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At times one must be anchored in consensus reality analogous to low energy effective field theories in physics at critical points in renormalization group flows - perhaps(e.g. Volovick in Russia, but probably not as his theory violates IR-UV "duality"). Note I said "at times" not "all the time." That we have been to the Moon is a non-negotiable fact and anyone who seriously suggests otherwise is not a person I am interested in hearing more from. Of course reality is full of remarkable "coincidences" (AKA "synchronicities") many of which I speak about in my books based on my own direct encounters with the uncanny "high strangeness."

Paperclip did not come up with anything other than conventional rocket technology. Most of the URLS cited below are unreliable sources of disinformation - fiction posing as fact. Some of it is hilarious maybe even some of it is well-written I don't know. I never said that The Evil One was without talent.

The Black Sun is in Michael Murphy's "An End to Ordinary History." The NASA Pioneer Anomaly is probably measuring the Black Sun - it is a probably expanding hollow shell of dark matter concentric with center of the visible sun.

Dark matter is negative zero point energy density with positive quantum pressure.

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"Your comment is a perfect example of fear based attack, uninformed,
reactionary, ignorant thought.Your judgment is taken obviously without
seeing any of the videos or reading any of the essays. Fritter your
life away on the surface not talking about the important things, just
keep to simple subjects."

Yeah like how the universe was created and how consciousness is
generated in the brain - simple subjects.

"Thule Society" was an occult Nazi org. That you choose that name
shows you are a Nazi.

I can smell your type light years away.

JS -
BS -

BS - he got that right. is an obvious Nazi website.

"Perhaps Dr. JS is confusing BS' signature web-
references of "Thule" to: "Thule-Gesellschaft"
which might be more prototypical of a
disingenuous, demagogic paranoid gyration
point of view, perhaps; although, I too am somewhat
mystified by the revisionist conspiracy theories
regarding a "staged moon landing." Knowing how
goofy and unreliable humans are in places of
authority, institutions and administrations,
not to mention the myriad subcontractors
and their spouses, et al., who would be privy to
such a grand deception -- and, non-disclosure
agreements notwithstanding, people talk,
invariably, utterly and reliably, especially
for profit -- but, I admit to a guilty pleasure
in enjoying, to a degree, the endless
number of parallel possibilities in this weird
whirling universe, at least as memes, and
catalysts for deeper ponderings,
stopping short of gullible vulnerabilities, etc.
And what do I really know?!
ANYWAY . . .
There are, in fact, many who believe that
not only have "we" established bases on
both the Moon & Mars, but the Black Ops
Technology responsible for all these secret
endeavours have directly evolved from the
NAZI aeronautical, Operation Paperclip
programs of yesteryear! SHEEESH!!


The Aliens are Coming, the Aliens are Coming - Not ! --
(Two 30-minute segments) (Recorded on 3/4/2007.)

For the Record
Produced by
Dave Emory

L-1 The Political Implications of the UFO Phenomenon
and the "ET" Myth (Approx. 171 minutes)
(See also: FTR #'s 66-68, 105, 156, 167.)

Intercept -- But Don't Shoot
The True Story of the Flying Saucers
by Renato Vesco
1971, Grove Press
338 pages
Book Description
Looks at the early 'flying saucer technology'
of Nazi Germany and the genesis of early
man-made UFOs. From captured German
scientists, escaped battalions of German
soldiers, secret communities in South America
and Antarctica, the astonishing book blows
the lid off the 'Government UFO Conspiracy'.
Examined in detail are secret underground
airfields and factories; German secret
weapons; 'suction' aircraft; the origin of
NASA; gyroscopic stabilisers and engines;
the secret Marconi aircraft factory in
South America, and other secret societies,
both ancient and modern, that have kept
this craft a secret, and much more.


An Investigation by Kevin McClure
1. Core 1 - Foo Fighters
2. Core 2 - Renato Vesco, Feuerball and Kugelblitz
3. Core 3 - Major Lusar, the saucer builders, and the test flight
4. Core 4 - W A Harbinson and Projekt Saucer
5. Core 5 - Vril, Haunebu and interplanetary travel
6. False histories
7. Unnamed Soldiers
8. Authorities from Earth and Elsewhere
9. Official comments and Intelligence
10. Mistakes and fantasies
General Electric's revenues in 2003 totaled $134.2 billion.
Private industry is looking at the question of gravity control
with new seriousness.
A large number of giant corporations, including Bell Aerospace,
General Electric, Hughes Aircraft, Boeing, Douglas and many
others, have set up gravity projects.
.... flying saucer ENGINE development was turned over to
General Electric.
The F-117A Nighthawk
About the size of an F-15 Eagle, the twin-engine aircraft is
powered by two General Electric F404 turbofan engines and has
quadruple redundant fly-by-wire flight controls.
Secrets of the Saucer Scientists
By William F. Hamilton III
And so on and so forth...

AND...Then there's this
frightening bit of weirdness:

~o0O0o~ [Quote]

Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism
and the Politics of Identity
by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
New York University Press, 2002
Hb, 369pp, plates, ind, bib, refs, $29.95
ISBN 0 8147 3124 4

A few years back, I was lead on a satanic murder
tour of East Sussex by a local researcher,
who told me a frightening story.

In the mid '90s he received a tip-off that Nazi
Satanists would be using Chanctonbury Ring,
an ancient holy site, for a ritual. As he and
another man - a well-known writer on occult
matters - approached the hill, they found
themselves surrounded by balaclava-clad,
baseball bat-wielding thugs who marched
them to the top, where our heroes were
surrounded. Suddenly, over the crest of the
hill sprung yet more balaclava-clad heavies,
these ones bigger and better armed.
After much shouting and gesticulating the
Nazi Satanists fled, no match for the
Animal Rights activists who had been tipped
off that animals were to be sacrificed there
that night. At the site were found a stone cross,
stolen from a churchyard, a genuine U-boat
flag and a Nazi dagger.

My guide suspected that the group were
connected to David Myatt and the Order
of the Nine Angles. I found the story a little
too Dennis Wheatley to be true, but, having
read Black Sun, I might be a little more
cautious poking around Chanctonbury ring
at Hallowe'en. And Myatt is only the
small tip of a vast iceberg.

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke's (G-C)
Occult Roots of Nazism is still the textbook
source on the esoteric groups that influenced
the Nazi elite. With Black Sun he attempts to
trace these influences, now re-visioned and
explicitly linked to neo-Nazi and fascist
ideologies, right up to the present day.

The scope of the book is immense. From the
simplistic thuggery of American Nazi Party
founder Lincoln Rockwell, via the Hitler-Christ
fugues of Matt Koehl, we glimpse the awesomely
complex Hindu-Aryan cosmologies of Italian
Julius Evola and "Hitler’s Priestess", the
Cornish-Greek Savitri Devi (subject of G-C's
last book). Devi identifies Hitler as a Hindu avatar,
a "man against time" returning to lead his chosen
Aryan people to a new and perfect era.
This and Evola’s grandiose metaphysical
anti-Semitism are the compost for all manner
of twisted cultivars, providing an almost
eschatological sense of urgency in the eternal
battle against the spiritually "unclean" Jew.
It's not hard to see how the shimmering grandeur
of their doctrines has appealed to so many neo-Nazis,
providing them with a righteous and divine
justification for their hatred of those who they
feel threaten their security. Both remain popular
with the new generation of neo-Nazis, and Evola's
work has been republished recently with an
introduction by "industrial" musician
Michael Moynihan.

Sharing elements of Evola and Devi's
cosmic vision is Miguel Serrano, at one
time Chilean ambassador to Austria,
whose spiritual journey saw him befriending
Herman Hesse, Carl Jung, Jawaharlal Nehru
and even the Dalai Lama before (having made
direct astral contact with him in his
Hollow Earth HQ) settling on Hitler as the way,
the truth and the light. In a curious blend of
Jungian and Lovecraftian cosmologies, he
sees Hitler as an shining Aryan archetype
of unknowable gods residing far beyond our
galaxy. Serrano remains an important ideologue
on the global Nazi scene, and has been linked
to the German Colonia Dignidad cult
compound, from which accusations of child
abuse and torture during the Pinochet years
have emerged recently.

A whole chapter of Black Sun is devoted to
the Nazi UFO mythos. G-C reads the tales
of wartime German flying saucer fleets hidden
in the Hollow Earth as an extension of the
pervasive rumours of Hitler's survival.
Certainly the post-war capture of German
submarines off Argentina and the mysterious
withdrawal of Admiral Byrd's vast task
force from Antarctica in 1946 could only
have fuelled such speculation, first expressed
in a 1947 book, Hitler esta vivo by a Hungarian
exile in Argentina. G-C traces many tales of
German wartime saucer technologies to one
Erich Halik, a member of a Viennese esoteric
group who regarded the UFOs as something
more than mere earthly technology.
Their take, which echoes - and narrowly
predates - Jung's, is distinctly esoteric,
the UFO being a metaphysical "cultic vessel
used by the supreme hierarchy of Christian
Gnostics" and now employed by the spiritually
superior underground Nazi elite. Halik published
several UFO articles in Hungarian esoteric
magazines and was particularly interested by
George Adamski's contact with the Aryan
Venusian Orthon. Adamski, however,
was not spiritually advanced enough to
recognise an ambassador from Naziland.

Or was he? G-C doesn't mention it, but
George Hunt Williamson, another contactee
who was also present at Adamski's desert
encounter, spends much of his book
Other Tongues Other Flesh expounding
the resonant cosmic power of the swastika,
which he sees clearly embossed in a boot
print left by Orthon. Williamson was a close
associate of William Dudley Pelley, founder
of the '30s American Silvershirts fascist
movement and later the occult group Soulcraft.
He also co-authored books placing the
Jewish banking conspiracy behind the
UFO mystery. While a survey of such breadth
of scope as Black Sun can’t be expected to
cover every lead, this seems like a rich
avenue for future exploration.

Other chapters cover neo-Nazi pagan/folk
movements, Christian identity and the Nazi
music scenes. G-C does a fine job of
exposing the swastika-emblazoned roots
of so much of today's New Age and
conspiracy movements as they indiscriminately
pull information towards the black holes (suns?)
at their centres. This is definitely a book to
give to your Nexus-reading friends.

In attempting to survey the entire post war
esoteric-Nazi oeuvre, G-C has set himself
a mammoth task, and one that could
probably have filled a book twice Black
Sun’s size. It's clear that G-C is more
comfortable in some areas, e.g. Evola,
Devi Landig, James Madole and Serrano,
who all get chapter-length treatments, than
he is in others, but the sheer weight of
information makes up for the lack of depth
in those sections - indeed, each chapter
could be expanded into a book of its own.

Black Sun is an extremely dense work that
can be dry reading at times. But as a survey
of this material - and currently the only one
of its kind - it is undeniably important and is
sure to open your mind to shadowy worlds
you never knew existed.

Dense, disturbing and increasingly important

~o0O0o~ [Close Quote]


I apologize to all those on this list
who are annoyed by that, and I will not email
anything further to you after this email.
Thanks... All the best! --MT-07/May/07"

Jack Sarfatti
"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
- Albert Einstein

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