Saturday, January 15, 2005

One World Or Many

Consensus of chaotic inflation e.g. see Max Tegmark's website of an infinity of parallel universes is being challenged by a wide angle anomaly in the WMAP data. New data that was supposed to be published has apparently been held back? The above paper makes the case that there is only one relatively small universe - smaller than the observable universe! It's close to a virtual reality cosmic pong game. There are "walls" of a cosmic dodecahedron you pass through a wall and instantly come out on an antipodal wall billions of light years away. There are multiple images of the same objects in the celestial sphere in this model. What is really true? We will not know for awhile.

arXiv:astro-ph/0501189 v1 11 Jan 2005

"The Shape of Space after WMAP data
Jean-Pierre Luminet
Laboratoire Univers et Th´eories, CNRS-UMR 8102, Observatoire de Paris,
F–92195 Meudon c´edex, France.

What is the shape of space is a long-standing question in cosmology. In this talk I review recent advances in cosmic topology since it has entered a new era of experimental tests. High redshift surveys of astronomical sources and accurate maps of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMB) are beginning to hint at the shape of the universe, or at least to limit the wide range of possibilities. Among those possibilites are surprising “wrap around” universe models in which space, whatever its curvature, may be smaller than the observable universe and generate topological lensing effects on a detectable cosmic scale. In particular, the recent analysis of CMB data provided by the WMAP satellite suggest a finite universe with the topology of the Poincar´e dodecahedral spherical space. Such a model of a “small universe”, the volume of which would represent only about 80 % the volume of the observable universe, offers an observational signature in the form of a predictable topological lens effect on one hand, and raises new issues on the early universe physics on the other hand."

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