Friday, May 20, 2005

Creation of the Universe

On May 20, 2005, at 8:36 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:


The Cipher of Genesis Decoded

The Pre-inflationary "Fire" ("steam") unstable false vacuum Dirac Sea is globally flat without any rest masses and without any gravity. The cosmological constant is /\ ~ Lp^-2 = 10^66 cm^-2 in the RANDOM "SED" if you like Dirac Sea.
Vacuum ODLRO = 0

The Post-inflationary "Ice" metastable curved vacuum is the calmer more pacific Higgs Ocean whose
FM phase ripples is Einstein's curvature gravity i.e. B-field ~ LpP/ih operating on arg(Vacuum ODLRO) The dark energy/matter stress-energy density Diff(4) tensors are AM amplitude ripples in the
Higgs intensity |Vacuum ODLRO|^2

The B-field is from local gauging T4 -> Diff(4) in the presence of Vacuum ODLRO. It's the Vacuum ODLRO
that causes the local gauging!

Vacuum ODLRO explains:

1. Why the large-scale world is "local" and "classical" - why no giant Schrodinger Cats

2. Why the early curved universe has low thermodynamic entropy i.e., "arrow of time" parallel to expansion of space

David Deutsch's "multiverse" is wrong. You cannot use micro-quantum rules on large scale precisely because of ODLRO. This is explained in detail by P.W. Anderson in several papers in "A Career in Theoretical Physics" (World)

On May 20, 2005, at 1:28 AM, wrote:

If you want to see the flat spacetime metric, you just remove all gravitational sources sufficiently far away that gravitational effects are negligible.

No, Paul you have confounded asymptotic flatness of a curved metric with TWO co-existing metrics one flat the other curved.

This shows that a flat background metric has a concrete physical meaning.

Yes, as the unstable pre-inflation false vacuum without gravity and without rest masses of lepto-quarks. Think of expanding spheres of ICE floating in STEAM

Just as in Newtonian physics, the law of inertia only really applies in a vacuum -- so that you have to remove all gas-phase matter before you can "directly observe it".

Totally wrong. That's like saying that an ice cube has a co-existing interpenetrating steam ghostly doppleganger occupying the same space-time region with it.

So you are saying that any bimetric equivalent of GR is "confused"?

I see no bimetric in asymptotic flatness of the single curved metric. Yes, what you write is confused. You are not using the metaphors consistently.

I was simply responding to your assertion that since the background metric is not
directly observable, it is physically meaningless.

The whole idea of Einstein's theory is that there is no rigid absolute non-dynamical globally flat metric co-existing with the curved dynamical "background independent" metric guv. What you are trying to impose here is excess metaphysical baggage. It's like putting sugar in the gas tank of a new Ferrari.

You obviously don't understand Rosen's concept. Have you read any of his papers? Ever?

No. If Rosen proposed that. He is wrong.

I am not talking here about *Einstein's* idea; I'm talking about a *bimetric equivalent* of GR, in which there is a non-deformable background g_uv and a physical g_uv that depends on the distribution of matter.

That's an ugly idea. It's not needed. That's simply BAD physics IMHO. Most of the theory papers today are bad physics. Too many theorists with too few ideas regurgitating mostly not-even-wrong ideas with very little contact with observation and experiment.

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