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Rewriting The Bible, The Koran And All That
The Creation

On Jan 2, 2005, at 3:36 AM, Carlos Perelman wrote:

"Dear Jack , Tony ( Brian and Gary ) :

Thank you very much for your last mails. The number 26 depicted by Brian is very curous."

Jack wrote :

Vacuum Coherence obeys a GCT covariant Landau-Ginzburg equation depending on metric guv, which, in turn, depends on the Goldstone Phase of the Vacuum Coherence in a nonlinear self-organizing feedback-control loop.

"It is very interesting that you wrote this because in my paper :

Mod. Phys. A vol 17, no. 32 ( 2002 ) 2095-2103

Anti de Sitter Gravity from BF-Chern-Simons-Higgs theoriesThe Higgs mechanism is *essential* to break the SO(3, 2 ) symmetry down to the Lorentz group SO(3,1 ). I think there is something going on definitely, which deserves to be studied further. I studied Anti de Sitter space for many reasons ( Maldacena conjecture AdS/CFT and holography ) . But I guess one could have de Sitter space as well with a future horizon ( accelerated universe ) . After all, I equated the Anti de Sitter's (de Sitter's) throat-scale-parameter with the Hubble scale radius horizon in order to derive the geometric mean relationship."

But you could have used LpR(t) instead of c/H(t) (H(t) = R(t)^-1dR(t)/dt) equally at this decision point. If you did we have essentially the same end product. The convention here is that the R(t) FRW scale factor dimensionless in FLAT k = 0 post-inflation FRW Big Bang cosmological metric

ds^2 = (cdt)^2 - R(t)^2[dr^2 + r^2(dtheta^2 + sin^2thetadphi^2)

For "now" we have essentially same number since my R(now) = 10^61, but my choice has many added advantages

1. It fits t'Hooft-Susskind World Hologram Conjecture in which the Bekenstein-Hawking ENTROPY OF THE UNIVERSE S is

S(Universe)/kB ~ R(t)^2 BITS

2. This automatically explains the Arrow of Time synchronization with Expanding Universe posed for Inflation Theory in Roger Penrose's GR 17 & Princeton lectures "Fashion, Faith and Fantasy". Since in the continuum approximation R(pre->post inflation initial singularity) = 0 OR essentially 1 BIT in a discrete lattice quantum geometry (Ashtekar & Co) i.e.

R(Creation of the Universe)/R(Now) ~ 10^-61

3. To ERASE each BIT inside the coherent vacuum i.e. reset register of cosmic computer each "chronon" 10^-44 sec with a virtual ZERO POINT QUANTUM that does have DIRECT GRAVITY EFFECT via

Guv + /\zpfguv = 0

Even though ZPF does not cause EM detector clicks it does gravitate (or anti-gravitate), i.e. Cosmological Constant Problem here solved through Vacuum Coherence of the ZPF in the Flat Conformally Symmetric False Vacuum.



R(Now)hc/Lp = 10^61x10^-5x10^21 = 10^77 ergs

5. VACUUM DARK ENERGY DENSITY OF THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE = R(t)(hc/Lp)(1/Lp^3R(t)^3) = (hc/Lp^4)(1/R(t))^2

VACUUM DARK ENERGY DENSITY OF UNIVERSE TODAY = 10^-5x10^21x10^99x10^-122 = 10^(117 - 122) ~ 10^-7 ergs/cm^3

Where INFLATION demands

Omega(Matter w ~ 0) + Omega(Radiation w = +1/3) + Omega(Dark Matter i.e. w = -1 mimicking w ~ 0) + Omega(Dark Energy) + Omega(Vacuum Coherence) = 1

6. Note my NEW TERM to the cosmological balance sheet Omega(Vacuum Coherence).

7. Prediction dark matter detectors will never click with The Right Stuff, i.e. dark matter is virtual w = -1 mimic of w = 0 CDM in gravity lensing.

8. Einstein's local field equation emerges from the RIGID Goldstone Phase of the Vacuum Coherence solving Andrei Sakharov's problem of 1967 with P.W. Anderson's (also 1967 - a Good Vintage Year for Physics) "More is different".

"rho ( vaccum energy density ) ~ ( L_Planck )^{ -2 } ( R_Hubble )^{ - 2 } ~

10^{ - 122 } ( Planck Mass )^4 ( that Nottale gets using Scale Relativity )

Not suprisingly, the number 10^{122 } counts the *bits* of Planck areas contained in the
Area = (R_Hubble)^2. Some authors use 10^{123}, no big change.

When you [ Jack ] visit Santa Barbara, lets talk. The reason I wanted Tony to look at this paper ( that i sent him ) is because it explains the Topological origins behind the McDowell-Mansouri formulation of Gravity that Tony likes a lot. But I do NOT set the Torsion to zero by hand like Mansouri-MacDowell did. I *derive* it ."

9. I get the topology vacuum defects directly from the local macro-quantum vacuum ODLRO order parameter as in David Thouless's book on Topological Quantum Theory, e.g. NASA Pioneer Anomaly a_g = - cH as a uniform gradient dark energy hedge

"Anyway, I had to write to Susskind, Padmanabhan, Fischler ( whom I know ) and to Zee, Banks...because these people totally ignore the previous published work of others ( Nottale, me, Jack ) in their papers. I don't know if they will ever refer to my work, Jack's or Nottale's work. At least, I told them and YOU are witnesess of it.

Happy New year


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