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Flying Saucer Spray Paint?

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Exempt from Disclosure: The Disturbing Case About the UFO Coverup by Robert M. Collins and Richard C. Doty: Christopher Green MD, PhD in Neurophysiology now at Wayne State Medical Center in Michigan relates that many years ago one of his friends Richard Helms ex CIA Director at the time told him, "Always believe what Richard Doty tells you about UFOs."

Dr. Green was high up in the CIA. He still maintains high security clearances. Whatever The Truth here may be, it is very weird and bizarre.

The fact however is that the progress of mainstream physics has shed a bright light on the UFO phenomenon since the 1999 discovery of the key to the puzzle - Dark Energy!

The key equations for metric engineering Warp, Wormhole & Weapon are:

Guv + &/\zpfguv = 0

&/\zpf = (x/Lp)|Anyon Density|^1/2cos{Loop Integral[B(Vacuum ODLRO) - A(Anyon)}

cos{Loop Integral[B(Vacuum ODLRO) - A(Anyon)} = cos[2pi(Nb(Flux Quantum of B/Flux Quantum of A) - Na)]

2pi(Nb(Flux Quantum of B/Flux Quantum of A) - Na)) is the dimensionless relative phase between the Vacuum ODLRO and the Anyon OLDRO in a small nano-LC loop etched on the high Tc thin active layer spray painted on the saucer fuselage.

x << 1 = Vacuum - Anyon impedance match coupling coefficient

Geodesic flight near Earth's surface at distance r from center of Earth requires

GM(Earth)/c^2r^3 ~ &/\zpf

Richard Helms was briefed into the subject of UFOs in the early days. He knew about Roswell and knew the involvement of the CIA from around 1950 to the 1970s. Helms knew the NSA involvement with programs to capture ET signals.

-Rick Doty

From: Bruce Maccabee
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Subject: Wow! Exempt & Beta Together


Hard to know what else to say.

I just read Exempt from Disclosure (Collins and Doty) and then
Project Beta (Bishop).

My head is swimming. Definitely a brain-scambling event! What to
believe? Whom to believe?

Are these guys crazy, or is they actually putting a hole in the
"iron (cover-up) curtain?"

Where these books intersect (Bennewitz, Moore) there are slight
differences in the history, but the quandary come clear in both:
who is telling the truth? And, if someone is, can we handle the
truth? Actually the typical reader will be in more of a quandary
after reading EfD (Exempt....) because it goes far beyond PB

Here, for the first time anywhere (in publication, as far as I
know) are the names and activities of _living_ men who claim to
have first hand knowledge of AFC (alien flying craft) and alien
technology and alien bodies and... live aliens!

On the first page of the book (pg 3) the reader gets a flavor of
the openness of the presentation in the lst f names associated
to the investigation as it began almost 20 years ago. Some names
are recognized immediately, along with their Aviary (bird)

Bill Moore
Jaime Shandara

Two names are less well known (the book authors)
Richard Doty (Falcon stand-in)
Robert Collins (Condor)

Three names that are known from a totally different history

James J.Angleton

I was contacted some years ago by someone who claimed to be Angleton's grandson and who I know was working with Collins. Allegedly Angleton's grandson said he knew I was shown a retrieved saucer in 1973-6. I denied that of course. I wish it were true. Either that or my memory of it was erased. See Saul-Paul Sirag's chapter in my autobiography Destiny Matrix on George Koopman for the real story that the above garbled story may be based upon.

Allen Dulles
Richard Helms

And a name unknown to most UFO investigators:

Ernie Kellerstrauss (Hawk).

Ernie Kellerstrauss? Who ordered him, you say? He is a source
for a sizeable fraction of what is in the book.

And then a few pages later we find:

Dale Graff (Falcon?)
Kit Green (Blue Jay)

Other people play a faint supporting role as compared to that of
Doty and Kellerstrauss in terms of providing information that
indicates a cover-up.

One, of many name(s,) not in the book - except as co-author of
the "Inflation..." paper that was published in JBIS used as a
reference - is Bruce Maccabee (Seagull)

But I have a part of it, small though it may be. I was probably
the first person to interview Hawk at length after he was
"discovered" by Collins. This was in the Nov-Dec 1985. I met him
in Feb 1986. By that time I had from him an amazing story which,
however, I now realize was only part of what he, apparently,
knew. I also was on the periphery of the Bennewitz saga, having
spoken to him once while investigating the Kirtland Landing
documents - when I met Doty for the first and last time.

In the following weeks and months I expect this book to stir up
a controversy comparable to that over the Roswell case, but with
a difference: now there are people who have gone public - and
some that have been 'outed' whether they want it or not - so now
we will see who has the fortitude to stand behind their claims
or will collapse in the barrage of attacks that are sure to

But, more on that later. For now, to whet your appetite, just
let me say that in this book you will find the back story
leading up to "Cover Up Live" and much more. (It's not just
about strawberry ice cream and Tibetan music.)

To get the full understanding of what is coming down the pike I
recommend reading both these books, perhaps in this order.

Project Beta ( Amazon or bookstore)

Exempt from Disclosure can be obtained at:

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