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Einstein's Muddle on Gravity Energy

On May 11, 2005, at 8:42 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

From Alexander Burinski in Moscow whose field is GR.

Also I have shown WHY BIG BANG is necessary!
The claims the "Big Bang never happened" are wrong.
You need the white hole singularity to
1. Explain the arrow of time (low entropy of early universe)
2. Energy without energy as in Wheeler geon.

Further clarification there are two meanings ("marble" & "wood") to "gravity energy". Einstein made a muddle when he called tuv(matter) the "gravity energy". That is

Tuv(Matter)^;v = Tuv(Matter)^,v + tuv^,v(Matter-Gravity) = 0

tuv^,v(Matter-Gravity) = (LC Gravity)u^v^lTuv(Matter)

is the COUPLING of "Marble" geometry to "Wood" matter.

This is an inhomogeneous differential equation to solve for tuv(Matter-Gravity) with SOURCE (LC Gravity)u^v^lTuv(Matter).

;v is Diff(4) covariant partial derivative
,v is T4 covariant partial derivative

All this pseudo-tensor nonsense of tuv is from forcing the flat space-time T4 into the domain of curved space-time Diff(4).

Diff(4) is the end product of locally gauging T4

When you look at Pauli, you see, in the end, he invokes asymptotic flatness boundary condition to get conservation of the GLOBAL T4 INTEGRAL 4-vector

Ju(Matter) = |d^3x{Tu0(Matter) + tu0(Matter-Gravity)} = constant (447) p.176

ONLY under the LIMITED ASYMPTOTIC T4 group that in the INTERIOR is Diff(4). This is exactly like the IN-OUT states in S-Matrix theory!

Z's irrelevant point of taking small regions of integration misses Pauli's point! You simply do not ask that question in this ASYMPTOTIC FLAT analysis!

"Einstein calls tuv the the 'energy components of the gravitational field' ... tuv do not form a tensor ... they can be made to vanish at an arbitrary world point by a suitable choice of [LOCAL] coordinate system [LIF] ... the tuv are certainly not symmetrical ... and the energy density t00 is not everywhere positive ...." p.176

"Einstein ... proved that the expressions 447 for the TOTAL energy and momentum"


This means using only the ASYMPTOTIC FLAT LIMIT of the T4 group!

"although the localization of the energy will be different for different [LOCAL] coordinate systems"

IN THE INTERIOR where Diff(4) holds sway.

"One cannot assign any physical meaning to the values of tuv themselves, i.e. it is impossible to carry out a localization of the energy and momentum in a gravitational field in a generally covariant and physically satisfactory way. But the integral expressions 447 have a definite physical meaning ... it allows us to calculate the CHANGE in the MATERIAL energy in a CLOSED SYSTEM in a simple fashion."

Key word is "MATERIAL".

Therefore, in fact this analysis has NOTHING to do with the issue of the GRAVITY VACUUM ENERGY i.e. the pure "marble" when all the "wood" is gone, i.e. when
Tuv(Matter) = 0 everywhere-when.

There are two different problems here that have been garbled and muddled.

Also the above tuv(Matter-Gravity) is a BOGUS quantity. Who ordered that? We do not need for anything really. One can simply work directly with ;v rather than ,v. This MUDDLE leads to the absolutely silly "bi-metric" idea you see in both Yilmaz & Puthoff's models!

Einstein himself is partly to blame - he was muddled on this point and the young Pauli in 1921 was too much in awe of him to see through the muddle.

My allusion to Wheeler's Geon "Mass without mass" is for Tuv(Matter) = 0 case.

Also my tuv(zpf) = (c^4/8piG)/\zpfguv

is a covariant Diff(4) tensor having nothing to do with tuv(Matter-Gravity)!

Further Einstein's objection to

Tuv(Marble Geometry) = (c^4/8piG)Guv

is not sound in the context of topological conservation laws in the Vacuum ODLRO theory of the INITIAL WHITE HOLE singularity approximation to the chaotic inflation of baby universes in the multi-verse.

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Yes, I agree absolutely.

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On May 6, 2005, at 6:29 PM, wrote:

Jack Sarfatti wrote:

The problem is now solved.

You're right -- but it looks like there are several competing
solutions to this "non-problem".

You asked me to explain Yilmaz's theory. As far as I know
non-trivial topologies are not
part of it.

Of course not. You have to start at the beginning. You jump in at the
middle. It's useless. First explain the meaning of every symbol in

guv = (nexp(phi - phi~)uv

Explain n, phi, & phi~

and how the uv work there.

Is it





What do they mean physically?

How are they measured?

Why are they posited?

Then you must PROVE that from that form (for Tuv = 0 for simplicity)

G_uv = t_uv

with that formula for t_uv in terms of phi


On May 6, 2005, at 5:27 PM, wrote:

Sorry, but I don't consider non-rivial spacetime topologies to be
relevant to Yilmaz's
development of his theory.

I thought we were discussing Yilmaz?

Yilmaz theory is an ugly lame attempt to explain the locality of
gravity energy. I am not interested in Yilmaz's scribbles made in the
asylum - most physics departments are de-facto asylums anyway - at
least the theorists. :-) It's the wrong question.
Gravity energy really is nonlocal! See Roger
Penrose in "The Road to Reality".

Basically Paul the integral of a zero density need not be zero in a
curved multiply-connected space. That is the lesson of Wheeler's geon
of "Mass without mass." That's why gravity energy is nonlocal!

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