Monday, September 26, 2005

Dark Energy Core of the Electron

1. Lorentz invariance and the equivalence principle imply

w = -1

for all zero point fluctuations not only for virtual photons.

2. Unlike QED you cannot simply stick in a plate(s) as in Casimir force and forget the absolute background of ZPE. This is precisely the "cosmological constant problem."

i.e. zero point energy gravitates (and anti-gravitates depending) absolutely.

The QED Casimir force calculation for virtual photons (excluding even vacuum polarization, which makes no essential difference here) is irrelevant to the "charge cluster", or, more fundamentally, the stability of a single electron as an extended micro-geon. More precisely the Casimir energy is merely one term of several in the effective potential for the micro-geon including gravity.


V = @hc/mr + Q^2/mr +(J/mr)^2 + c^2/\zpfr^2

The "gravity term" in this Newtonian approx is c^2/\zpfr^2 for a uniform core of positive ZPE of negative pressure. The Casmir term is @hc/mr that simply renormalizes the Coulomb barrier Q^2/mr. Everything Hal Puthoff talks about simply determines the pure number @ from QED.

dV/dr =0

d^2V/dr^2 > 0

3. The single electron Bohm hidden variable is not a point particle. Renormalization theory needs to be trashed as Feynman told me in his Cal Tech office in 1968. The electron (& quarks) is an extended shell of charge held in balance by its inner core of zero point dark energy where the vacuum coherence ODLRO field drops to zero exactly like in the core of a superfluid vortex except here we have a point defect rather than a string defect.

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