Thursday, September 29, 2005

Stability of Matter in the Expanding Universe

More potential WMD danger in the Woodward, Puthoff & Shipov approach to change m if e/m ratios change in the process.

Woodward using Mach's Principle

Puthoff using PV (won't work fortunately)

Shipov using torsion (may work - dangerous)

Their schemes could increase e/m and increase the repulsive (J/mcr)^2 faster than the attractive - e^2/mc^2r in the case of the stability of the hydrogen atom studied in the paper by Price.

V = @hc/mr + e^2/mr + (J/mr)^2 + /\zpfr^2

see Price's eq (11) p.5 - note his r^2 term - interesting

r = a(t)R

Price's eq. (1)

Internal dark energy core /\zpf may adjust to prevent the electrons and quarks as thin extended shells of charge from exploding. The atoms will still explode, which is bad enough. For hydrogen atom, m is reduced mass ~ electron mass with orbital angular momentum L

V/mc^2 = - e^2/mc^2r + (L/mcr)2 + /\r^2

Compare the Coulomb attraction between electron & proton with the centrifugal barrier

As m is decreased the repulsive centrifugal potential scales as 1/m^2 whilst the Coulomb attraction scales only as 1/m. Therefore the danger of instability grows if m is decreased to get NON-GEODESIC PROPELLANTLESS PROPULSION the way Woodward, Puthoff & Shipov all seem to want to do via different schemes.

Even in my GEODESIC WWD (Weightless Warp Drive) PROPELLANTLESS PROPULSION from tweaking the Goldstone Phase of the Higgs Field one must be careful not to disturb m on the scale of the atoms.

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