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In the style of Nietzsche & Wittgenstein.

On Dec 9, 2004, at 5:27 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Sarfatti’s musings and notes while reading Matt Visser


Time Travel


Chronology protection


“It seems that there is a Chronology Protection Agency which prevents the appearance of closed timelike curves and makes the universe safe for historians.” Hawking


Traversable wormholes lead to time travel to the past.


Dark energy allows traversable wormholes, AKA stargates


Chronology protection is built into special relativity and flat spacetime quantum field theory as a postulate. Quantum nonlocality has a creative tension with it provided that signal locality is preserved. Antony Valentini shows how to escape that loophole. Unitarity is the Sacred Cow for kosher slaughter. Hawking was right the first time and wrong at GR 17 when he caved in to Lenny Susskind on retrievability of information down the blackhole.


Not only can you not have the paranormal without the precognition that signal nonlocality provides, you cannot even have ordinary consciousness.


Einstein’s 1916 GR is locally causal, but not globally so.


The local stress-energy current densities determine the 10 parameters of the Ricci part of the stretch-squeeze tidal curvature tensor field whilst the remaining 10 parameters of the conformal curvature tensor field propagate into the non-exotic vacuum where /\zpf = 0.


If there are Planck scale Wheeler wormholes in quantum foam, despite current measurements of high energy gammas that seem to rule it out, then there will be causality violation in the quantum foam. Topology change implies naked singularities and/or causality violation.


We have a lot of dark energy to make star gate time machines with. The UFO phenomena show evidence of time travel to the past. Skeptics like Dr. Robert Park of UMD via Sandia who controls the policy of the American Physical Society says UFOs are pure fiction Cargo Cult pseudo-physics like Atlantis and The Masters of Shambalah in “The Morning of The Magicians”.


Alcubierre’s weightless warp drive allows time travel to the past. Dark energy allows weightless warp drive.


There are no real time travel paradoxes. That is a Red Herring.


Grandfather paradoxes solved by Igor Novikov’s globally consistent closed timelike histories.


Bootstrap paradoxes are a joke because that is how all creative ideas come in ordinary consciousness. Even Plato knew that in his theory of forms and the demiurge in which we “remember the future”. This is where Dick Bierman’s presponse as the signal nonlocality of ordinary consciousness comes in. Our mind fields are macro-quantum nonunitary with signal nonlocality automatic.


Non-Hausdorff manifolds allow splitting timelines of the multiverse, both past and future driving historians into an Orwellian nightmare. However P. K. Dick in “Man in the High Castle” and P. Roth in “The Conspiracy Against America” have explored all that.


Hawking proposes that micro-quantum theory prevents the actual time travel we see in UFO evidence. Therefore, if the UFO evidence is right, Hawking is wrong.


Hawking speculates an infinite blue shift, but the UFO evidence is that there is technology that inverts it to a harmless infinite redshift.

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