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Uri Geller

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Jack Sarfatti wrote:

So what did Durant say about 1947 and what did he say about Colonel Phillip J. Corso? Remember Corso was very angry at someone in the CIA. Was it Durant? Angleton? Kit? Who? Be interesting to know what that was all about eh?

"I don't think he said anything about either. The idea of the Roswell event being anything of significance was only known to a few investigators (Friedman, Moore, etc). The Roswell Incident book had just been published (Aug or Sept 1980). I had not had one to read myself. As for Corso, in 1980 the response to a question about him would have been "who he?"

So Colonel Corso was keeping his experiences secret at that time?

Durant certainly put on the mantle of severe skeptic of the whole UFO subject. Whether he knew anything he didn't talk about ..... I believe he's long gone now I do have an amusing anecdote about Hynek and Durant. I was sitting between the during the meagre lunch they served in the basement lunchroom at the Smithsonian. During that lunch the talk turned toward the paranormal in general. Now, I should point out that Hynek and Durant were long time acquaintances, going back to the late 1950's at least, when Hynek directed the "Prairie Network" of all sky cameras looking for meteors. So the subject of metal bending came up! How I do not recall.... certainly nothing
I would have mentioned. Anyway, Hynek proceeded to describe his own experience
with Geller and a key. According to Hynek he was seated at a table next to Geller
(this would have been in the 1970's.... I don't know when). Geller asked for a key and Hynek gave him one. Geller held the key, rubbed it, whatever and then it
started to bend. By this time Durant was probably apoplectic over Hynek even
describing such a thing, but he started to advance the "any magician can bend a key "
sort of argument. But Hynek plunged on and came up with the "clincher." According
to Hynek as the key was bending Geller set it on the table in clear view of himself and Hynek and IT CONTINUED TO BEND."

Yes, this is a fact IMHO.

Durant was pooh-poohing the whole thing and Hynek emphasied that he had the table and cloth as a fixed reference and he could clerly see the key bend AFTER Geller removed his hand. Well, I suppose this was enough to convince me... at least if Hynek wasn't
lying ..."

No, he was not lying. Definitely not. That much I know with 90% confidence.

" ... there clearly was "new physics" going on there. But Durant ... he just
wouldn't have it. As we got up from the table I sensed a "coldness" between these
two long-time friends. Hynek had put his foot forward and Durant had stepped
on it. I never heard Hynek talk about metal-bending or Geller again. Come to think of it, I think the Smthsonian was so cheap as to require the attendees to pay their own hotel bill. Anyway, my recollection is that Hynek stayed at my house that night to avoid paying for a hotel room (CUFOS was not a "rich" UFO institution). While he was there I asked him how he managed to live or cope with his knowledge of UFO reality. He responded something like this: 'I live every day as if this weren't real.' I suppose we all do! (Part of the "universal self cover up")

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