Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Star Gates are not unstable

On May 25, 2005, at 8:49 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:
Yes, it's wrong. More anon.
On May 25, 2005, at 7:03 AM, Gary S Bekkum / SSR wrote:

"Jack any thoughts re:

Semi-classical wormholes and time machines are unstable

Roman V. Buniy∗ and Stephen D.H. Hsu†
Institute of Theoretical Science, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 94703-5203

We show that Lorentzian (traversable) wormholes and time machines with
semi-classical space-times are unstable due to their violation of the
null energy condition (NEC). Semi-classicality of the energy-momentum
tensor in a given quantum state (required for semi-classicality of the
space-time) implies localization of its wavefunction in phase space,
leading to evolution according to the classical equations of motion.
Previous results related to violation of the NEC then require that the
configuration is unstable to small perturbations."

Tuv(Matter) = 0 in practical exotic vacuum low-power star-gate/warp drive.

Guv + /\zpfguv = 0

is all we need. Tuv(Matter) is ignorable.

The long-range phase rigidity of the macro-quantum Vacuum ODLRO damps out these random micro-quantum fluctuations for same reason /\ is so small! The saucers fly, don't they? ;-)


"Classical systems which violate the NEC are unstab
[4] in a particularly violent way — they can lower the
energy by increasing local spatial field gradients. Therefore, quantum effects are necessary for the construction
devices such as stable traversable wormholes or time m
chines. However, it is undesirable for a device to have
strongly fluctuating (non-semi-classical) spacetime. Such
a device would presumably behave unpredictably an
might transport its payload to an undesirable time
place. We have shown that semi-classicality of the spac
time is a strong enough condition to imply localizati
of the wavefunction in phase space. This means the tim
evolution of type A devices will be semi-classical and we
approximated by the classical equations of motion, whi
are unstable in any region where the NEC is violate
Wormholes and time machines cannot be both predictable
and stable.

Susskind [7] has recently argued against the existence
of wormholes connecting otherwise causally disconnected

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