Friday, May 18, 2007

Author: Jack Sarfatti
Subject: My truly original discovery

is my M-Matrix of non-closed 1 forms from the coherent vacuum Goldstone phases of the post-inflation field from which the warped Einstein-Cartan tetrad 1-forms and the spin-connection 1-forms simply emerge in much the same way as does the superfluid velocity field v = (h/m)Grad(Phase).

A^a = M^a^a tetrad 1-forms

S^a^b = M^[a,b] = - S^b^a spin-connection 1-forms

M^a^b = Theta^a/\dPhi^b - dTheta^a/\Phi^b

{Theta^a} & {Phi^b} are 2 Lorentz group 4-vectors of coherent vacuum Goldstone phase 0-forms from 9 real Higgs scalar fields.

e^a = I^a + @A^a

@ = (Lp^2/\zpf)^1/3

Lp^2 = hG/c^3

ds^2 = guvdx^udx^v = e^aea

T^a = de^a + S^ac/\e^c = torsion field 2-form

R^a^b = dS^a^b + S^ac/\S^cb = curvature field 2-form

Also, my apparently original recognition that quantum gravity is renormalizable at the "square root" tetrad field level where it is essentially a spin 1 Yang-Mills quantum field theory! Spin 2 is a composite structure from entangled pairs of spin 1 tetrad quanta. There are also spin 1 and spin 0 quantum corrections absent in the "classical" (i.e. macro-quantum ODLRO c-number) part of the theory.

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