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Giant Quantum Vacuum Tsunami Wave

Yes, thanks I did know about that actually. Good suggestion you make at bottom. I am curious to see how Schwinger would do the flat neutral conducting plate (area A, separation d) problem as ~ hc(A/d^4) the RANDOM ZPF photon pressure way, or ~ e^2(A/d^4) electro-static way that Ian Peterson of Coventry University advocates as the less misleading way - apparently Landau agreed says Werbos. Puthoff uses wrong POSITIVE pressure for his ZPF calculations of Ken Shoulders' charge clusters. In fact w = -1, so that the pressure is NEGATIVE since virtual photon energy density is POSITIVE from boson commutation rules. Some of the text books make same mistake treating the off-mass-shell virtual photons as if they were on-mass-shell real photons with the entirely different w = +1/3.

According to Einstein's GR, i.e. EEP + GCT tensor covariance (Puthoff gets them BOTH wrong in his PV dielectric model sold by Eric Davis in the USAF "teleportation report", in weak curvature slow speed Newtonian limit, neglecting gravimagnetic rotation of sources etc, the Poisson eq is

Laplacian of Gravity Potential per unit test mass = (G/c^2)(Energy Density of Source)(1 + 3w)

for BOTH REAL ON-MASS-SHELL sources and VIRTUAL OFF-MASS-SHELL EXOTIC VACUUM "dark energy" and "dark matter" sources.

It's only the VACUUM COHERENCE that can HIDE the effect of RANDOM ZPF sources by absorbing their direct gravity influence (either attractive or repulsive) into the vacuum condensate. The RANDOM ZPF is like "normal fluid" in the "two fluid model" of macro-quantum liquids and solids. The physical vacuum covariant "aether" is a 4D Super Solid (Kleinert's picture) with curvature and torsion from disclination and dislocation defect densities. The vacuum coherence TSUNAMI wave must be single-valued round closed loops just like superfluid order parameters are when they show quantized circulations and quantized magnetic fluxes. The NASA Pioneer 10 & 11 gravitational anomaly as a UNIFORM g-force tug back to Sun a_g = -cH = 10^-7 cm/sec^2 is a good example - in that case the "hedgehog" defect (David Thouless) with a UNIFORM RADIAL GRADIENT, in this case a gradient in the dark energy field between the two concentric spherical boundaries, the first at 20 AU from the NASA data.

So in the case of zero point forces we must have something like

ZPF ENERGY DENSITY = (hc/Lp^4)(1 - Lp^n|Vacuum Coherence|^2)

n = 3 in my original formula, but now I lean toward n = 2 if t'Hooft-Susskind World Hologram is right. George Chapline, Jr rejects that BTW.

The macro-quantum ODLRO LOCAL vacuum coherence "More is different" (PW Anderson) order parameter is normalized as

[Vacuum Coherence] = (Length)^-n/2

Just like micro-quantum wave functions. However, the MACRO-QUANTUM TSUNAMIS are RIGID (PW Anderson) THEY DO NOT COLLAPSE! They can sustain SIGNAL NONLOCALITY in A. Valentini's sense. They are IMMUNE FROM ENVIRONMENTAL DECOHERENCE! Indeed the Vacuum Coherence Goldstone Phase Rigidity = Super String Tension = c^4/G ~ 10^19Gev per 10^-33 cm = Space-Time Stiffness

Einstein's guv(curved space time) ~ (Minkowski)uv Lp^2(Goldstone Phase)(,u,v)

GCTs of Diff(4) are derived from local phase transformations (same as in other local gauge field theories)

Goldstone Phase (x^u) -> Goldstone Phase (x^u') = Goldstone Phase (x^u) + Chi(x^u,x^u')

Chi is the transition function for overlapping local coordinate charts in the atlas of the curved manifold.

Jacobian Matrix of the GCT Tensor multi-linear transformation is

Xu^u' = Chi,u^,u'

Vacuum Coherence generally lives in a multi-component order parameter space of dimension = order of G/H factor group where H is the broken symmetry subgroup. I suppress those "Yang-Mills" indices for simplicity. In this case G = Conformal Group.

gu'v' = Xu'^uXv'^vguv

AT SAME LOCAL EVENT P for COINCIDENT geodesic LIFS & non-geodesic LNIFS. "Geodesics" relative to (LC) connection only as yet. No torsion, no nonmetricity here - not yet anyway. Maybe later. We only use the (LC) covariant derivative ;

i.e. ; = , + (LC)

, is the ordinary partial derivative

This is analogous to minimal coupling in QED where

; = , + (e/ihc)A

(LC) is to curved spacetime what A is to internal space.

Both (LC) and A are Cartan connection 1-forms.

Kiehn decomposition

form = exact + closed non-exact + non-closed

exact is trivial CONTINGENT coordinate change, i.e. ARBITRARY MANNER of how detectors are set up!

This solves Zielinski's Problem when it is properly posed in terms of Cartan's exterior calculus including Wheeler's dual dictum for all field theories

"The boundary of a boundary is zero" as the essence of the ACTION PRINCIPLE.

closed non-exact is NONLOCAL influence of NON-TRIVIAL COHOMOLOGY (Betti numbers ...) of manifold on local physics

e.g. Bohm-Aharonov effect, Berry phases, Vilenken-Taub "curvature without curvature" as in brief existence of a thin flat wall of exotic vacuum dark energy

non-closed is LOCAL "classical" "curvature with curvature" e.g.

B = CurlA

Conformal Vacuum Tidal Stretch-Squeeze Curvature = (LC) Curl of itself

On Jan 4, 2005, at 4:40 PM, Tony Smith wrote:

Jack, you ask "... Did Schwinger write about Casimir force? ...".

For example, see the paper at
by S. Liberati, F. Belgiorno, Matt Visser, and D.W. Sciama
Sonoluminescence as a QED vacuum effect: Probing Schwinger's proposal

The abstract states:
"... Several years ago Schwinger proposed a physical mechanism
for sonoluminescence in terms of photon production due to
changes in the properties of the quantum-electrodynamic (QED) vacuum
arising from a collapsing dielectric bubble.
This mechanism can be re-phrased in terms of the Casimir effect
and has recently been the subject of considerable controversy.
The present paper probes Schwinger's suggestion in detail:
Using the sudden approximation we calculate Bogolubov coefficients
relating the QED vacuum in the presence of the expanded bubble
to that in the presence of the collapsed bubble.
In this way
we derive an estimate for the spectrum and total energy emitted.
We verify that in the sudden approximation
there is an efficient production of photons,
and further that the main contribution to this dynamic Casimir effect
comes from a volume term, as per Schwinger's original calculation.
we also demonstrate that the timescales required
to implement Schwinger's original suggestion are not physically relevant
to sonoluminescence.
Although Schwinger was correct in his assertion
that changes in the zero-point energy lead to photon production,
nevertheless his original model is not appropriate for sonoluminescence.
In other works (see
quant-ph/9805023, quant-ph/9904013, quant-ph/9904018, quant-ph/9905034)
we have developed a variant of Schwinger's model
that is compatible with the physically required timescales. ...".

It might be interesting to compare
Schwinger's (ordinary incoherent Casimir) / sonoluminescence relationship
the (vacuum coherence coherent Casimir) / dark energy relationship
that you are discussing.

Maybe they are related like
incoherent sonoluminescent light
is related to
coherent laser light.


PS - I asked a while back about what, in your model,
corresponds to the conventional scalar inflation field.
What does so correspond ?

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