Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The following input ideas
1. Lenny Susskind’s “world hologram”
2. Hagen Kleinert’s “world crystal Planck lattice”
3. Bekenstein’s c-BIT per Planck area for “horizon” thermodynamics in black holes and deSitter cosmologies
4. Observed number for dark energy density of our accelerating universe from Type Ia SuperNovae observations
5. Local gauge invariance of the global space-time symmetry of the Poincare group of 1905 special relativity giving both disclination curvature and dislocation torsion compensating gauge fields as Einstein-Cartan tetrads and spin connections respectively.
6. Higgs-Goldstone mechanism of hidden vacuum symmetries describing the fundamental post-inflation vacuum condensate “supersolid” fields whose robust coherent world hologram phases give the above tetrads and spin connections in analogy with the velocity of superflow in liquid helium 4 below the Lambda Point.
7. Lattice string theory toy model with half-filled Fermi surface for “Peierl’s instability.”
8. Saul-Paul Sirag’s Nature paper on Blackett gravimagnetism in astrophysical objects.

Give as outputs, curious “Eddington numerology” Jung-Paul “synchronicities” relating the following factual data

• Measured dark energy density & number of BITs on future deSitter Horizon
• Scale of low energy nuclear force and the universal slope of hadronic Regge resonances (basic data of string theory)
• Charge to mass ratio of the electron
• Renormalizable quantum gravity gauge force model with fundamental spin 1 Einstein-Cartan tetrad quanta whose entangled pairs give a spectrum of Einstein curvature spin 2 gravitons + spin 1 torsion graviphotons + spin 0 scalars in the microquantum zero point corrections to the macroquantum c-number vacuum condensate curvature and torsion fields.

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