Tuesday, January 04, 2005

ETs in their Magnificent Flying Machines

On Jan 4, 2005, at 7:36 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Einstein's guv(curved space time) ~ (Minkowski)uv Lp^2(Goldstone Phase)(,u,v)

Should be for non-inertial observers using non-gravity forces to hover (i.e. stand still as it were) at a fixed distance from a "source":

Einstein's guv(curved space time) ~ (Minkowski)uv + Lp^2(Goldstone Phase)(,u,v)

When the vacuum coherence -> 0, then we get back globally flat Minkowski spacetime, which is what we have in the pre-inflationary highly unstable completely incoherent false conformal vacuum.

What does curved spacetime mean operationally? One thing it means for space travelers is that they have to fire their rockets in order to HOVER at a fixed distance from some compact source. This is independent of measuring tidal stretch-squeeze relative accelerations between closely spaced geodesic test particles. If you fire a rocket in flat spacetime you move Bhubba, you buggy and you feel inertial g-force! Not so in curved spacetime where you move weightlessly in a geodesic glide relative to the distant stars or to the local cosmic black body microwave background radiation.

What the ETs know how to do is to geodesically glide in whatever direction they desire using small amounts of onboard power in their Magnificent Unconventional Flying Machines. That's what we are after!


We have the nonlocal "curvature without curvature" effect, analogous to the Bohm-Aharonov effect from non-simply connected global topology on locally observable physics (e.g. shift in a fringe pattern). As shown by R. Kiehn this comes from closed inexact Cartan form structure in the "gravity field", i.e. the Levi-Civita connection field for parallel transport of objects in the standard 1916 Einstein theory with zero torsion, zero nonmetricity and zero other exotic field effects.

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