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How Jack did it.

On May 21, 2005, at 5:18 PM, wrote:

Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On May 21, 2005, at 2:15 PM, wrote:

Z: Your BEC vacuum inflation is a physical process. Aren't you confusing the two?

J: Not at all. The unstable pre-inflation vacuum is globally flat.

Z: OK, fine.

J: The post-inflation vacuum is curved.

OK, fine.

Z: So I understand that in both cases, this is the fundamental metric in your model?

J: AND of course the remnant of the globally flat pre-inflation vacuum is the local tangent space fiber.

Z: "Remnant"? Could you further explain this "remnant"?

J: When curvature = 0 globally, i.e. B field = 0, i.e. argVacuumODLRO disappears, the global metric is Minkowski - the distinction between base space and tangent fiber vanishes. This is obvious.

Z: OK. In a bimetric model, under these conditions this metric then agrees formally with the fixed reference geometry.

J: There is NO FIXED METRIC GEOMETRY except in this LIMIT where it is the unstable false vacuum.

Z: OK, in your model.

Z: It's in MTW.

Section 17.4, p 412-413. Box 17.1: "Correspondence Principles".

Particularly Section B, "Correspondence Structure of General Relativity".

J: It's not obvious MTW use the word "correspondence" the way you do. As I am in La Jolla without the book, this will have to wait. You are the ONLY ONE in the multiverse who understands it.

Z: Physicists and mathematicians do seem to have a very hard time with this -- including Yilmaz. You finally figured out what I've been telling you for three years, and then announce that this is your discovery.

J: Show me when & where you wrote down

g-force ~ c^2(LC)^i00 invariant under Cartesian -> Polar.

Z: Jack, look up "correspondence" in the index of MTW 1970

J: I am in La Jolla - no MTW here. Quote the lines.

Z: Section 17.4, p 412-413.

Box 17.1: "Correspondence Principles".

Particularly Section B, "Correspondence Structure of General Relativity",
Paragraph b, "Correspondence with special relativity", where they say

"General relativity has two distinct kinds of correspondence with special

"It is the demand ('correspondence principle'; 'equivalence principle') that in
a local inertial frame all the laws of physics take on their special relativistic forms."

J: So what? This is obvious. It's built into my theory.

Z: Not that I agree with the details their explanation -- but they do discuss it.
I'll show you when you get back up here next week. In the meantime, just take my
word for it. It's even in MTW. They specifically characterize EEP as a
"correspondence principle".

J: So what?

but the equation

Einstein-Cartan Tetrad - Identity ~ (LpP/ih)argVacuumODLRO

{P} is Lie algebra of T4 in pre-inflation vacuum & tangent fiber of curved vacuum

The B field is the local gauge potential from locally gauging T4 to Diff(4)

Z: Which so far is just an alternative formulation of GR.

J: Formally yes, physically no.

Z: Then you are saying that already, 'B' is not the 'B' of GR.

J: Huh? There is only ONE meaning of "B" in what I am saying. There you go again on some verbal tangent to never never land spewing out meaningless symbol strings.

Z: So with the equation

Einstein-Cartan Tetrad - Identity ~ (LpP/ih)argVacuumODLRO

you've already crossed the correspondence bridge.

J: Why did Chicken Little cross the road?

and B ~ (LpP/ih)argVacuumODLRO.

Z: What is the physical basis for this "~"?

J: Bohm's pilot wave theory.

Same as

v (IT particle) = (h/m)gradargpsi(BIT wave)

Z: You mean that it is analogous to the corresponding situation in Bohm's theory?

J: Yes! Obviously! GR is the gauge theory of T4 -> Diff(4) that is standard text book that's "1"

Z: That is merely a reformulation of GR.


Z: You are still dealing at this stage with an Einsteinian *true curved metric*. Your 'B' is still *chronogeometric*.

J: Take your "correspondence" and "chronogeometric" and trash them.

As a Bohmian I was aware of

v = (h/m)gradargpsi that's "2" (in 3D)

Z: OK. This is the pilot field.

The Vacuum ODLRO is like the Pilot WAVE BIT Field yes.

The "d" is like the HIDDEN VARIABLE IT "particle"

But, then from Arcos & Peiera I realized that I was working at the WRONG level.

Best to go to the tetrad substratum!

Now "d" is replaced by B the non-trivial warp part of the tetrad.

I can always recover Kleinert's d as bilinear in B.

It dawned on me to COMBINE Vacuum ODLRO with LOCAL GAUGING of T4 -> Diff(4) to get most directly

B ~ LpP/ih argVacuum ODLRO

P is the Momentum Operator

I was aware of Hagen Kleinert's elasticity formulation of GR. That's "3"

Z: OK.


d = Lp^2gradargPSI (in 4D)

d is Hagen Kleinert's world crystal distortion field

Z: So you are modeling your BEC as a discrete lattice in 4D? A "world crystal"?
So this is where Lp comes from? You quantize spacetime itself, and relate the quantum d to the presence of the post-inflation BEC PSI? And then the whole thing looks mathematically like a deformable Kleinert world crystal?

J: No need to quantize space-time in detail here. It's only the long-wave effective c-number ODLRO theory that is needed. Same in Kleinert BTW, but he has no ODLRO in his world crystal.

Z: OK, that would help to explain how you get from your BEC world crystal at the micro-level to chronogeometric g_uv at the macro-level.

J: PSI is Vacuum ODLRO

Z: OK, so you have an analogy between "psi" in

v = (h/m)gradargpsi

and PSI = Vacuum ODLRO in your BEC model?

J: That's what I wrote.

Lp^2 = hG/c^3 REPLACES h/m

Z: OK.

Z: So your BEC is like a Kleinert-type "world crystal", which is a kind of spacetime
discrete lattice based on a quantum of gravitational spacetime volume ~hG/c^3?

J: Yes.

B ~ (LpP)/ih argVaccum ODLRO = dynamical warp field = torsion potential

F = DF = dB + B/\B

DF = 0 is Bianchi identity on torsion field F

D*F = *J is a torsion field equation

Not Shipov's torsion mind you.

B is LIKE the "square root" of Kleinert's world crystal distortion field d.

Kleinert does not think of his world crystal as a ODLRO SUPER SOLID aether.

That was my original discovery in 1969 that George Chapline Jr is so keen about for "quantum gravity".

g(curved) = [I + B(warp)](Flat)[I + B(warp)]

these are tensor equations sans indices not Cartan /\ form equations.

B is a 1st rank Diff(4) tensor and it is also a 1st rank O(1,3) tensor

g(curved) = (Flat) + Strain Tensor

Is Kleinert's world crystal equation.


Kleinert's Strain Tensor = B(Flat)I + I(Flat)B + B(Flat)B

B(Flat)I + I(Flat)B = linear elastic strain

B(Flat)B = nonlinear plastic strain allowing pure vacuum geon solutions of "Mass without mass" in wormhole topology of non-bounding 2-cycles giving quantized flux from the single-valuedness of the local Vacuum ODLRO.

Note, for the torsion field in the tetrad substratum of curved macro-quantum geometrodynamics

The local stress-energy torsion field tensor is

F/\F + *F/\*F

* is Hodge-dual

Note that (where , is ordinary partial derivative) symbolically

(LC) ~ B,(Flat)I + B,(Flat)B

The LIF is the solution of the NONLINEAR differential equations

(LC) = 0 at event P

The Riemann-tidal curvature is

R ~ B,,(Flat)I + B,,(Flat)B + B,(Flat)B, + (LC)^2

Remember B ~ GradargVacuumODLRO in the 4D sense.

Z: Which itself depends on the BEC PSI? So your curved spacetime geometry arises from a distortion of the spacetime lattice that is mediated by your positronium BEC?

J: Yes, by its Goldstone phase argVacuumODLRO.

Lp^2 = Loop Quantum of Area for QUANTUM SUPER SOLID
(my paper of 1969 that George Chapline thinks is so important)

Z: OK. So in this sense you do have a kind of gravitationally deformable discrete spacetime.

J: Discreteness plays no important role. It's all long wave "metric elasticity" (Andrei Sakharov's term).

Z: So are you saying that the quantum of gravitational spacetime volume in the "world crystal" depends not only on h but also on G?

J: and c and it' s not a quantum of volume it's a QUANTUM OF AREA!

Lp^2 = hG/c^3

Switch off h and NO CLASSICAL GRAVITY!

Classical gravity is an emergent macro-quantum collective effect!

Make c infinite and NO CLASSICAL GRAVITY!

Make G zero and no gravity. This last part is trivial, but the first two are NOT TRIVIAL!

Without the quantum h there is no classical gravity.

Without a finite speed of light there is no classical gravity.

h/m = Quantum of Circulation for QUANTUM SUPERFLUID

Now that's EXACTLY how I discovered the NEW IDEA.

Z: OK.

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