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Three Blind Mice

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Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Indeed my theory takes away the whole motivation for any Yilmaz attempt!

True, if it really works. It's an alternative approach to resolution of the problem.

But the price tag is a non-trivial spacetime topology.

That's not a price that should not be paid.

Your understanding of this problem is too naive and simplistic - so is Yilmaz's. So is Puthoff's and others.

Analogous problem

The superflow in He4 is irrotational i.e. curl v = 0, nevertheless

Line integral of v.dl around a nonbounding closed loop is not zero, it is

Nh/m, N an integer.

This is curlv without curl v

i.e. global multiply-connected topology is a NON-LOCAL macro-quantum effect, quite analogous to the Bohm-Aharonov effect.

In the torsion tetrad substratum

dB is the torsion field tensor

dB = 0 i.e. B is closed but not exact.

T = dB/\*dB is the local torsion field stress-density tensor! (same as in EM)


T = 0 even in torsion theory, SAME as in bilinear curved geometrodynamics!

g(curved) = (I + B)(flat)(I + B)

B = substratum torsion potential from local gauge T4 -> Diff(4)

Einstein's field equation is a FREE LUNCH - the Multiverse is a Free Lunch!


stress-energy density tensor of vacuum gravity + stress-energy density tensor of all sources = 0

Therefore in ordinary vacuum, the gravity stress-energy tensor is strictly ZERO! There is NO PROBLEM. Einstein did not like that for some irrational reason and that led to all the pseudo-tensor nonsense and to Yilmaz nonsense.

But where is the SINGULARITY? It is obviously the INFLATION vacuum phase transtion -> hot Big Bang (from release of binding energy of virtual massless fermion-antifermion pairs).

That is

|||X = ||||dX (4D space-time integral INCLUDES INITIAL SINGULARITY HOLE)

dX = 0-form ORDER PARAMETER ~ |Vacuum ODLRO|

dX = 0 is the Berry Goldstone Phase INITIAL Singularity = INFLATION False -> True vacuum! Creating "baby universes" in "chaotic inflation" of the multiverse.

|||X = N(Flux Quanta) =/= 0

Cipher of Genesis Decoded


|Vacuum ODLRO| = 0 in unstable false vacuum pre-inflation.

"Flux without flux"

Something from nothing.

Free Lunch.

Have your cake and eat it too.

This also goes down chain of being & becoming

||dB = N(Flux Quanta)

|B = N(Flux Quanta)

Of course Einstein, Pauli et-al were not aware of this math 75 years ago.

But I still say the problem is one of objectivity of the definition of gravitational energy, and the recovery of sensible energy-momentum transfer and conservation laws in the "Newtonian" (i.e., slow-motion weak-field) limit of GR.

You are wrong. This is a completely bogus problem. You are stuck in the primal ooze and it is solidifying - hardening of the conceptual arteries.

Yilmaz is completely irrelevant. He is asking a BOGUS QUESTION.

The Question is: What is The Question?" Wheeler

Yilmaz & Co is The Blind Leading The Blind - stuck deep inside Plato's Cave.

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