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Structure of the Electron

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Hotmail apparently lost the mail you sent cc to me yesterday. I did however see in Andrei's reply:


I do not believe it is possible to deduce that gravity is important to a realistic description of what holds the electron together. Also, I do not believe that linear methods -- eigenfunctions and eigenvalues -- are good enough here."

I don't know who is writing this however to cite Niels Bohr, you may not believe it, but it is true anyway - whoever you are.

"In fact, if you speak of stable configurations -- EITHER static or dynamic -- for a real set of fields over 3+1-D space-time, then this is a subject very well known in Russia! The classic book on The Skyrme Model by Makhankov, Rybakov and Sanyuk is properly a Bible in this area. It shows how a truly nonlinear field model is essential, to explain the existence of stable vortices of force, like the electron. Rybakov and Sanyuk are still at Moscow State University -- or were, last I heard.

In fact, I actually believe I have found this day the first truly viable realistic model for the electron."

Let's see it. Remember, I deduce a critical momentum transfer of ~ 10^-18 cm for the electron to SHRINK to a point of zero radius, by having the electron micro-geon have a fixed physical radius of e^2/mc^2 with a zero point virtual cloud of scale h/mc ~ 10^-11 cm i.e. /\zpf ~ (mc/h)^2

i.e. the experimental numbers 10^-18 cm, 10^-13 cm and 10^-11 cm are all linked together in the simple Schwarzschild geon "Mass without mass" idea of Wheeler's geometrodynamics via

Apparent size of lepto-quark micro-geon at scattering momentum transfer p

(Circumference/FIXED Radius) ~ [1 - (8pi/3)/\zpf(e^2/mc^2)^3(p/h)]

Where the virtual zero point plasma dressing cloud scale surrounding the micro-geon hard core is /\zpf^-1/2.

0 = [1 - (8pi/3)/\zpf(e^2/mc^2)^3(p/h)]

i.e. when e^2/mc^2 ~ 10^-13 cm, p/h ~ 10^18 cm^-1

Then /\zpf ~ (mc/h)^2 ~ 10^22 cm^-2

i.e. 10 /\zpf10^-39 10^18 ~ 10-22/\zpf = 1

This is NOT a random coincidence, but an important physical idea that demands Bohm's interpretation of quantum theory.

A more realistic model will be to use the one of A. Burinski in Moscow based on the Kerr-Newman geon rather than the Schwarschild one I use above.

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