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Nazi Super Weapons: Fact or Fantasy?

To appear in my book "Super Cosmos" (held off till spring/summer 2005 for major revisions & updates including extensive reviews of Penrose's "Road to Reality" as well as recent Wheeler and Hawking Festschrift volumes).

BTW Noteworthy in Physics Today Dec 2004 synchronicity with our recent revisiting of Nick Cook's claims on Nazi UFO Weapons in WWII in "The Hunt for Zero Point" from Jane's Defence Weekly leading to anti-gravity lift threshold voltage gradient of ~ 10^16/k^1/2 volts/meter, k = dimensionless dielectric response that we want k >> 1 at some resonant low EM frequency in a tunable L-C oscillator built into the fuselage of the alleged wobbly flying tin cans of the 1940s powered with U-Boat batteries?

That the Nazis would use Einstein's physics for super secret weapons to trump the Allies is shown for example in

"With regard to Einstein ... The physicist is through and through first class, but his early fame appears to have gone to his head, so that he has become insufferable as a person. But science cannot concern itself with such personality characteristics. Instead it has to accept the fact that physical laws have been discovered ... which one cannot leave out without destroying the body of knowledge ..." "The German Physical Society Under National Socialism" Physics Today
Written by "respected AERONAUTICAL researcher Ludwig Prandtl" to SS Reich's Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler I think ~ 1937? BTW there is a copy of a letter by Peter Debye signed "Heil Hitler" in the Physics Today article. The persistent current of Einstein-bashing continues to this day and is, indeed, increasing in frequency on the WEB especially in regard to New Age "free energy claims". We saw a lot of that at ISSO 1999-2000.

Einstein's equivalence principle is "Gravity without gravity".

Newton's theory is "Gravity with gravity."

The Paradigm Shift is from the second to the first.

IV: The 4th rank tidal stretch-squeeze GCT curvature tensor has 20 independent components, but only the trace free 10 independent components of its conformal part are important for the pure gravity energy problem. The 10 Ricci components are from the source term Tuv(matter) that excludes the gravity field.

By "equivalence principle" I mean that the center of mass of an extended neutral test body follows a timelike geodesic in the curved spacetime relative to the metric Levi-Civita non-tensor connection field. Extensions to Shipov's torsion and other conformal boost and dilaton fields are excluded in this "plain vanilla" 1916 GR context. Simple things first. The tidal stretch-squeeze in the relative coordinates of the extended test body decoupled from the CM coordinate are not directly relevant to the main point here. They are there and measurable in the LIF of course. The main point here is that there are no objective gravity GCT tensor forces in the REST LIFs of a test particle in inertial motion in curved spacetime. Indeed, Einstein's deep insight is that the pure objective gravity force of Newton's theory does not really exist! What you experience as "weight" or "the force of gravity" is not a gravity force at all, but is the inertial response to an electrical reaction force forcing you into the role of a non-inertial observer pushed off a timelike geodesic into a timelike non-geodesic in which you age slower by a insignificant amount. The idea of "inertial compensation" is simply Newton's second law of motion F = ma adapted to curved spacetime from the POV of the REST LNIF of the test particle. One is in a state of free float weightlessness on a timelike geodesic in which no non-gravity forces are operating. Of course, there are still the generally tiny imperceptible tidal stretch-squeeze curvature effects on your body even when in free float zero g orbit around Earth in space. The g-force that feels like Newton's objective gravity force is really the inertial force reaction to non-gravity electrical forces and micro-quantum pressures. This is counter-intuitive and many people get confused by it.

This is Gravity without gravity.

The equivalence principle demands nonlocality of the total energy of pure conformal gravity. Any attempt to construct a classical local conformal gravity energy density is inconsistent with Einstein's general relativity. This includes Alex Potorak's attempt because he has to bring in a rigid non-dynamical background-dependent "affine connection" with a "nonmetricity" tensor that violates the core of Einstein's theory. Similarly for the Yilmaz theory. These theories are not equivalent to Einstein's, but are alternative theories.

The equivalence principle and GCT tensors are closely linked. This is why Hal Puthoff's PV theory is inconsistent with the equivalence principle and why top physicists in the field like Cliff Will, Matt Visser, Bill Unruh and other important figures, who I polled at GR 17 in Dublin, unanimously reject Puthoff's papers even though he did manage to get them published in Physical Review. There was no mention of Puthoff's theories in the hundreds of papers at the International GR 17 in July 2004. Hal Puthoff's theory was not THE hot topic in mainstream physics. Hawking's turn around on information loss down a black hole was. This was an international media event. It even led to a Law and Order program in which the Hawking-based character is the Bad Guy. Several top physicists there told me not to waste my time on it. I told them the reason I am is that US Department of Defense agencies as well as media like Jane's Defence Weekly and Aviation and Space Technology magazine take Hal's claims seriously because of his long-time "Good Old Boy" status with USG Intelligence agencies.

Is it wise to dispense with tensors as Puthoff does in his PV theory?

Penrose wrote:"Einstein's field equation is expressed in terms of the tensor formalism ... Recall Albert, our astronaut A orbiting freely in the gravitational field of the Earth. In various directions out from A there are inward accelerations [squeeze positive curvature], and in other directions there are outward accelerations [stretch negative curvature]. These represent the tidal forces experienced by A. Tidal forces are manifestations of spacetime curvature ... But there is another reason, apart from just organizing complication, that the tensor calculus plays such a fundamental role in Einstein's theory. This goes back to the foundational principle of equivalence which started Einstein's whole line of thinking. GRAVITY IS NOT TO BE REGARDED AS A FORCE (CAPS not in Penrose); for, to an observer who is falling freely ... THERE IS NO GRAVITATIONAL FORCE TO BE FELT ... NOW IT IS IMPORTANT IF THIS IDEA IS TO WORK, THAT THERE BE NO 'PREFERRED COORDINATES' IN THE THEORY. For, if a certain limited class of coordinate systems were taken to be Nature's preferred choices, then these would define 'natural observer systems' with respect to which the notion of a 'GRAVITATIONAL FORCE' COULD BE REINTRODUCED, AND THE CENTRAL ROLE OF THE PRINCIPLE OF EQUIVALENCE WOULD BE LOST."

This is certainly true of Puthoff's PV theory, as confirmed by his co-worker Michael Ibison at IAS-Austin, and also Zielinski's proposal to sneak in a gravitational force in inertial motion that is "compensated" for. I suspect also that his objection applies to Poltorak's rigid "affine connection" though I am not sure not having studied his papers yet in enough detail.

"The point in fact is a rather delicate one, AND MANY PHYSICISTS HAVE, FROM TIME TO TIME AND IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, DEPARTED FROM IT. To my way of thinking, it is essential for the spirit of Einstein's theory that this notion of coordinate independence be maintained. This is what is referred to as THE PRINCIPLE OF GENERAL COVARIANCE." p. 459 Penrose "The Road to Reality".

Penrose means by this the local field equations

Guv + /\zpfguv = (8piG/c^4)Tuv

that must be GCT tensors.

What does a GCT mean? It means a transformation between sets of local observers in arbitrary motion. Certainly one choice of a set of observers can be more useful than others. For example in the Schwarzschild metric with the choice

gt't' = (1 - 2GM/c^2r) = -1/gr'r' etc.

for r > 2GM/c^2

where the area of a concentric sphere is 4pir^2

This is for REST LNIF observers on special non-geodesics from non-gravity forces that are at fixed r from source M. Coincident LIF observers on geodesics see

gtt = 1, grr = -1 etc.

You can write the tensor T in any local frame. A general GCT tensor transforms linearly and homogeneously in each index, i.e.

GCT: T -> T'= X...T

For example

Au -> Au' = Xu'^uAu

sum on repeated upper & lower indices

guv -> gu'v' = Xu'^uXv'^vguv

What about the g-force you feel when the elevator lurches into motion, or when you step on the gas of a fast Porsche? That is not a real gravity force at all! What you are feeling is the inertial force response compensating the real non-gravity electrical force pushing you off the free-float timelike geodesic in curved spacetime. If there were no electrical forces and micro-quantum pressures you would never feel weight. Also you could not exist.

This is "Gravity without gravity."

"The Question is: What is The Question?" John Archibald Wheeler

Zielinski has been asking the wrong question.

Zielinski's question is "What is the real force of gravity?" Zielinski's question has an answer: The real force of gravity is zero. It's always zero. So that is not the best question to ask. Note that the "g-force" is not at all a "gravity force" but an inertial force response to the "non-gravity force" pushing you off the geodesic.

In your rest LNIF

Weight (Inertial Force) - Non-Gravity Real Force = 0

To any outside observer this is simply Newton's 2nd Law F = ma, which in curved space-time is the covariant tensor equation

mc^2D^2x^u/ds^2 = F^u(non-gravity)

D/ds is the GCT covariant derivative

D^2x^u/ds^2 = d^2x^u/ds^2 + {LC}^uvw(dx^v/ds)(dx^w/ds)

Where {LC} is the non-tensor Levi-Civita connection field.

Note that in the REST LNIF with instant non-inertial acceleration along z'

mc^2{LC}^z't't' - F^z(non-gravity) = 0

Felt Weight = mc^2{LC}^z't't'

To be continued.

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