Saturday, May 12, 2007

From the final chapters of A. Zee's "Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell" p.453 I picked up an interesting fact expressed in a clear pedagogical way without all the rigor mortis of the finicky mathematicians posing as physicists loading us up with excess baggage.

"Poincare invariance in our original D-dimensional spacetime now appears as an internal symmetry."

BINGO! That's another justification for my idea to maximize the stability of all the topological defects in the ODLRO vacuum condensate order parameter of Higgs-Goldstone fields in sense of low energy effective field theory. These fields are actually the post-inflation fields.

The bosonic string action in (D - 1, 1) spacetime is the action of a quantum field theory of D real bare massless Higgs scalar fields with D - 1 independent Goldstone phases in 1 + 1 2-dim string spacetime. Zero point fluctuations generate masses to get a kind of Mexican Hat potential with symmetry O(D) and vacuum manifold S(D-1).

My curvature-torsion theory of emergent (3 + 1) spacetime (four) tetrad 1-forms and (six) spin-connection 1-forms as compensating spin 1 gauge fields from locally gauging the Poincare group P10 simultaneous with supersolid distortions of the 0-form Goldstone phases needs 8 Goldstone phases Theta^a & Phi^b (a,b = 0,1,2,3)

That is,

Tetrads e^a(warp) - I^a(Minkowski) = (hG*/\zpf/c^3)^1/3A^a

/\zpf = quintessent field -> Einstein's cosmological constant (10^-3ev)^4 in the IR limit.

G* is renormalization group flow "running" coupling depending on mass (inverse length) scale.

The power 1/3 is determined by Lenny Susskind's "world hologram" conjecture.

Idea is that G* >> G(Newton) at scale 10^-13 cm, G* -> G(Newton) IR and also UV i.e. a kind of IR-UV duality. That is, a resonant plateau in G* in the region of nuclear -> high energy physics 10^-13 cm -> 10^-16 cm roughly

A^a = M^a^a

Spin connections S^a^b = - S^b^a = M^[a,b]

M^a^b = dTheta^a/\Phi^b - Theta^a/\dPhi^b

Note how the 1 + 1 string was starting point in my last pdf as a kind of Turing machine tape with a simple IT FROM BIT program punching in the ~ 10^120(Susskind) - 10^124 (Zee) BITS of the deSitter horizon.

Note there Lp ~ 10^-13 cm if the 1 + 1 string of (hG*/\zpf/c^3)^-1/3 links is the square root of the future deSitter horizon of our actual universe!

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