Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No more Space Shuttles

So that everyone is clear about what my new theory actually is:

Memorandum for the Record

Subject: Advanced Space Flight Technology

No more Space Shuttles ever needed again.

I have been asked by Deep Black

"Ok Jack , I read it. Assuming its true, then pray tell how do we get some and bottle it as fuel?"

Forget fuel. There is no fuel! This is not a rocket ejecting mass. Also that is what is wrong with Hal's approach and Woodward's approach and even Gennady Shipov's torsion field drive. Even though they are propellantless, i.e. not ejecting mass, nevertheless they change mass M (by one alleged means or other, torsion for Gennady Shipov, Mach's principle for James Woodward so there is a vdM/dt term just like in a rocket but without any ejected mass. This is intrinsically unstable and is a BOMB if they change e/m too much! Also it is a non-geodesic drive, i.e. they feel inertial g-forces! Mine is different. I have little LC oscillator loops embedded on nanoscale in thin very high Tc 2D layer anyon films "painted" on the fuselage. Forcing different non-integer continuously varying magnetic fluxes through the little Josephson "super-conducting loops" modifies the Goldstone phase of the Higgs vacuum phase that controls the curvature and the torsion of the local space-time geometrodynamic field. The trick is how to lock the phase of the vacuum to the magnetic fields (currents through the loops). I don't know enough solid state physics yet to do that.

Note that Maxwell's EM field equations in the curved space-time with Shipov's torsion field look like in local frame-invariant Cartan notation:

F = DA

DF = 0

D*F = *J


D = d + W/\ + S/
d = Cartan's exterior derivative

W = curvature spin-connection where

dB + W/\(1 + B) = 0

T = dS + W/\S + S/\(1 + B + S) = Russian Torsion Field 2-form

In addition

R = (d + W/\)W = Einstein's curvature 2-form from 1915 theory (not done this post-modern way of course)

R/\(1 + B) + /\zpf(1 + B)/\(1 + B)/\(1 + B) = 0

is 1915 Einstein vacuum equation with cosmological constant.

This all generalizes to include torsion to

R' = (d + W/\ + S/\)(W + S)

(d + W/\ + S/\)R' = 0

(d + W/\ + S/\)*R' = *J

(d + W/\ + S/\)^2*R' = (d + W/\ + S/\)*J = 0

this is key equation for local stress-energy current density conservation for practical low-power metric engineering of Weightless Warp Drive and Wormhole.

B is the curvature field gauge potential from locally gauging T4 -> Diff(4) of GCTs.

S is the torsion field gauge potential from locally gauging the Lorentz group O(1,3).

A is the electromagnetic gauge potential from locally gauging the internal U(1) group.

This local frame-invariant theory is easily extended to the standard model of quarks and leptons using the SU(2) and SU(3) internal symmetry groups.

From the standard model SU(2)hypercharge spontaneous symmetry breakdown in pre -> post inflation of false to true vacuum I get (consistent with both standard particle model and standard cosmological model of mainstream physics)

B = (hG/c^3)^1/2'd'(Goldstone Phase of Higgs Field)

T = (hG/c^3)d'd'(Goldstone Phase of Higgs Field)

Note that

d^2 = 0


d'd' =/= 0


e.g. string vortex phase singularity along z-axis in 3D space

'd'(Phase) = (xdy - ydx)/(x^2 + y^2) 1-form

Note that the 1-form is infinite on the z-axis string.

<&2|'d'(Phase)> = <2|d'd'(Phase)> = 2piN

N = integer winding number

This is Bohm-Aharonov nonlocal "Flux without flux".

The Bohm hidden variable single electron (quark) is an extended microgeon with a strong dark zero point energy uniform core and a thin shell of charge in a "point defect" in the LOCAL vacuum order parameter ODLRO Higgs field manifold G/H.

In Newtonian-Galilean limit

V(micro-geon) = @hc/mr + Q^2/mr + J^2/mr^2 + c^2/\zpfr^2

dV/dr = 0

solve for /\zpf

d^2V/dr^2 > 0 stability OK

@ from QED Casimir force calculation.

Is the discovery of dark energy the key to warp drive?

Dark energy is positive zero point energy density with negative pressure. Einstein showed that the pressure is 3 times as powerful as the energy density in bending space-time. Therefore, dark energy anti-gravitates repelling everything and expanding space beyond its normal Hubble expansion. This is the accelerating universe in which ~ 73% of the large-scale stuff is this dark energy with negative pressure. In addition the Russians (Gennady Shipov in Moscow) are extending Einstein's theory to include torsion fields as well as curvature fields. In that case we can have quintessent fields in which the zero point energy density is not simply a cosmological constant, but is a variable local scalar field. We can now build a Weightless Warp Drive (WWD) like Alcubierre's by a kind of Josephson wave interference effect. We live in a Higgs Ocean vacuum field. The Higgs Ocean has vacuum waves. We use a local high Tc coherent wave like in the thin film anyon condensates that locks into the local phase of the vacuum wave. This is similar to a heterodyne radio receiver. By modulating the local vacuum wave's phase we can make both positive and negative zero point quantum pressures in different parts of the star ship's fuselage and, therefore, shape the weightless free float geodesic glide path of the ship. This does not take a lot of power. It's like Tao Chi. For more details see the new book Super Cosmos by Jack Sarfatti (2005) ISBN:1-4184-7663-3.

Dark matter is negative zero point energy density with positive pressure. It clumps mimicking w = 0 CDM for distant observers, but up close and personal its w = -1. Dark matter detectors will never click with the right stuff to explaiin Omega(DM) ~ 0.23

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