Thursday, December 30, 2004

R. Kiehn on Cartan Forms

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Check out V. Fock on "harmonic coordinates" in his book Space Time and Gravity, re' the problem of fields vanishing at infinity.
Also see Chapter 12 from vol4 Plasmas and non-Equilibrium Electrodynamics.
Also note that a p-form decomposes into 3 parts:

(an exact part) + (a closed part, but not exact) + (non exact non closed part)."

Yes, thanks. I meant the third term in the 1-form connection as the one that gives curvature.

"The last part gives the fields from the potentials. F=dA
The middle part give topological defects (BA effect,etc.)"

Ah! Thanks. That would give "curvature without curvature" like in the Vilenken-Taub solution? Also the hedgehog dark energy anomaly explaining the NASA Pioneer a_g = - cH constant acceleration between 2 spherical boundaries concentric with Sun, first boundary at 20AU. If this model is correct ALL stars should have this property that would be related to the birth of stars in the first place. Similar idea for Galactic Halo birth of galaxies. These defect seeds from pre -> post inflation vacuum breaking of translational symmetry.

"and non-trivial gauges.

The exact part yields trivial gauges."

Which would be perhaps what Zielinski is looking for in his "coordinate" part. The GCT of GR are derivative from underlying local gauge transformations of the tetrads.

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