Saturday, January 15, 2005

Do the Russians outgun us in space weapons?


This note is based on the recent torsion-gauge theory paper of the Brazilians Arcos and Pereira “Torsion Gravity: A Reappraisal” of Jan 7, 2005 on the Cornell Archive. It clears up some loose ends still hanging from the torsion propulsion workshop at ISSO in 2000 prior to Vigier IV at UCB where we looked the work of Kleinert in Berlin, Hammond in Fargo North Dakota, Shipov in Moscow and Bangkok and Tesla expert Jim Corum (who left SARA defense contractors in Huntington Beach, CA and went to work for Senator Robert Byrd's ISR think tank in West Virginia before disappearing into a black hole :-)), but came to no clear conclusion on the Russian claims (e.g. Akimov) of advanced torsion field propellantless propulsion and exotic space weapons systems. The considerations below are independent of the Brazilian’s claim that torsion and curvature describe the same dynamics from alternative force and geometrodynamic complementary views. I do not like that idea at all, but time will tell.

There is more interesting stuff on global GR with Wilson loops and the equivalence principle in the Brazilian paper that I will get to - independent of their I think wrong idea that torsion and curvature describe the same dynamics. One good thing about their paper is that I cleared up formally what comes from locally gauging the translation group Lie algebra {Pa} and what comes from locally gauging the Lorentz group {Sab}. Einstein's 1916 GR only partially gauges the Lorentz group - leaving out the antisymmetric contortion GCT tensor piece of the connection field. I suspect, but have not proved, that this 1916 GR approximation corresponds to locally gauging the 3 space rotations {S12, S13,S23} without locally gauging the 3 Lorentz boosts {S01,S02,SO3}? There are also the 5 remaining conformal generators to locally gauge. Unlike the Brazilians, I expect that as we locally gauge everything in sight to larger and larger Lie algebras of observables we add more and more dynamical degrees of freedom to the nonrigid mutable fabric of spacetime whose tailoring is the job of metric engineers for the manufacture of warps, wormholes and if need be weapons that make all conventional weaponry impotent and obsolete as we see in those magnificent flying machines from we don't know where or when.

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