Saturday, January 15, 2005

Brazilian UFO Metric Engineering Torsion Field Research

BTW The Brazilians are very active in UFO research. I know this from being there, and I mean at the highest levels of the Brazilian military as well as key academics at UNICAMP and other key universities. This was true back in 1984 and there is no reason to assume that the interest has abated. Also Uri Geller is a Super Star with the Brazilian Power Elite - again from direct experience.

On Jan 15, 2005, at 8:51 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

The Brazilians seem to solve Zielinski's problem.

Take a really flat Minkowski spacetime. All the inertial force effects from using non-inertial frames are described by Jim Corum's Anholonomic Object. The spin connection is zero and it is the spin connection that defines the intrinsic geometry that distinguishes Minkowski spacetime with apparent gravity fields for non-inertial observers from real gravity fields. The key is the spin connection from locally gauging the Lorentz group. More on this anon. The Brazilian paper is important even if their main thesis is not correct.

The Brazilians also discuss the gravity energy density nonlocality problem and also the relation of general covariance to the different strengths of the equivalence principle.

However, the true power of the local equivalence principle is that locally we cannot distinguish noninertial coordinate frame inertial force effects from true gravity fields. This is seen in the Brazilian equation (255) on p. 32

That the "con" form of Jim Corum's inertial force anholonomic object equals the spin connection minus the contortion.

However, the Brazilians have a more general covering meta-theory which allows one to see what happens if the equivalence principle in eq (255) is violated maybe at the micro-quantum level?

Indeed their teleparallel formulation is closer to my macro-quantum vacuum coherence gauge field approach, i.e. their eq (253) on p.31 where the GR tetrad is split into the trivial and non-trivial parts

h^au = x^a,u + B^au

where B^au is the teleparallel "translational gauge potential" like in non-Abelian Yang-Mills theory of the electro-weak sub-nuclear forces.

In my theory, the dimensionless gauge potential is

B^auPa = Bu = Lp(Macro Quantum Vacuum Coherent World Hologram Goldstone Phase),u

Note that

Lp = (hG/c^3)^1/2

Therefore, when the quantum h -> 0 we have Bu -> 0, similarly when G -> 0 and or c -> infinity separately Bu -> 0.
Therefore, my theory demands:

There is no gravity field possible when separately

1. The speed of light c is truely infinite with Galilean relativity

2. Planck's quantum of action h is truly zero, i.e. a "classical world"

3. Newton's constant G is truly zero.

4. There is no ODLRO vacuum coherence, i.e. the SED theory of Puthoff, Haisch, Marshall, Cole, Rueda et-al of completely random stochastic zero point vacuum fluctuations is true. Gravity is not possible then.

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