Secret "Black Ops" Think Tank

re: Report of the American Physical Society Study Group on Boost-Phase
Intercept Systems for National Missile Defense: Scientific and
Technical Issues" published 13 October, 2004 Reviews of Modern
July 2004, Volume 76, No 3 PART II, http://rmp.aps.org
Fax (206) 543-6782
1. Either the Bush Administration creates regime change in
both North Korea and Iran with native democratic forces from
inside the respective Axis of Evil Rogue Nations.
2. IAF and USAF do pre-emptive surgical cruise missile/air
strikes on all targets in Iran & North Korea ASAP,
sooner rather than later.
January 23
China Plans Next Manned Space Shot


[ ] [ ] [ ]

Women's situation much worse than before the fall of Hussein.
[...] http://tinyurl.com/3ktne

"...America has put Iraqi women in this position, and as long
as profits are insured for western investors, change for them
is unlikely. A government like the one that has been imposed
is less threatening to western profits, with little regard
for the women and other people it is ruining."
Source: Covert Action Quarterly Spring 04
"Assault on Iraqi Women"
By Gregory Elich
Synopsis by Amanda Pyle
Oil and troubled waters
An explosion of demand, plus international rivalry,
will inevitably lead to confrontation.

By Gerry Van Wyngen
BRW. 20 January 2005

The fight in recent times to secure future oil and
gas supplies is likely to lead to international
confrontation within a few years. It is a danger
that most Western countries, including Australia,
have not grasped fully. Oil prices have receded from
their $US50-a-barrel spike before Christmas but seem
unable to fall below $US40, which most analysts
believe is the top of the appropriate trading range
at the present inventory levels. This surprise is
believed to be shared by Organisation of Petroleum
Exporting Countries (Opec) producers. But there are
other dynamics in train.

Perhaps the first shot in this acquisition contest
was the invasion of Iraq by the US-led "coalition of
the willing". Despite the stated moral and security
imperatives, there was also a large slice of business
pragmatism. Russia and France were heavily involved
in Iraq's oil industry, and America wanted in.
More importantly, George W. Bush's strategists
envisaged a doubling of oil production that would
lower oil prices and pay for the cost of post-war
reconstruction. At the time, Rupert Murdoch, [owner
of FoxNews], an enthusiastic Bush supporter, was
predicting that the increase in oil production would
push prices down to $US20 a barrel.

The invasion was one of this decade's biggest strategy
blunders, and did not work out as planned. Iraq's oil
production is now less than before the war, and exports
from the rich northern oil fields have ceased since
the pipeline to Turkey was sabotaged on December 18.

[ ] [ ] [ ]

Oil Rebounds, China's Crude Imports Surge
Fri Jan 21, 2005 05:17 AM ET
LONDON (Reuters) - Oil rebounded from sharp recent
losses on Friday as China reported a fresh record
in crude imports and a U.S. cold snap was expected
to keep up demand for heating fuels.
U.S. light crude climbed 44 cents to $47.75 a barrel,
and London Brent crude was up 40 cents at $44.72.

Prices have eased from 7-week highs close to $50 a
barrel after U.S. government data showed a rise in
fuel supplies in the world's biggest consumer at a
time when inventories usually decline at the coldest
point of winter.

But worries over sabotage attacks on Iraq's oil
industry ahead of Jan. 30 elections, uncertainty over
the outcome of OPEC's ministerial meeting on the same
day, and persistent hitches to world supply have
limited losses.

"Short-term fundamentals are not strong in the United
States as evidenced by this week's stocks data, but
the Iraq election and OPEC's meeting at the end of
the month is keeping the market from selling off,"
said Tony Nunan at Mitsubishi Corp. in Tokyo.

Sharply higher oil demand in China, now the world's
second biggest consumer, was partly behind the surge
in oil prices last year to a record peak above
$55 a barrel.

"We should expect record import volumes from China
every month. Demand growth is slowing but is still
growing faster than domestic production,"
said Gordon Kwan, director of oil and gas research
at CLSA in Hong Kong. ...

[ ] [ ] [ ]

Military Solution to an Economic Crisis

Military Solution to an Economic Crisis
Real Reasons for the US Invasion:

Indeed the US [...] plans to reverse ... various
trends ... by seizing the world's richest
oil-producing regions.

This it deems necessary for three related reasons.

1. Securing US supplies: First, the US itself is
increasingly dependent on oil imports--already a little
over half its daily consumption of 20 million barrels
is imported. It imports its oil from a variety of
sources--Canada, Venezuela, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia,
even Iraq. But its own production is falling, and will
continue to fall steadily, even as its consumption
continues to grow. In future, inevitably, it will
become increasingly dependent on oil from west
Asia-north Africa--a region where the masses of
ordinary people despise the US, where three of the
leading oil producers (Iraq, Iran and Libya) are
professedly anti-American, and the others
(Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates) are
in danger of being toppled by anti-American forces.
The US of course doing its best to tie up or seize
supplies from other regions--west Africa, northern
Latin America, the Caspian region. And yet the US
cannot escape the simple arithmetic.

2. Maintaining dollar hegemony: Secondly, if other
imperialist powers were able to displace US dominance
in the region, the dollar would be dealt a severe blow.
The pressure for switching to the euro would become
irresistible and would ring the death knell of dollar
supremacy. On the other hand, complete US control of
oil would preserve the rule of the dollar (not only
would oil producers continue to use the dollar for
their international trade, but the dollar's international
standing would rise) and hurt the credibility of the euro.

3. Oil as a weapon: Thirdly, direct American control
of oil would render potential challengers for world
or regional supremacy (Europe's imperialist powers,
Japan and China) dependent on the US. It is clear the
US is following this policy.

[ ] [ ] [ ]

Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government
(And You Know THEY Never Lie!) http://eia.doe.gov/

Energy Information Administration, EI 30
The Early Release of the Annual Energy Outlook 2005
Tables with reference case results for all years
Tables with current futures case results for all
The Annual Energy Outlook 2004 Report has been archived
and is available at:
Annual Energy Outlook 2005 (Early Release) - Overview
Energy Production and Imports
Figure data
Total energy consumption is expected to increase more
rapidly than domestic energy supply through 2025.
As a result, net imports of energy are projected to
meet a growing share of energy demand...
Net imports are expected to constitute 38 percent of
total U.S. energy consumption in 2025, up from
27 percent in 2003.

Projected U.S. crude oil production increases from
5.7 million barrels per day in 2003 to a peak of
6.2 million barrels per day in 2009 as a result of
increased production offshore, predominantly from
the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Beginning in
2010, U.S. crude oil production begins to decline,
falling to 4.7 million barrels per day in 2025.

Total domestic petroleum supply (crude oil, natural
gas plant liquids, refinery processing gains, and
other refinery inputs) follows the same pattern as
crude oil production in the AEO2005 forecast,
increasing from 9.1 million barrels per day in
2003 to a peak of 9.8 million barrels per day in
2009, then declining to 8.8 million barrels per day
in 2025...

In 2025, net petroleum imports, including both crude
oil and refined products, are expected to account for
68 percent of demand (on the basis of barrels per day),
up from 56 percent in 2003. Despite an expected
increase in distillation capacity at domestic
refineries, net imports of refined petroleum products
account for a growing portion of total net imports,
increasing from 14 percent in 2003 to 16 percent
in 2025 (as compared with 20 percent in AEO2004).

The most significant change in the AEO2005 energy
supply projections is in the outlook for natural
gas, particularly domestic lower 48 onshore
production and LNG imports. Domestic natural gas
production increases from 19.1 trillion cubic feet
in 2003 to 21.8 trillion cubic feet in 2025 in the
AEO2005 forecast; AEO2004 projected 24.0 trillion
cubic feet of domestic natural gas pr oduction
in 2025. ...Continued at:
On Jan 22, 2005, at 12:19 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:
What accounts for the intelligence blunder on Iraqi WMD?
Here are, perhaps, some clues.

On Jan 21, 2005, at 10:57 AM, Green, Christopher,
retired keeper of CIA Weird Desk, wrote:

Well, there are 72,100 hits on Google scholar
for the monopoles, 9,707 hits for Dyons, and 678
references in the NSF Physics literature link.
Lots of folks just don't know what Jack does.

[Christopher "Kit" Green, M.D., Ph.D.,
General Motors officer, former top UFO official at CIA,
former head of Robert T. Bigelow's NIDS Institute's
Scientific Advisory Board ]
702-639-4440 - FAX 702-639-0881

To which I cite:

Attempts to find monopoles: http://tinyurl.com/5wkt3
A number of attempts have been made to detect magnetic
monopoles, ranging from simple experiments with large
coils of wire attempting to catch passing monopoles to
experiments involving the analysis of collisions in
particle accelerators. Although there have been
tantalizing events recorded, none of these experiments
have produced reproducible evidence for the existence
of magnetic monopoles.

There are a number of possible explanations
for these results:

monopoles do not exist, or

that they are very rare, or

that they have some property
that prevents them from being
detected by our current
experimental designs, or

that the experiments are flawed.


see also

some references [OPENS INTO PDFs]:

"Q u a z g a a" wrote:


"The chains that hold the Fenris Wolf are rent asunder,
and the Wolf courses about. Brothers shall fight and slay
one another; sisters' sons shall break the bonds of
kinship. It shall fare hard with the world: great
whoredom, an axe-age, a sword-age, shields shall be
cloven, a wind-age, a wolf-age, ere the world sinks in
ruin. No man shall spare the other."
-- Voluspa
A Note from Val:

"Fear comes when you identify with the body, its fear
of mortality and the genetic programming underlying
both. It means you are capable of being manipulated
by those whose task it is to re-stimulate body fears
for their own agenda in the battle of the polarities.
ARE, you will fear Nothing. You are here at this time
to experience, and to observe the unfolding of
The Game, while the polarities DO WHAT THEY MUST.

"Will you allow yourself to be manipulated by others,
or your own reactive emotions, or by body-induced
FEAR? What will you choose? Meanwhile the 'peace
movements' continue to unwittingly supply energy to
the dark side, which feeds off all the energy to
strengthen itself - to no avail in the end. Will you
choose to participate in the polarity drama, watch or
observe and learn? Your choice will influence the
result for you.

IN SPITE OF IT. You cannot stop any sequence of
events that are part of The Game, or the wild cards
that are introduced - nor would you want to (unless
you don't know who you are). It is what you chose
for experience. You will experience it and move on
to new experience, where you will make use of that
which you have learned here. So what's really the
big deal? There isn't one - it's just experience
for every incarnation concerned, uniquely flavored
for each, to be reflected upon afterward. Allow those
in mid and low-level incarnational perspectives to
do their thing, and observe. http://www.trufax.org/
See also What To Do During EndGame.

"...both sides are in error. Life is not supposed
to be a struggle, each against the other. It is an idea
that has its origin with Hobbes, and it has been
programmed into people's minds as defining the way life is.
It, too, is a lie. People have been lied to for so long
they believe it is all the truth. It isn't.
The whole planetary socio-cultural system is a lie.
If you are offered two choices, pick a third one yourself,
but make it reasonable, impeccable, and characteristic of
a non-polaric consciousness."
- Val Valerian http://www.trufax.org/

Future Based on the Studies of Robert Monroe
by Val Valerian

Robert Monroe is perhaps most famous for his books Journeys Out
of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. A true pioneer
in terms of the evolution of human consciousness. The notable
work in terms of investigations into the future of man appeared
in Far Journeys. In that book, Monroe details his discovery that
the Earth is surrounded by "bands" in which individuals congregate
after physical death, for varying lengths of time, based on their
individual resonant vibration and belief systems. This idea is
also quite evident in the work War in Heaven, which details the
manipulative control structures related to religious belief
systems in some of these interdimensional bands. Monroe's
discoveries about these rings/bands are important because of
what he discovers later about them around the time period of
3,000 AD.
Now, this is the interesting part. They told Monroe that
entities newly arriving on Earth at that time period first
had to experience one human life cycle in a period of time
before the changes were made, and then they were allowed to
spend time there. Monroe was told that these one-time experiences
were going on in the 20th century for some of those destined to
return to occupy the dimensional area around Earth in 3000 AD+.
Those who graduated from the Earth environment in 3,000 AD did
not return to Earth. They no longer needed to experience Earth
and could take on physical forms in lessening degrees of density
and radiation patterns until they no longer felt the need to do
so....on their journey to the infinite growth patterns of
consciousness that were developing all the time. Happy Trails!


Meanwhile, way back in Persia:

I sent my Soul through the Invisible,
Some letter of that After-life to spell:
And by and by my soul return'd to me,
And answer'd "I Myself am Heav'n and Hell."
Omar Khayyam


...And, speaking of falling rocks...
... "In pre-Islamic days, called the Days of Ignorance,
the religious background of the Arabs was pagan, and
basically animistic." ...

"According to some (apparently different) sources such as


"... Muhammad's uncle was one of the resident priests of the
Shiv temple known as 'Kaaba'. ... this glorious Hindu temple
was made to symbolically represent a microcosm of the
universe. ... Right at the centre of the Kaaba
was the octogonal pedestal of Bramha the creator. ...
Muhammad destroyed all 360 idols,
but even he could not summon the courage to
completely obliterate the Shivling in the Kaaba. ...

"... Today it [the Shivling] lies broken at seven places
and held together by a silver band studded with silver
nails, bearing the name 'Sangey Aswad' which came from
the Sanskrit Ashwet meaning non-white or black stone.
[...] From the Hindu point of view, it is Shiva's lingham,
or phallic symbol. [...]

"... oral recitation of Vedic scriptures was always done in
a lyrical fashion, utilizing music ... Muhammad decided to
forbid Music. ...".
"The status of women was that of pride and equal respect.
How could it be otherwise with a people whose chief deity
was the goddess Durga (Alla). Women married men of their
choice and were financially independent. They were
entrepeneurs, artisans, poets and even warriors! Later on
Muhammad would marry Khadija, who was not only a wealthy
merchant but also in the position to choose her own
husband. This clearly demonstrates the level of freedom
women enjoyed in Vedic Arabia. Hind, who was the wife of
Muhammad's chief enemy Abu Sufyan, herself participated
in the battlefield."
"Gone were the schools, teachers, libraries,
poets, artists, philosophers and scholars that
had littered the Vedic landscape of Arabia like
stars. Everyone had to become a raider if not
from choice then for the sake of surviving the
absolute intolerance of dissenters, that Islam
preached. Thus was the light of learning
extinguished in Arabia. All that remained was
the Koran, the Kalma and the murderous hatred
of anything Non-Muslim."
"Kali: the bloodthirsty wife of Shiva, with
blue-black body, four arms, using a human skull
as a cup. Her color symbolizes eternal night of
non-existence, free of illusion and distinction.
She wears a garland of the heads of impure
thoughts, which She has severed from the
personalities of Her devotees."
"The Shivling is the sacred meteorite. [...]
From the Hindu point of view, it is Shiva's lingham,
or phallic symbol. [...]

"More material and pictures about such things on webpage:

"Although the above is not widely known in Eurocentric societies,
it is common knowledge in India, and indicates some of the history
and depth of feeling that is involved in the Muslim-Hindu conflicts
between Pakistan and India."
"... Muhammad received his first revelation in
610, on the mountain of Hira outside Mecca. The
revelation came in a time when Muhammad searched
for solitude. ..."
"According to a xenohistorian.faithweb web page:

"... Mohammed stayed [in Mecca in 615] because
his family connections protected him ... He came
into the courtyard of the Kaaba and suggested
that the gods and goddesses of Mecca might be
real after all, serving as saints or angels to
mediate between God and man. ... These are the
so-called "Satanic verses" that have caused much
controversy among scholars of Islam. ... They
[the Meccan establishment] enthusiastically
received his [Mohammed's] recantation, but when
he [Mohammed] saw the reaction he repented ...
He [Mohammed] said that the devil had momentarily
possessed his tongue, and denounced idolatry more
vigorously than before. ...".

See also Acharys S' "An Atheist Here to Destroy?"

And: "Kali meets Tank Girl"

AND: Don't forget to visit the Temple of Borobudur!
Links: http://www.borobudurpark.com/link.php

Pleasant Dreams ...

JEHOVAH 1 - a.k.a. YAHWEH - is a mad alien,
full of eyes round about, He cometh with the
clouds, radioactive, all-pervading, He has
forged His covenant with the SubGenius
OBEISANCE to His caveman sense of humor.
He has been denying us SLACK and what He is
making us do dates back to Homo Connectus,
First Whole Man; only by letting our bodies
obey the Code of financial lust survival
that is built into them can our brains
be freed from his INEVITABLE FIST."

"You are the knowing, not the condition that is known."
E c k h a r t T o l l e

"Think of timespace as a multidimensional
self-perfecting system in which everything
that has ever, or will ever occur, occurs
simultaneously. I believe timespace is a
kind of object, a geometrical supersolid.
I believe it may even be a type of hologram
in which energy and matter are byproducts
of the overlapping of two higher systems..."

Robert Bruce: http://www.astraldynamics.com/
Dimi Chakalov: http://members.surfeu.at/dchakalov/intro.html
James Deardorff: http://www.tjresearch.info/contents.htm
Dick Farley:
Ray Fowler: http://www.raymondfowler.com
Stanton Friedman: http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/sfbio.html
Bernard Haisch: http://www.ufoskeptic.org/home.html
Nick Herbert: http://members.cruzio.com/~quanta/
Bruce Maccabee: http://brumac.8k.com/index.html
Pontifex Maximus:
Steven Mizrach: http://www.fiu.edu/~mizrachs/stargate-con.html
Harold Puthoff: http://www.earthtech.org/index.html
Jack Sarfatti: http://www.qedcorp.com/pcr/pcr/parsifal.html
Saul Paul Sirag: http://twm.co.nz/consc_phys.htm#Saul-Paul
Maxwell Smart 86: http://www.cia.gov/spy_fi/item15.html
Tony Smith:
Whitley Strieber: http://www.unknowncountry.com/
Jacques F Vallee: http://www.jacquesvallee.net/
Alfred L. Webre:
Arthur Young: http://www.arthuryoung.com/

Oil and Gas International: http://www.oilandgasinternational.com/

"Having profoundly modified space and time, and become,
in turn, modified by them, we are gradually evolving from
three-dimensional Euclidean beings into dwellers of the four
dimensional, non-Euclidean, space-time universe of
Dr. Einstein. We are parallel lines approaching infinity.
Those who make themselves at home in this new
universe will be the Homers, Dantes, Leonardos and
Michelangelos of tomorrow." -- William L. Laurence

Advanced Projects Research, Incorporated (APRI)
DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency]
ITPO [Information Processing Technology Office]
DARPA's IPTO will create a new generation of computational
and information systems that possess capabilities far beyond
those of current systems. These cognitive systems - systems
that know what they're doing:

[] will be able to reason, using substantial amounts of
appropriately represented knowledge;
[] will learn from their experiences and improve their
performance over time;
[] will be capable of explaining themselves and taking
naturally expressed direction from humans;
[] will be aware of themselves and able to reflect on
their own behavior;
[] will be able to respond robustly to surprises, in a
very general way.

'Who' perceives this?

Mumon's Twelve Zen Warnings.

1. To observe rules and regulations is to tie oneself
without a rope.
2. To act freely and without restraint is heresy
and deviltry.
3. To recognize mind and purify it is the false zen
of silent sitting.
4. To allow oneself freedom and to ignore
interrelating conditions is to fall into the pit.
5. To always be alert and clear is to wear chains
and an iron yoke.
6. To think of good and evil is to be in heaven
and hell.
7. To have a Buddha view and a Dharma view is to be
confined in two iron mountains.
8. To realize a thought as soon as it arises is to
exhaust one's energy.
9. To sit blankly in quietism is the zen of a corpse.
10. If you advance you will deviate from the principle.
11. If you retreat you will be against the truth.
12. If you neither advance nor retreat you are a
dead man breathing.

Now tell me, what will you do?
Make the utmost effort to attain completely realization
in this life. Do not let yourself circulate karma forever.
---Yamada Mumon Roshi

~ Interspecies Global Mind ~
"...It is said that we have enraged nature by tearing at
the pattern of her tracery, and for this transgression we
shall be punished mightily. But we are nature incarnate.
We are made up of her molecules and cells.
We are tools of her probings and if, indeed, we suffer and
we fail, from our lessons she will learn which way in the
future not to turn. For all that lives and all that ever has
is part of a collective brain, a neural net of the most
sprawling kind...an evolution-driven, worldwide,
multi-billion-year-old interspecies mind."
[] From: The History of the Global Brain XX

[...] "The UC Berkeley physicists demonstrated
quantum interference by building the first
superfluid equivalent of a superconducting
quantum interference device, called a
dc-SQUID, the most sensitive detector of
magnetic fields today.

"Just as superconducting dc-SQUIDs can measure
minuscule magnetic fields, such as magnetic
emanations from the brain, a superfluid SQUID
can detect changes in rotation, analogous to a
gyroscope. In addition to monitoring the Earth's
rotation, a superfluid gyroscope also could be
used to test predictions from Einstein's general
theory of relativity, such as how spinning
objects move in a gravitational field." [...]

Parenthetically, the so-called "Men-In-Black"
were tinkering with this technology way back
in the mid nineteen-sixties in West Virginia:

"The Mothman Prophecies" from:
"Everything is Under Control" by Robert Anton Wilson

In 1968, West Virginia, especially in the area bordering
on Ohio, became the scene of an outbreak of weirdity that
crisscrosses several categories of controversy.
As documented in John Keel's The Mothman Prophecies, the
phenomena included:
[|] the first in the series of mysterious "cattle mutilations-
that have recurred regularly in many other states, usually
further west;
[|] over 100 sightings of strange lights (or UFOs) in the sky;
[|] three classic "close encounter" cases, in which people saw,
or thought they saw, extraterrestrials, or critters they
considered extraterrestrial;
[|] about 70 sightings of Mothman, a traditional "monster' of
the area who, like Bigfoot and Nessie, keeps coming back to
shock or terrorize a few witnesses, but never lingers long
enough to be scientifically confirmed; and
[|] a long parade of men in black, most of them driving black
Cadillacs and looking vaguely "Oriental." Mothman is, or
appears as, or is hallucinated as, a humanoid figure with
giant mothlike wings and glaring red eyes.

Another spook visiting the area called himself Indrid Cold and
said he came from a planet named Lanulos. He appeared twice to
a salesman named Woodrow Derenberger, with whom he seemed to
communicate by telepathy. Derenberger was thereafter vexed by
strange phone calls combining threats, electronic hums, and
code-like beeps. (See "Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts.")

While trying to investigate this combination of real weirdity
(the cattle mutilations, the UFO sightings confirmed on radar)
and growing mob hysteria, Keel himself became the target of
the weirdness. A maelstrom of electronic and mechanical
accidents haunted him, and strange people contacted him by
strange means to prophesy future events. The major repeated
prophecies were (1) the Pope would be stabbed while visiting
the Middle East, (2) Robert Kennedy was in danger, and the
threat waited for him in a hotel kitchen, (3) there would be
a nationwide power failure on December 24 at noon.

The Pope was not stabbed in the Middle East; he was stabbed
the next year in Manila. Robert Kennedy was shot dead in a
hotel kitchen by Sirhan Sirhan and/or persons unknown.
There was no power failure on December 24 at noon, but at
that exact hour a bridge collapsed in West Virginia, right
in the center of the UFO/ Mothman activities, killing over
100 people.

Keel claims that most major UFO flaps have this penumbra of
magick and surrealism about them, usually ignored by both
skeptics and the ardent believers in the ETH (extraterrestrial
theory.) He prefers to call the entities involved
ultra-terrestrials, existing on the borderland between
matter and energy, or reality and dream, and regards them as
mischievous, deceptive, often dangerous, and likely to produce
mental illness in those who insistently try to communicate
with them.

The Mothman Prophecies, by John Keel, IlumiNet Press,
Avondale Estates, Ga., 1991

Robert Anton Wilson may be found at

"As Thomas Huxley said, the universe acts a lot like a chess game
in which the player on the other side remains invisible to us.
By analyzing the moves, we try to form an image of the intellect
behind them. Images that have seemed almost believable to me at
various times have included the gods and goddesses of ancient
Greece (if you develop a Classic Poetry habit, that kind of
neurolinguistic programming can happen...) and also, of course,
those extra-terrestrials who have so much popularity these days.
I have also considered the player on the other side as more
impersonal, like the Tao, or more bizarre, like Shiva Dancing,
or more abstract, like Philip K. Dick's Vast Active Living
Information System (VALIS.) Mostly, though I think of the player
on the other side as a pookah -- a resident of Ireland, in rabbit
form, who may at any time dump a truckload of the Unknown and
Inexplicable right on your doorstep." --Robert Anton Wilson

"What is necessary for man is to free himself from
the entire past of mankind, not only his individual
past. That is to say, you have to free yourself
from what every man before you has thought, felt
and experienced -- then only is it possible for you
to be yourself. The whole purpose of my talking to
people is to point out the uniqueness of every
individual. Culture or civilization or whatever you
might call it has always tried to fit us into a
framework. Man is not man at all; I call him a
'unique animal' -- and man will remain a unique
animal as long as he's burdened by the culture."

The "Anti-Krishnamurti":
-- Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti (Born 9 July 1918)

BRUMMBAER: http://www.brummbaer.net/
BRUMMBAER GALLERY: http://www.frodocpu.com/brummbaer.html
Jean "Moebius" Giraud: http://www.stardom.fr/

[ ] [ ] [ ]

Computer Chips in your Drivers License

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Oct. 6th
urged Virginia not to become the first state in
the nation to place radio frequency identification
chips in its driver's licenses. RFID tags are
computer chips attached to tiny antennae that are
capable of broadcasting their data wirelessly to
anyone with an RFID reader. They are currently
used for "contactless" applications such as
tollbooth speed passes. Almost everyone carries a
driver's license, and RFID chips allow people to
be tracked. This proposal would allow anyone to
set up a reader and capture the identities and
personal information of every person who comes
within range. FBI agents, for example, could
sweep up identities of everyone at a political
meeting, protest march, gun show or Islamic
prayer service.
Source: Asheville Global Report
"ACLU against Chips in VA Driver's: Licenses"
Credit ACLU October 14-20
Synopsis by Allison Lewis

[ ] [ ] [ ]

Mysteries of Siberia's "Valley of Death"
Eyewitness reports suggest that an ancient high-tech
"Installation" in remote Siberia was responsible for
sending guided plasma sphere weapons to destroy a
meteorite over Tunguska in 1908.
Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 12, Number 1
(December 2004-January 2005)
PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia.
Telephone: +61 (0)7 5442 9280;
Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381
From our web page at:
by Dr Valery Uvarov © 2004
Department N13
National Security Academy
St Petersburg
Telephone: +7 (812) 237 1841
Email: nsa@homeuser.ru
Email: departament13@mail.ru

Part 1
Part 2

Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Centre (BACC)
[Project 921]

China Great Wall Industry Corp.

China's Space Launch Center

Janes Aerospace

Kai Tuozhe-1, Taiyuan launch site, China [Long March]

North Korea Musudan-ri Test Range (Pekdosan)

Oberg's Pioneering Space


Sino Defence Today

Traversing Singularity Barriers ^ Aeronautics

Xichang Space Launch Center

Entertaining, perhaps. Who the hell is Joe Matheny?
It's probably the "Joseph Matheny" who is more or less at
the origin of the "ong's hat" mythos and the author of
the "incunabula papers", a very interesting Borgesian prank.

A pseudonym of Hakim Bey, aka Peter Lamborn Wilson, et al ...

A Catalogue of Rare Books,
Manuscripts & Curiosa, Conspiracy Theory,
Frontier Science & Alternative Worlds

Hakim Bey and Ontological Anarchy:
The Writings of Hakim Bey

Sakhra-l'Assal Interviews
Peter Lamborn Wilson

"This is the Day we discovered the Door
that was open to all from the Start
this is the Day we traded in War
in exchange for a wide-open Heart
This is the birthday
of Love and of Light and the Child
the Day when we took off our diapers
and entangled our lives with the Wild."
--doctor jabir--


"The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz"
[Excerpt pg 24 of 69]:

"... Though still capable of composing myself and
dealing with the real world, I was nonetheless coming
apart. In the career of the magician, when they
reach that pinnacle of accomplishment and face the
outermost Abyss, it is assumed they will be able to
make a cautious and judicious approach before allowing
all that they have, and all they've become, to be
ripped away, as they are flung helpless into the Deep.
I was young, and rash, and simply could not see that
for all the care I took in avoiding disaster, the
things that I had set myself to study, and to attempt,
would lead me to face the destruction of my life as
I then understood it."

The Kaos-Babalon Press
Copyright (c) 2002 The Satyrikon
All Rights Reserved
Satyr. "The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz"
In: Biroco, Joel (ed), KAOS 14: Supplement
[PDF edition]. London: The Kaos-Babylon Press, 2002

J. Deardorff, B. Haisch, B. Maccabee and H.E. Puthoff
Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol 58, pp. 43-50,

Curious situation
Pick up any good science magazine and you're sure to see
the latest in head-scratching ideas about superstring
theory, wormholes, or the stretching of spacetime itself.
Meanwhile, extrasolar planetary detection is on the verge
of becoming mundane.

"We are in the curious situation today that our best
modern physics and astrophysics theories predict that
we should be experiencing extraterrestrial visitation,
yet any possible evidence of such lurking in the UFO
phenomenon is scoffed at within our scientific
community," contends astrophysicist Bernard Haisch.

Haisch along with physicists James Deardorff,
Bruce Maccabee and Harold Puthoff make their
case in the JBIS article: "Inflation-Theory
Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation".

The scientists point to two key discoveries made by
Australian astronomers and reported last year that
there is a "galactic habitable zone" in our Milky
Way Galaxy. And more importantly that Earth's own
star, the Sun, is relatively young in comparison to
the average star in this zone -- by as much as a
billion years.

Therefore, the researchers explain in their JBIS
article that an average alien civilization would
be far more advanced and have long since discovered
Earth. Additionally, other research work on the
supposition underlying the Big Bang -- known as the
theory of inflation -- shores up the prospect,
they advise, that our world is immersed in a much
larger extraterrestrial civilization. [...]

t i t a n : http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEMTKR71Y3E_index_0.html

e s c h a t o l o g y

"... What was said was that culture is the shockwave of
eschatology. Nothing is unannounced. This is like a weird
quality of experience, you can't learn this from physics
or economics. (Maybe you can learn it from economics.)
Nothing is unannounced. Everything is preceded by the
shockwave of its coming. So somehow the spreading zaniness
of reality is part of the boundary-dissolving qualities
that are going to make up this new cultural mix of
disembodied human beings, nanotechnologically-maintained
environments, dissolved self-definitions, people living
at many levels at the same time; intelligence as a kind of
free-flowing nonlocal resource that comes and goes as
needed; prosthesis, implant, boundary dissolution -- these
things are usually presented as fairly terrifying. But in
fact I think behind it all lurks, you know, the demons who
do calisthenics in the angles of every room on this planet
to keep it all from collapsing into a flat line."

Terence McKenna
Live at Wetlands Preserve, NYC
July 28, 1998

Q u e t z a l c o a t l

Raymond E. Fowler: http://www.raymondfowler.com

Does Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis
Involve More than Cognitive Neurosciences?
by Jean-Christophe Terrillon, Ph.D., and
Sirley Marques-Bonham, Ph.D.

* * * * * * * * *
The Long Walk - 1989 Annotated Fable
featuring the Star Sponge and the 50 Gates


Ancient Script: Fractal: The Hollow Knots

* * * * * * * * *
Golden Children in
The ET - Human Link
by Dana Redfield

Dana Redfield, c/o:
Hampton Roads Publishing
1125 Stoney Ridge Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902


The Rewinning of the Poetic Mead * Gebo * Isa * Othala

Lost Rune Tarot: http://pw1.netcom.com/~mthorn/runes_mt.htm

--- Winifred Barton wrote:
I think most of you have met Blanche McLanahan "The
Watcher." This Brilliant British ally speaks crop circle
language and how it relates to the Unified Field and
salvation for all.
Blanche says "It is my belief that the "*/language of the crop
circles"/* could be the one language that will bind us all.
Blanche McLanahan
She Who Watches - She Who Listens - She Who Waits - She Who Speaks
cube crop circle formed 8/8/04

Trust ^ Thinking Outside of the Box:

An understanding will bring us to meet our goal.
Our fate is no equation, but the bend in our destiny caused by
refraction will be corrected and we shall see through the
darkness and around the curvature in space.
To quote Marie Curie, "Nothing is to be feared, only understood."
The message offers the understanding if we could all be on
the same wavelength and ask the right question. That question
may be as simple as, "Why?"

The embryonic nuclei lies await our discovery. It is resting
in our blood. It is the essence of life, of all creation.......
it is the Holy Grail. The greatest story ever told has been
written on Earth's canvas for all to see. Now that it is written
we must gain this understanding by asking why. Never should fear
prevent our next step.


"Is it for the one to reach out speaking
only for himself? Or shall the many rise
and speak for the one? And should this
one suffer indifference of the whole and
find banishment, then it is not the one
to lose but the many. Unification brings
enlightenment and truth, so that this one
might gain for all."

Blanche McLanahan


The Book of Watchers
. . . . . . . . .
The Vatican on UFO
Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a Vatican expert on exorcism,
has made several public pronouncements on the UFO phenomenon.
He advises that the Vatican is receiving much information on
UFO and alien contact, from its nuncios in various countries.
Monsignor Balducci is on a Vatican commission looking into
such encounters, and how to cope with them.
The Catholic Church has historically demonized many new
phenomena that were poorly understood, but Monsignor Balducci
states: "These encounters are not demonic, they are not due
to psychological impairment, and they are not a case of
entity attachment; we are closely following and studying this
phenomenon." He continues:

"We find no direct reference to extraterrestrial life in the
Bible, but neither does it exclude the existence of such:

"The distance between the angels -- pure spiritual
beings -- and us -- beings of spirit and matter,
body and soul -- is too large

"Between us and the angels, another life form
probably exists -- beings with a physical body
but one more perfect than ours and which
influences the soul less in its intelligent
acts and intentions

"The relationship between mind and matter in such
beings might be different than in our case

"If they are indeed superior to us, they can help,
support, and protect us in spiritual development;
they may have done so in the past"

See notes on an interview with Michael Hesemann in
MUFON UFO Journal, June 2004, 434, pg.19, http://www.mufon.com/
See also http://www.vatican.va.

"Programmable matter is probably not the next
technological revolution, nor even perhaps the
one after that. But it's coming, and when it
does it will change our lives as much as any
invention ever has. Imagine being able to
program matter itself -- to change it, with
the click of a cursor, from hard to soft, from
paper to stone, from fluorescent to
super-reflective to invisible. Supported by
companies ranging from Levi Strauss to IBM and
the Defense Department, solid-state physicists
in laboratories at MIT, Harvard,
Sun Microsystems, and elsewhere are currently
creating arrays of microscopic devices called
'quantum dots' that are capable of acting like
programmable atoms. They can be configured
electronically to replicate the properties of
any known atom and then can be changed, as fast
as an electrical signal can travel, to have the
properties of a different atom. Soon it will be
possible not only to engineer into solid matter
such unnatural properties as variable magnetism,
programmable flavors, or exotic chemical bonds,
but also to change these properties at will."
--Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs,
Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite
Weirdness of Programmable Atoms
by Wil McCarthy
(Basic Books, March 2003,
ISBN 0-465-04428-X)

"If you were offered physical immortality
as a 'Wallerstein brain' (a human brain
maintained in a jar interfacing to a
virtual reality through its sensory and
motor neurons), would you accept it?"
-- Ray Kurzweil

This new series of booklets compiled by Betty (Andreasson) Luca
contains many more illustrations of the ufo crafts encountered
by her, but more especially they contain teachings about our
universe from the ET perspective - most importantly these
booklets contain the WARNINGS from the ET Beings about the dire
condition of our Sun - these messages, transmitted in a mixture
of Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, English, Hebrew, Arabic and
Irish-Gaelic words (as well as in glyphic script) relate to a
disaster event that could befall the Earth in the not too
distant future. Be Warned ! They are available from:

Betty Luca ....

* * * * * * * * *
Wheels Within Wheels ^ Psyops Manifesto:

* * * * * * * * *
Mystery Glyphs from
the ET Beings...
(from "Extraterrestrial Communications -
A Step Beyond Tomorrow" Booklets I and II
by Betty Ann Luca)
Mystery ET glyphs from "A Step Beyond Tomorrow"
by Betty (Andreasson) Luca.
What do they say, what language are they ?
They closely resemble Japanese Hiragana phonetic symbols.
Are these expressions of East Asian languages ?

* * * * * * * * *
[P]eculiar glyph-like manifestation[s] from the
Great Geometer: http://pw1.netcom.com/~mthorn/bsglyphs.htm

* * * * * * * * *
The first two booklets
"Extraterrestrial Communications - A Step Beyond Tomorrow" Part I
"Extraterrestrial Communications - A Step Beyond Tomorrow" Part II
by Betty Luca

* * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * *
"Brane Worlds, the Subanthropic Principle and the
Undetectability Conjecture" by
Beatriz Gato Rivera

* * * * * * * * *
1970's Ship with Inhabitants


"Those who do battle with monsters
must take care that they do not
thereby become a monster.
Always remember that when you
gaze into the abyss, the abyss
gazes back on you."
-- Freidrich Nietzsche *

* Quoted by Judge Wallach at the outset of his draft paper,
"The Logical Nexus Between the Decision to Deny Application
of the Third Geneva Convention to the Taliban and al Qaeda,
and the Mistreatment of Prisoners in Abu Ghraib."

Jennifer Van Bergen, J.D., is the author of
The Twilight of Democracy: The Bush Plan for America
(Common Courage Press, 2004).
She has written and spoken extensively on civil liberties,
human rights, and international law. She is currently organizing a
major Forum on Dissent Since 9/11 in Miami from March 11-13.
See http://www.partnersinprotest.org .


Saint Monica's Quantum Electrodynamic Lift

* * * * * * * * *
Incunabula & Obscuranta

"21st Century Four-Mouthed Wormhole Hieroglyphic"

Re: ... the pipeline to Turkey was sabotaged ...

Seeing, touching and smelling the extraordinarily
Earth-like world of Titan

24 January 2005
On 14 January ESA's Huygens probe made an historic
first ever descent to the surface of Titan,
1.2 billion kilometres from Earth and the largest
of Saturn's moons. [...]
Descent Imager-Spectral Radiometer (DISR):
"Geological evidence for precipitation, erosion,
mechanical abrasion and other fluvial activity
says that the physical processes shaping Titan are
much the same as those shaping Earth."

Spectacular images captured by the DISR reveal
that Titan has extraordinarily Earth-like
meteorology and geology. Images have shown a
complex network of narrow drainage channels
running from brighter highlands to lower,
flatter, dark regions. These channels merge
into river systems running into lakebeds
featuring offshore 'islands' and 'shoals'
remarkably similar to those on Earth.

Data provided in part by the Gas Chromatograph
and Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) and Surface
Science Package (SSP) support Dr Tomasko's
conclusions. Huygens' data provide strong
evidence for liquids flowing on Titan.
However, the fluid involved is methane,
a simple organic compound that can exist as a
liquid or gas at Titan's sub-170°C temperatures,
rather than water as on Earth.

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"What is
is always a totality of ensembles,
all present together, in an orderly series of stages of
enfoldment and unfoldment, which intermingle and
inter-penetrate each other in principle throughout the whole
of space. " David Bohm

Richard Doyle
Science, Medicine, Technology & Culture
Director of Composition
Department of English
Penn State University

"What is
is always a totality of ensembles,
all present together, in an orderly series of stages of
enfoldment and unfoldment, which intermingle and
inter-penetrate each other in principle throughout the whole
of space. " David Bohm

Richard Doyle
Science, Medicine, Technology & Culture
Director of Composition
Department of English
Penn State University

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