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High Strangeness and US Intelligence Community

"there may be language difficulties
but it seems more and more are overcoming them every day
i would even say there are not two languages separated here but at least 12 and likely many more"

There are at least 3 conflicting opinions when 2 Greeks meet. :-)

"bundle field theory is not excruciatingly unreachable
"many can attain fluency by their late twenties and understand the translation
of symmetry breaking higgs production
in quotient bundles of the principle
over the symmetries broken"

Yes, of course. But that is still only a reformulation of basic physics. The issue is, does the reformulation allow you to "analytically continue" so to speak to new physics insights, predictions, explanations of mysterious phenomena such as

1. dark energy (~ 73% of universe)

2. dark matter

3. flat stellar rotation curves in galactic halos (I am still working on that model)

4. NASA Pioneer anomaly

5. Why the cosmological constant is so small

6. Silent alien ET spacecraft able to do many g's that no human can survive much less any known material

7. NIDS observations of alien ETs coming out of star gates on Bob Bigelow's Utah Ranch. See the book "Skinwalker" by Colm Kelleher & George Knapp. Bob Bigelow is a very rich man with his own satellite in space and close connections to the US Intelligence Community and the most powerful politicians in America. He is one of the most powerful people in Nevada (Las Vegas) no fool and he has poured millions of dollars into this UFO/paranormal phenomenon with his own private army of retired police, FBI, CIA, US Military Special Forces professionals. Bigelow is a heavy weight. He is nobody's fool and he knows these anomalies are real no matter what the James Randis, the Michael Shermers and other debunking so-called "Skeptics" say.

8. Note my prediction, the LHC will not find any real on-mass-shell particles that can explain Omega(Dark Matter) ~ 0.23 because dark matter is, in fact, off-mass-shell zero point fluctuations of negative ZPE density with positive pressure and w < - 1/3. Looking for dark matter in the LHC is like looking for the Galilean relativity aether with a Michelson-Morley interferometer. It is a very wrong idea IMHO.

"but just because many could understand does not mean many do understand because there are many other interesting things in this world there are many approaches to quantum gravity that explore higgs-like mechanisms"

That may be, but none of them make testable predictions, except for my model as far as I know. Also mine is simpler - Occam's razor with the least amount of formal excess baggage. What is good for pure mathematics is not generally good for theoretical physics. There is a creative tension between their primary objectives. They go in opposite directions. Math seeks generalization getting rid of physical concreteness.

"the higgs mechanism has always been intimate
to explanations of matter and mass
and it has been a regular source of quantum gravity speculation"

Too vague. I am showing exactly how the two key objects of Einstein-Cartan theory emerge from the Goldstone phases of the Higgs fields of the physical vacuum in analogy to the velocity of superflow in helium.

h dehnen, h frommert, and associates
showed that any excited higgs field
can be viewed as mediating a scalar gravitational interaction
but their mechanism gave a massive (yukawa) form"

Interesting. However I have shown how the c-number tetrad and spin connection 1-forms emerge from the Higgs vacuum itself. The excited Higgs particle states are not relevant. I do propose a Salam strong short range tensor gravity in addition to the weak long range component. I do get spin 2, spin 1 & spin 0 excited quanta on mass shell from entangled pairs of spin 1 A^a tetrad quanta. These are small zero point corrections - quantum noise - off mass shell, and far-field radiation on mass shell I suppose for the excited states you allude to above.

"v alan kostelecky and others have interesting papers
on the spontaneous breaking of lorentz and cpt symmetries which are also generated by a typical gamma matrix term that can be found in extended standard models and string theory"

Good, why don't you write a detailed review paper on all this? :-)

"in particular
lorentz violation may provide a mechanism
for a massless graviton
and naturally seem to describe some of the features
of dark matter and dark energy
and the cosmological constant"

Please explain this. "Lorentz violation" to me has two possible meanings.

1. Locally gauging the global 6-parameter Lorentz symmetry of all non-gravity actions. This gives the independent "torsion gap" dislocation defect field to 2nd order of Einstein-Cartan theory. It also adds new curvature disclination defect terms beyond what is in Einstein's 1915 GR that is simply from the local gauging of the 4-parameter translation group.

2. Spontaneous breakdown of the global/local Lorentz group in the physical vacuum i.e. hiding the symmetry in the actions of all the non-gravity fields (Sidney Coleman, Erice Lectures, 1970').

gasperini, hehl, and sardanashvily
have shown the emergence of various gravities
with actions coupling to
and other connection-derived terms"

Good, where is the physics? What do they predict and explain from real phenomena and data?

"all of these authors approach these ideas
from slightly different geometric or interactionist/group formalisms
often several different ones per author
linear and quadratic poincare
metric affine

Too vague, please flesh this out.

"but higgs mechanisms are not the only "natural" approach
similar to the reason for investigating higgs gravity
the zeropoint field has been interpreted as generating inertia
and there have been a few attempts at
zeropoint effects that generate gravity"

If you mean Haisch, Puthoff, Rueda, Cole - that's a dead end for several reasons IMHO not going anywhere. It's incomplete for one thing, only includes virtual photons. It violates dark energy facts. Other objections as well. Higgs - Yukawa couplings are the only viable model for the emergence of rest mass of leptons, quarks & W bosons. However, even that is incomplete - no gravity - that's where my model comes in because you cannot separate rest mass inertia from gravity without violating the equivalence principle as Haisch et-al blithely do without even realizing it it seems to me.

there is the holographic programme
seeking to explain the surface terms in the hilbert action
in terms of a fundamental description of information"

That's already in my model from the git-go. My model is holographic. Primacy of spacelike 2D nonbounding cycles enclosing point defect nodes of the 4D world crystal lattice in the 3+1 projection down from 9+1.

"there are also a number of purely geometric approaches
when one alters the geometry sufficiently
as is found in the torsion theories
or extensions of the work by obukhov and others
exploring the relationships between gravity and spin
( which have influence the spin-network programme
and other more mainstream approaches )"

This is all pi-in-the-sky without any connection to real physics - correct me if I am wrong. :-)

"there is a desire to make gravity emergent"

Indeed, and I have done so in an elementary way showing the connection/formal analogy to emergence in superfluid helium & in BCS superconductors.

"the whole point is of course
to avoid the divergences and ontological difficulties
of direct quantisation of the metric field"

I have solved that problem. My coupling is dimensionless and the basic gravity fields are spin 1 warped "tetrad" A^a fields, a = 0,1,2,3 - note in non-commutative geometry the Lie algebra is Yang-Mills non-abelian, as it is already when you go to the full 10-parameter Poincare group Lie algebra, but even the T4 part has new structure constants in Connes's noncommutative generalization.

"barcelo, visser, and liberati
have proven a very general result
that linearising a classical scalar field
( or indeed any hyperbolic second-order equation )
can always be interpreted as a lorentzian geometry
affecting particle propagation as gravity"

I don't believe that. They must be mistaken. How do they get tensor fields from a single scalar field?

" so these emergence results are very general


this background of working theories
helps give some placement to sarfatti's approach
he would have more insight into his approach
than any reconstruction that could be attempted
but it is always instructive to try

his expositions have suggested that a primary motivation is
he has been closely following shipov's work on torsion
and exploring its relation to various quantisation programmes
and the geometry is certainly central to his mathematical formalism"

Gennady Shipov visited us from Moscow in San Francisco twice 1999 & 2000 with money provided by Joe Firmage to our ISSO Science Group.

"but there are other currents present
he has also pointed a number of times over the recent years
to distinctions between the higgs mechanicsm
and zero point mechanisms of inertia

in particular he has stressed that
differences of fundamental scales in the theories
the equivalence principle
the nonlocal nature of gravity at asymptotic infinity
and the holographic principle
strongly suggest the zeropoint mechanism is ruled out

he has taken some of the mathematical insights
of what are unacceptable features of these
directly into his current working form
explicitly avoiding those issues through a foundation in holography

and of course
as is common with jack
he has many other directions he is attempting to reinterpret
inside the kernel of his new formalism

much still appears in flux
with some crystallisations and subsequent return to fluidity
as facts and derivations drive new speculations

so i wouldn't be too quick to place sarfatti in sardanashvily's camp
just as i wouldn't be too quick to put sarfatti in 't hooft's camp

they may share progenitors
( as we all do )
but they have their own unique directions

i also wouldn't be too quick to any given geometric intuition
is the more "correct" approach
as humanity has repeatedly been shown wrong here
and geometry is one of the big underspecifications
in modern speculation

our universe could operate on pointless geometries
for all we know

well anyways
it looks like my lunchtime is almost over so i'll cut this short
but i just wanted to make one last observation

despite its now obvious ramifications
in hypergeometric systems and general algebraic geometry
it took candelas, de la ossa, green, and parkes
coming from a physics background
to discover mirror symmetry

i think much mathematics comes from such physical intuitions
( despite some recent threads claiming more damage than good )

galathaea: prankster, fablist, magician, liar

Jack Sarfatti
"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
- Albert Einstein

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