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Remote Viewing and ET Contact

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Memorandum for the Record

The scenario in the film Independence Day is closer to reality than in the film ET.

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FYI, would be interesting to add your meeting with Targ and Puthoff, etc. I have added comments in [brackets]

reprinted from APERTURE, Vol. 1, No.2, 2002

This chronology was compiled by IRVA vice-president Paul H. Smith

partly based on research for his book, Reading the Enemy's Mind:

This is only a brief chronology of events in remote viewing history. Many more details could be added, and many more names included. But this will serve as a starting place to record the major events and some of the important personalities in relation to one another. Certainly, important events and personalities remain to be added. This chronology will become more complete over time. If you wish to nominate an event to be considered for addition to the timeline please forward it to Timeline.

Readers should be aware that there are two parallel remote viewing timelines: the operational, military-run program at Ft. Meade, Maryland, and the civilian-led, military-funded research program in California. External civilian research and applications were also taking place. In the chronology below, the operational and military lines are intermingled with a few references to the RV-related activities in the civilian sector.

[Jack can you 'lock-down' your CONTACT timeframe re: future physics, etc.?]

Sept 1971 Ingo Swann begins PK research with Cleve Backster

I met Backster in 1974. He will be at Santa Fe Conference April 2005 where I am also speaking.

CIA Chief of Station the late Harold Chipman also conducted REAL successful RV operations on Soviet Union targets - or so he told me in mid-80's.

Nov 1971 Swann participates in PK experiments in Gertrude Schmeidler's lab; also participates in OBE experiments.

8 Dec 1971
First remote viewing experiment (describing weather in Tucson, AZ from ASPR offices in NYC). Term "Remote Viewing" is adopted.

Was Stewart Hammeroff involved in that one?

22 Feb 1972
First beacon experiments (also conducted at ASPR)

March 1972
Cleve Backster shows Swann a letter from Dr. Hal Puthoff at Stanford Research Institute. Swann and Puthoff communicate.

6 June 1972
Swann/Puthoff magnetometer / quark-detector equipment experiment in physics building at Stanford University.

27 June 1972
Puthoff communicates with Kit Green, Central Intelligence Agency, concerning the magnetometer experiment results.

Kit Green and I in active contact up until very recently.

Aug 1972
Under Puthoff's supervision, CIA representatives conduct first evaluation trials with Swann. Russell Targ visits Puthoff at SRI.

1 Oct 1972
CIA awards SRI $50K exploratory contract.

Sept 1972
Russell Targ joins the RV program at SRI.

Summer 1973
Pat Price and Ingo Swann remote view NSA's Sugar Grove facility in West Virginia.

Pat Price very close friend of Hal Chipman's. Indeed they had some private security business. Chip also allegedly part of early MK ULTRA in San Francisco. Some episodes TV Series The Enforcer written by Chip. I also have his film treatment "The Union" on anti-Soviet CIA RV Cold War Ops (fictionalized). Hal Puthoff still refuses to acknowledge Chip's role in all this. Chip told me Hal was out of the loop on that for security reasons. Chip and Neocon Pundit Stephen Schwartz had a great falling out. Reason is classified for this forum.

July 1974
Pat Price's operational remote viewing of a facility near Semipalatinsk in USSR conducted.

This was really controlled by Harold Chipman at a layer Hal Puthoff was not privy to. Chip met Russell Targ at Henry Dakin's 3220 Sacramento St ~ 1985 don't know if Russ recalls but there were witnesses (Creon Levit, me, Bob Jones, Kim Burrafato).

[Contact? re: future physics, etc., backwards time flow, eschatological matters]

The key physics issue here is "signal nonlocality" that is strictly forbidden in micro-quantum theory. Indeed this is why "Quantum Mind" is not a good term. David Deutsch says no consciousness in micro-quantum theory. I agree. Antony Valentini showed what changes to micro-quantum theory are needed to get "signal nonlocality". Macro-quantum theory is to micro-quantum theory as general relativity is to special relativity. You need signal nonlocality to have RV as well as ordinary interior consciousness, i.e. naturally conscious nano-tech AI androids for example. Wait till MAC's Steve Jobs announces "conscious computers"! :-) Our minds are large things not micro-things. Large "hologram" quantum coherent phase modulated systems are immune to environmental decoherence because of "phase rigidity" (PW Anderson's "More is different" indeed "more" allows PRESPONSE ((Dick Bierman et-al)) "signal nonlocality"). Therefore, Max Tegmark's objection against Penrose-Hammeroff does not apply. Signal nonlocality compromises quantum computer cryptography-teleportation-density coding et-al schemes - a backdoor loophole)

18 Oct 1974
Russell Targ and Hall Puthoff publish article on remote viewing research in Nature.

July 1975
CIA terminates involvement in and funding of remote viewing.

[Contact ? terminated shortly after this]

i.e, OVERT involvement

Later in 1975
Air Force Foreign Technology Division becomes the primary funder of SRI research program, with Dale Graff supervising.

Same group allegedly involved in flying saucer Black Ops.

March 1976
Puthoff & Targ publish a major article about remote viewing in Proceedings of IEEE.

Dr. Edwin May joins RV program at SRI International.

The book Mind Reach (Targ & Puthoff) is published.

June 1977
Founding of Mobius Group; Project Deepquest - a submarine RV experiment is jointly conducted by SRI International / Stephan Schwartz.

Not same Stephen Schwartz who wrote "The Two Faces of Islam" same name two different people.

Sept 1977
US Army's remote viewing program GONDOLA WISH is extablished by Lt. F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater at the direction of the Army Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Edmund Thompson.

13 July 1978
GONDOLA WISH name is changed to GRILL FLAME.

Oct 1978
US Army's INSCOM is tasked by the ACSI with developing a parapsychology program.

Dec 78 - Jan 79
Selection of remote viewers for GRILL FLAME. Mel Riley, Joe McMoneagle, Ken Bell, and three others are included.

4 Sept 1979
First Army-conducted operational remote viewing session performed.

March 1979
Remote viewers working with Dale Graff at Wright-Patterson AFB and at SRI correctly locate downed Soviet TU-22 recce aircraft.

Stephan Schwartz conducts Alexandria Project, a remote viewing archaeology project in Egypt. His book Alexandria Project is subsequently published.

I suspect that real Egyptologists consider this and also similar stuff by Jim Hurtak to be bogus. See "The Star Gate Conspiracy".

ca. 1980
Air Force Chief of Staff cancels AF RV program; Dale Graff joins Defense Intelligence Agency as principal staff officer for remote viewing effort.

Puthoff and Swann develop coordinate remote viewing (CRV) architecture.
Russell Targ leaves SRI International's RV program. Mel Riley departs Ft. Meade's operational RV unit.
With Swann as instructor, two individuals (Tom McNear and Rob Cowart) begin first CRV training.
Dec 1982
US Army's RV project's name is changed to CENTER LANE.
Charlene Cavanaugh joins military RV unit in August; Paul H. Smith joins in September.
Jan 1984
Bill Ray joins military RV unit; second group of CRV candidates begins training (group includes Smith, Ray, Charlene Chavanaugh; Ed Dames is last minute addition to training contract while remaining assigned to his sponsoring unit).
The book Mind Race (Targ & Keith Harary) is published.
Apr 1984
Lyn Buchanan joins the Ft. Meade RV unit.
Sept 1984
Joe McMoneagle retires from the Ft. Meade RV unit.
July 1984
Brig. Gen Harry Soyster replaces Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine as Commander, INSCOM. Orders close of Army's CENTER LANE RV program. Soyster eventually persuaded to allow transfer of program & personnel to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
Dr. Hal Puthoff leaves SRI International to take directorship of Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin, TX.

This is little more than a smallish office lab in a cheap industrial park in Austin suburb - not at all like IAS in Princeton, New Jersey. See Nick Cook's description in "The Hunt for Zero Point".

Dr. Edwin May becomes director of SRI's program.
Caravel Project, an underwater archaeology project conducted by Stephan Schwartz.
31 Jan 1986
After a year of holding operational control, DIA takes formal control of the military operational RV program, and renames it SUN STREAK. Ed Dames joins RV unit.
Mel Riley is once more assigned to the Ft. Meade RV unit.
Brig Leander Project, an underwater archaeology project conducted by Stephan Schwartz.
Dec 1987
F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater departs the Ft. Meade RV unit on retirement leave.
June 1988
David Morehouse is assigned to the Ft. Meade RV unit.
Dec 1988
Ed Dames departs the Ft. Meade RV unit.
June 1990
David Morehouse departs, and Mel Riley retires from the Ft. Meade RV unit.
Aug 1990
Paul Smith is reassigned from the Ft. Meade RV unit to the 101st Airborne Division for Desert Shield / Desert Storm.
Late 1990
Dale Graff becomes chief of the Ft. Meade RV unit, and changes project name to STAR GATE.
Edwin May moves RV research program from SRI International to Science Applications International Corporation.
Jan 1992
Lyn Buchanan retires from the Ft. Meade RV unit.
The book Mind Trek (McMoneagle) is published.
June 1993
Dale Graff retires.
Wording added to Federal Y95 budget transferring control of STAR GATE from DIA to CIA.
CIA begins Congressionally directed evaluation of RV as an intelligence tool. American Institutes of Research is hired to do a "scientific" study; in the report officially published in September the AIR concludes that RV has no value as an intelligence tool. Significant questions are raised about the completeness and accuracy of the AIR study.
30 June 1995
CIA cancels STAR GATE program. The five remaining personnel are reassigned to other jobs in the government.
28 Nov 1995
Ted Koppel's Nightline reveals existence of government remote viewing effort. Interviewed are former CIA director Robert Gates, Dale Graff, Edwin May, Joe McMoneagle, etc.

[Contact re-established?]

Remote Viewing is featured in many media articles and broadcasts, and becomes a featured item on Art Bell's and other talk shows.
Nov 1996
The book Psychic Warrior (Morehouse) is published.
Feb 1997
The book Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies (Schnabel) is published.

This is an important book, note Chapter "You can't go home again" story of one-armed man and also story of cold metallic voices on tapes about Uri Geller.

18 March 1999
The International Remote Viewing Association is formed.
19-20 March 1999
First remote viewing conference: CRV Conference hosted by Lyn Buchanan's training company, P>S>I.
Featured speakers: Russell Targ, John Alexander..
19-20 May 2000
Year 2000 Remote Viewing Conference in Mesquite, NV.
Featured speakers: Charles T. Tart, Jessica Utts, Larry Dossey, Marcello Truzzi..
June 2001
First IRVA sponsored remote viewing conference. Held at Texas, Station Las Vegas, NV.
Featured speakers: Edgar Mitchell, Dean Radin, Jeffrey Mishlove.

See my article about this in FIRST EDITION of Mishlove's "The Roots of Consciousness" removed in second edition for some strange reason I think having to do with Black Ops in-fighting. Very Orwellian since the content of my removed article is very relevant today.

June 2002
IRVA remote viewing conference in Austin, TX, celebrating 30 years of remote viewing.
Featured speakers: Ingo Swann, Hal Puthoff, Dale Graff, Cleve Backster.
October 2003
Joint sponsorship of remote viewing conference with the A.R.E. Held at Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Featured speakers: Charles Cayce, James Spottiswoode, Hal Puthoff, and Dale Graff.
June 2004
IRVA remote viewing conference in Las Vegas, NV.
Featured speakers: Ingo Swann, Melvin Morse, and Daryl Bem

Copyright © 2002 by Paul H. Smith.
Permission granted to quote in full or part with proper attribution.

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PS if you want to know what is really happening listen to
I wrote that in 1978!
You need Real Player, which is a free download - most browsers have it built in.

On Jan 15, 2005, at 9:45 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Hal is simply repeating what I already have said in my two books from 2002 on Amazon
Destiny Matrix and Space-Time and Beyond. Also I have had DIRECT CONTACT, which, Hal
apparently has not, although maybe he has. The difference is that Hal's physics theory is not
correct. The Jury is still out on mine. But remember the ETs are helping me in my physics
theorizing. Uri Geller and I were directly contacted at about the same time and I was told
in 1953 that I would be meeting people like Uri Geller (also Hal) in "twenty years", which
Now these ARE THE FACTS. Capische?
Wake up and smell the coffee.

BTW according to FRONTLINE GWB won the presidency just with the Evangelical vote. He did not need the Catholics, the Jews , the Blacks or the Hispanics. There are as many UFO believers in USA as there are Evangelicals. Count them. Furthermore, there is a significant overlap. Most Evangelicals think ET is "demonic" and they are probably correct about SOME of the ETs, the ones who abduct. That is why I focus on the military weapons aspect of all this from C^3 -> W^3. See the TV series Battle Star Galactica and Star Gate SG 1 on Sci Fi Channel. Both of those shows are closer to reality than one might think. The systematic murders of Eugene Mallove, John Mack, the bio-weapons scientists are happening most likely because we are under attack not only from Al Qaeda. Someone Out There wants to exterminate the human race on this planet. Killing the bioweapons scientists weakens our ability to defend ourselves against bioweapons attack. That is obvious.

Hal & Co did not make the best case for their thesis, which I agree with. The discovery of dark energy shows the natural basis for the metric engineering of warp, wormhole, WMD (AKA W^3) supertechnology. Hal & Co do not mention that properly because they would have to give me the credit as it is clearly stated in my two books from 2002.

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Thanx for the heads-up on this one, but I think I had already streamed
the story all of you wrote BEFORE I got your notice; look for an e-mail
entitled: "Fermi's Paradox: ET Visitors: Scientists see High Likelihood
of Contact."

It's not "high likelihood" it HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. Hal always takes the wimpy position trying to be respectable. It's a cop out. He satisfies neither side. Also he makes it easy for Robert Park and other CSICOPS to shoot him down with shoddy PV physics.

Also, I wanted to inform you that your piece hit the big time yesterday
and today: It was one of the stories headlined in the immensely popular

and as of 8:32 a.m. this morning, it was still posted there with the
tag,"JOURNAL: Scientists See High Likelihood of ET Visitors."

Check it out,... perhaps it'll still be there! MILLIONS will now see it!
In the meantime, GREAT JOB to you and your comrades in arms! –

Date: January 14, 2005 9:23:39 PM PST
Subject: ET Visitors: Scientists see high liklihood

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