Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Notes for STAIF 2008 talk in Albuquerque Space Force Defense Meetings
Working these practical applications of my general theory of emergent curvature-torsion Einstein-Cartan (old-fashioned "unified field theory") actually ties into modern string theory and points the way to asking the correct questions to metric engineer warp and wormhole on the road to Michio Kaku's "Type IV Super Civilization." (for updates)


OK, this pdf in standard math notation corrects my earlier hasty errors from not including the torsion field induced inhomogeneities in the quintessent zero point energy field correctly for the problems of

1. QCD quark force

2. NASA Pioneer anomalous g-force ~ cH ~ 1 nanometer/sec^2

3. Flat stellar rotation curves in dark matter galactic halos

1 & 2 have the same ordinary differential equation with different numerical parameters at the 2 vastly different scales - but there is a kind of scale covariance.

This is like Newton's apple - same universal zero point energy induced gravity and antigravity across many powers of ten unifying seemingly unconnected phenomena.

As Above, So Below.

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